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Why I Keep Changing My Art Style

Maaz: CHIP WHAT THE HECK IS THIS Chip: wh wha I dont- Maaz: YOU CHANGED YOUR STYLE AGAIN?? Chip: uh i mean im allowed- Maaz: YOU SAID.


HERE Chip: i- i can explain.





UNSUBSCRIBING! ♫ jeopardy theme lol funny meme music ♫ ♫ intro theme which is made by Lovprod check the description he makes cool musicccc ♫ So as you can see I'm bipedal again.

And aren't permanently smiling anymore.

So with this now being the 14th- 14th, are you serious? – iteration of my character and after alreadybreaking the statement I made 2 months ago about not making any more big, sudden changesI think it's about time I deliver an explanation.

One of the main reasons for using “characterstills”, or in my case a character puppet, is to help reduce the amount of time it takesto make new videos by re-using assets that I've already drawn.

It's a great way to keep up the quality ofmy videos while allowing me to keep a regular upload schedule.

But by re-drawing those assets every few monthsI'm completely throwing this advantage out of the window and further reducing the amountof time I have to work on videos before they're due while confusing and alienating my audiencewho'd gotten attached to the previous design in the process.

So why do I keep doing this to myself? Let's start at the beginning.

♫ funky transition music ♫ This style was the very first iteration of Chip, I began using it at the very end ofJanuary 2017 and it lasted for 2 videos.

It did not have a lot of thought put intoit because at this point I had been stalling the beginning of my channel and I knew thatI just needed to MAKE something in order to kick-start it.

I was kinda struggling to draw something thatlooked nice so I ended up going with a lineless style because due to its simplicity it's prettyeasy to make professional looking stuff, even if you're not that good at drawing, usinga lineless style.

Later in my second video I experimented withputting my character on the right side [i meant to say left side] of the screen and somehow ended up messing upthe ear colours of my own character.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed by nowbut I kinda have a problem with mixing up left and right.

♫ funky transition music ♫ Style 2 debut in February 2017 and lasted for 2 videos.

So my previous style was a “puppet” whichmeans I had a set drawing of the head and body, and the arms, eyes and mouth would changebased on what emotion I wanted to convey.

It's a great technique if you wanna createa variety of expressions with little work but it is quite restrictive.

it's not so easy to make, for example, thehead turn to face the camera because it’s stuck in this one position you’ve made untilyou draw a new one.

So, wanting to have more freedom with my character'sexpressions and also feeling like I could draw something better, I created style number2.

This time I felt more confident with my linework so I used a sketchy style of lineart instead of the lineless style.

I also got rid of the fluffy cheeks, I'm notreally sure why I guess I just thought it looked better without them.

♫ funky transition music but shorter so it doesn't get annoying ♫ Style 3 was created in May 2017 and I used it for 1 video.

I like to call this a “spinoff” stylesince it wasn't meant to replace my previous style, rather it was designed for a type ofvideo with a different tone.

In this case being a meta fictional storyabout the character of Chip.

Some people have guessed this already butthe entire style of this video was heavily inspired by the “pointy ponies” style.

it's basicallya style from MLP which was adopted by the fandomand used in many fan animations including a bunch of fictional stories animated by ananimator called Viva Reverie involving YouTubers doing stuff?? I had this fictional story idea in my headand the cute and minimalistic style was perfect for it.

♫ funky transition music ♫ I created Style 4 at the very end of May 2017 and it lasted for just 1 video.

I actually consider this style more of a 2.

5since it's essentially a slightly different Style 2 and that's all I wanted it to be.

I basically just wanted to try out havingmy character in the middle of the screen and I also wanted to update the paws.

Previously I'd been drawing the arms and pawsin a kind of triangle shape which was cute but I found it kinda hard to work with andhonestly I really like the look of big paws.

♫ funky transition music ♫ Style 5 debut in July 2017 and featured in 2 videos and also had a spinoff style in whichChip became a Sneasel which I'm gonna count as the same style.

I think this is where the changes startedbecoming more extreme.

Suddenly my old style was just not good enoughand I felt like if I was gonna be reusing assets they should be higher quality and notbe so basic & simple.

I also fixed a few issues I had with the oldstyle those being adding fingers allowing me to point and do other hand gestures, andchanging up the eyes to allow for a much wider range of expressions which also gave Chipa lot more character.

