Should Your Child Join a Robotics Team? | Aloteen

24/08/2021 23:03 309

The short answer is a resounding, “Yes!” In honor of National Robotics Week, we spend the majority of this post diving into the benefits of joining a robotics team or club! But first, here’s a brief overview of what these competitions and teams are all about. Robotics Club Definition A robotics club is a gathering […]

JavaScript for kids: Introducing the web’s programming language | Aloteen

24/08/2021 23:01 276

When you click a webpage’s contents, and the webpage responds, how does that happen? It’s JavaScript, usually. Kids might already know that JavaScript can create games, websites and web apps, and even mobile apps. And more specifically, they might know that JavaScript makes browser-based games, interactive sites, and apps like Netflix and Uber all possible. […]

Teaching kids to code: an informational guide for parents | Aloteen

24/08/2021 22:59 294

I know what some of you might be thinking—”Coding? I wasn’t giving any thought to coding even before 2020 came now I have to get kids ramped back up to regular education levels while also thinking about teaching them to code?” If that sounds like something that just entered your brain, let’s use this […]

Fortnite Battle Royale Strategy…From Ninja Himself! | Aloteen

24/08/2021 22:57 273

This is an exclusive guest blog on Fortnite Battle Royale strategy from the one and only, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins—Twitch’s most popular streamer, and foremost Fortnite authority! Enjoy! What’s going on Ninjas!? I’m going to be giving you all some tips and tricks and walk you through some things you should be focusing on in the […]

Engineer Your Future: 17 Unique Jobs You Can Get With An Engineering Degree

24/08/2021 22:55 143

Maybe you’d like to encourage your child to pursue an engineering degree, but he or she isn’t particularly excited about the prospect of being tied to a computer, solving math problems for eight hours a day. After all, most perceptions of what an engineer looks like involve mountains of eraser dust and very little sunlight. […]

Yes, Video Games are Good…for Your Mind and Body | Aloteen

24/08/2021 22:52 23

Believe it not, scientific research confirms video games are good for you (video games are sports, after all). In fact, several studies (which we’ll get to in a second) support the findings. I know, it’s hard to wrap your head around such a fact after years of listening to “don’t sit too close to the […]

Goal setting for kids—Importance & motivational examples | Aloteen

24/08/2021 22:50 33

Growing up and going through the motions of school and learning, it’s difficult for some kids to realize the endgame. Or, said differently, it’s difficult for some kids to realize that the endgame is more than next week’s exam, or their final year’s grades. Instilling a more forward-thinking mindset comes in phases—first, kids need to […]

DIY: Light-Up Holiday Sweater | Aloteen

24/08/2021 22:49 26

Make your holiday merry & bright with a light-up sweater! This DIY project uses LilyPad Arduino components and is sure to impress at a virtual ugly sweater party. This sweater sparkles with holiday spirit and will spread cheer, even through Zoom! So follow along with this easy DIY tutorial, and you’ll be well on your […]

Java for kids: a guide for parents of aspiring coders

24/08/2021 22:47 27

Yes, we talk about coding a LOT. We’ve talked all about coding for kids in a general sense, and then have also dedicated blog posts to identifying the different ways coding has (and can still) change the world. We’ve dissected coding languages for kids. We’ve defined coding terms. We’ve even talked about how children can […]

iD Tech saves Halloween with a giveaway of a billion pieces of candy in Roblox

24/08/2021 22:44 22

iD Tech is proud to present the ultimate in virtual spookiness: The iD Halloween Block Party, a free, online Roblox experience! All over the country, traditions like trick-or-treating are off the table due to COVID-19, forcing many families to find creative and safe ways to enjoy the beloved holiday. So, we are offering a free, […]

Machine learning For kids: definition, details, examples & more! | Aloteen

24/08/2021 22:43 25

The algorithms that form the heart of machine learning have been around for decades, but computers have only recently reached the level of processing power needed to use the techniques in practical scenarios. Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs today can learn to identify objects in images and video, translate between languages, and even master arcade and […]

Ranking Up in League of Legends | Aloteen

24/08/2021 22:41 24

The eSports industry has been growing at an explosive rate, and League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular competitive games out there. This year the League of Legends World Finals had over 36 million viewers, with a prize pool of over 2 million dollars. That kind of viewership surpasses the NBA Finals […]

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