♫ funky transition music ♫ I created Style 6 in October 2017 and used it in a whopping 4 videos! wow.

This is the point where I started using AdobeAfter Effects to spice up my videos.

Rather than having simple character imagesI figured out how to make them constantly move with the help of the puppet pin tool.

I got rid of the shading to make the animationeasier and created a crisp and professional-looking puppet in Photoshop.

With this style I found finally a line artand colouring style that I really liked.




this is the point where I started reallygetting into.


impressing people.

Suddenly I had this drive to have the bestanimation and the best editing of every channel similar to mine.

I don't know why but despite every new upgradeto my videos taking longer and becoming more and more stressful for me I didn't want tostop.

But before I talk about yet another big changeto my main character let's talk about.


♫ funky transition music ♫ Style 7 was created in November 2017 and was used in 2 videos.

Yet another spinoff style made for more comedic, non-story based videos birthed “neko-chip”.

Named after it being heavily inspired by thestyle of the mobile game Neko Atsume.

A very cute and silly style, and I found theconcept of Chip constantly smiling hilarious.

To add to the simplicity I used a colourlesssketchy style with “boiling” which is where you draw the same frame multiple timesto create this wiggle effect which added some character I think, and made it a little moreinteresting than just the still drawings.

♫ funky transition music ♫ Style 8 debut in January 2018 and was featured in 4 videos in total.

Style 6 just wasn't cutting it anymore.

It was cute but didn't really suit the kindof character I wanted to portray.

I mean, just try to imagine this Chip tellingthe story of me searching naughty words on the school computers as a kid.

So I wanted to create a more funny-lookingChip, if that makes sense, along with eyes with eyelids giving me more freedom to animateexpressions and fingers that weren't just little stubs.

♫ funky transition music ♫ Style 9 was introduced in April 2018 and lasted for 3 videos.

Style 8 eventually just looked bad to me.

I can't really pinpoint why but as I was creatingmy last video with it I just kept thinking “I can do better”.

I tried putting my character back in the middleof the screen to help me stand out from other channels and improved the anatomy I guess? Style 9 Chip certainly looks really nice butI think it lost a lot of the character that I'd created with the previous design.

♫ funky transition music ♫ Style 10 began in May 2018 and was used in technically just 1 video because I ended upre-drawing the frames a little better although they're essentially the same so I'm goingto group them together.

So, in total 3 videos.

And here begins the traditional/Neko chipera in which the presentation of my content completely changed.

So… around this time the animation storytimecommunity was starting to receive a lot of criticism.


the two main points of criticismbeing that it's “unoriginal” and “not really animation”.



honestly basically none of thiscriticism being directed at me I decided I had to be different.

I couldn't see anyone doing traditional animationso I started animating my videos 100% frame by frame on paper with pencils.

Which is pretty cool.


if you know what you'redoing.

The quality of my videos plummeted by doingthis, I had never done traditional animation before and I barely had any experience withusing coloured pencils.

Yet I decided to completely overhaul the presentationof my videos that I'd been working so hard on just to impress a few people who's critiquesoften weren't even relevant to me, and a few commenters who continued to comment ”noanimation” even after painstakingly animating my videos frame-by-frame on paper.

Bringing this back to character design thatwas another thing I overhauled – making what was supposed to be a silly spinoff designthe main focus of my channel was kinda dumb.

I wanted to move my channel into a more comedicdirection and I loved the derpy cat design, but again like Style 9 this took away so muchof the character I had previously developed.

I kind of cut off the connection between meand my character, I mean I'm not constantly smiling and staring blankly into the distance.

I love the idea of a character like that butit's just not me and doesn't fit my personality at all.

♫ funky transition music ♫ Style 11 started in July 2018 and was in 2 videos.

This style was basically just me trying tofix issues with the last version while keeping the traditional style.

The main thing being making the expressionsa little less “dead”.

Not too much different here.

♫ hi person using subtitles, just wanted to say you're awesome and I hope you have a great day :3c ♫ I introduced style 12 in August 2018 and used it in 5 videos.

Wow that's a new record! At this point I was very aware that the constantchanges were not a great idea so I tried really hard to make a design I could stick with andonly make small changes every so often to in the future.

That sure worked out.

I was still trying to push this weird sillycat version of Chip but this time in digital and returning to After Effects animation.

Chip became a quadruped to help further conveythis personality and also to add a bit of originality to the design.

I really liked this design, but like everyother design I liked at first I eventually fell out of love with it.

♫ final funky transition music ): ♫ So here we are! This is the first video I'm using the newstyle.

So why did I scrap the previous one althoughit was designed to be something I could stick with? Firstly, the dot eyes and the quadruped designmeant that certain expressions were very hard to achieve and I feel like often reduced theimpact of parts of my script.

And secondly, the character was evolving ina way that no longer fit me and the stories and ideas I wanted to talk about.

Style 12 was hugely influenced by my desireto please the critics.

I tried to make it more original than otherchannels and I tried to create a more unique personality for the character than what myactual personality is.

And I started adding more and more animationto my character.

And what happened? People didn’t like it.

Some did, some didn’t.

But I ended up shooting myself in the footby constantly re-creating and adding elements to my videos, lengthening the time they taketo make while staying on the same upload schedule – making the process extremely stressful andno longer fun anymore.


for no reason.

Throughout this journey of chasing improvementon my channel.


I learned something.

You don’t have to listen to criticism.

Now, of course, listening to criticism andimproving your work based on it is great and I’m not saying to get upset at critics andtell them they’re wrong and their opinion is invalid, etc.

All I’m saying is as much as someone hasthe right to critique your work you have the right to.


not apply that criticism.

Sometimes you receive critique that wouldn’treally fit to the purpose you’re going for or maybe isn’t worth it or even possiblefor you to use.

For example probably the most common criticismI’ve received while making videos is of this blur transition I used to use betweenmy animated stills.

Many people found it jarring and suggested;“just draw some inbetweens” And i was like “no, that wouldn’t workbecause I don’t know what position my character is gonna be in when I switch to a differentanimated still.

Not to mention that would take much longerthan adding a simple transition.

” .


and obviously eventually I gave in and convertedmy character into a full puppet with unique animation for every new video.




Which was a massive waste of time and energy! 99% of people didn’t care in the first placeand I had even stopped getting complaints completely because I’d already switchedto this bounce transition that I never got ONE comment about! Honestly I just got really afraid of beinglabelled as someone who can't take criticism if I didn't change it.



there's a difference between respondingbadly to criticism and just choosing not to apply it.

And I only realised this when all the “improvements”I was making made videos no longer fun anymore.




am I gonna go back to the old formatwith the set animations and no lip sync? Well.



Honestly I think my character being fullyanimated looks awesome and it’s so satisfying after all my hard work to see it come togetherso nicely – I mean that’s exactly why I got into animating as a hobby.

I’m hoping that at some point I can sustainmyself off of less frequent but longer videos in the future.

That’d allow me to flex my creative muscleswhile not getting overloaded with work.

But until then I’m working on ways to improveefficiency in the programs I use and breaking up animated segments with more editing andillustrations.

So I hope you like the new art style! I know some of you are disappointed that I’mnot using neko chip anymore, but unfortunately it’s not possible for me to please everybody, so I'm gonna stop trying to do that and stick to what I enjoy instead.

Whether you’ve been following me since Style1 or just came across my channel today – thank you for the support.

I realise now that most of you see my channelas more than just fancy animation and drawings, and I don’t wanna lose sight of that again.

As always, thank you for watching and I hopeyou have an awesome day.


Chuyên mục

Astro MV Reaction👌…..My style …..😂🥳

We changed our angle again.

ASTRO that came back.

We set up again.

– We came.



ASTRO that came back.

– We came back for a show that doesn't end.

We changed the angle but this is right where it was.


Really? It's much better than before.

Since we changed the angle, our faces will come out better and it won't cut.

Because I put magic on itso a good show.



Then, should we see exactly what we saw before? Yes! We will watch “My Style” again andgive our reactions.

– We nearly dominated the stage.

– MJ.



– Filled the stage.

Yes, that's right.

Since it's not wrong.

Oh, right! Is that friend in the middle JinJin? – Yes.

– Oh, yes.

– He dominated the stage, right?- Yes, he dominated.

Awesome! It's a runway.

A runway! Let's go! Good.

– We really danced really hard here.

– I forgot it all.

I forgot this dance a lot.

The dance changed three times.

Three times.

That's why it was cool.

Oh, JinJin.

Oh! Leader JinJin.


Oh1 Oh Today's show is MJ's show.

Fire, fire, fire, fire! Next, since we have them left.



Oh, cool.

“My Style” is really cool.

Eun-Woo, do you like it? What do you think of our performance when you watch it? I think it was okay minus you.

I agree.

We decided to go eat together afterwards.

Be careful.

I'm hungry.

Since San-Ha talked about “Again”, we will move onto “Again” right after “My Style”.

Let's go! Then, should we watch “Again”, too? AROHA, you're curious about the screen that's coming out right now, right? This! This.

I think I would be grateful if you turned it on from there.

– The intro?- Intro.

Oh, the intro is nice.

It's nice.

It's here.


Here! His hands are really big.

Hands are really big.

Oh! MJ.

– This one was kind of cool.

– A white angel.

I didn't get to watch itbecause I was looking at something else.

– The white clothes are really pretty.

– Seriously.

You can see it well, too.

We didn't go up as high as I thought.

I was scared because I thought we went up really high.

I think we go up higher later.

How we feel, how we feel.

Don't you come down when you rap? It went down when we rappedand it went up a lot when we screamed.

I will give a perfect score to Rocky's reactions.

I will teach Rocky how to give some reactions.

In-ears are flying around.

How are you wearing one side? One side for me, too.

Oh really? To be honest, I wore it because I was going around.

– You forgot?- Because I was scared.

Oh, because you were scared.

Was it during the first performance? Before that day.


– Was I like that?- Yes, you were.

Next song.

The next song is there, too.

Which member will tell us about the performance they remember? We need to go with a ballad at this point.

We need to go with a ballad.

A ballad? – Let's go with “By Your Side”.

– “By Your Side”.

I said it latebut since all of you said dance songs.

There needs to be one.

We are like that.

– There needs to be one ballad.

– There needs to be one ballad.

But I thought you were going to do a ballad.

– To be honest.



– It's a song that I like.

– We predicted it.

– We all predicted it.

– Before Eun-Woo came, that you are going to do a ballad.

– That Eun-Woo is going to pick a ballad.

Since you all did it.



I was going to do a “Again”but there was “Again”.

Really? Then, we will go straight with “By Your Side” and let's move onto “Confession”.

I like “Confession”, too.

You come out so ugly.

So ugly.

I don't know why you're doing it.

Look at this.

Didn't you wear your hat too low? Oh.

This is so sad.

Handsome! Not your hat.



I was still crying then.

It was really sad then.

That's why you don't come out.

Is this after our comment? Next.

x2 Your nose is getting red right now.

Rudolph the red nose reindeer.



Eun-Woo is crying, too.

Eun-Woo is handsome.

He's normally handsome.

What's wrong? San-Ha, you be careful.

San-Ha asked them to sing with us.

The fans are singing along right now.

How touching is this.

I asked them to do it for me.

Oh sorry.

Rocky cried, too? Rocky.

He looks like a wolf.

– It's cooler because he's doing it in a calmer way.

– Cooler.

You took out both of your in-ears.

Yes, to sing.



There are effects on the ceiling, too.

Ceiling? There's what on the ceiling? There were a lot of effects on the ceiling? Since the fans are singing along.



Next song.

The next song.

– So cool.

– I chose is well, right? You chose this well.

– My heart is getting warm.

– Heart is really.


AROHA would be really curious.

A lot of AROHA might be crying with us here.

AROHA might be really curious.

When I was singing live, there were AROHA fans in front of me who were crying.

– Yes.

– With us.



That comes to mind.

When MJ cried then.

This isn't what you picked, right? – What?- This isn't what you picked.

Which one for you? – Which one do you want to do?- What? Which one do you want to do? – Me?- Isn't it “Confession”? “Confession”? It's not.

Why are you choosing on your own? That's not me.

Who chose “Confession”? There's no “Confession”.

x2 There's no “Confession”? Mine's not “Confession”.

I like “Confession”, too.

– Then, I will go in a row.

– What is it? Watching “Confession” and “Merry-Go-Round”, too.

Because it was the first timethat we showed “Merry-Go-Round” to AROHA.

– Yes! – Then, watch “Confession” and then “Merry-Go-Round”, too.

It was before this album came out.

– It was a surprise event.

– A surprise event.


Let's watch “Confession” first and talk about it.

“Breathless”? This setlist after “Breathless” ends.

– Are you okay?- Yes.

Is pollen popular these days? – What?- Is it in-between seasons these days? – No, it passed.

– Yes.

San-Ha is good at dancing.

Pink hair looks good on you.

It totally looks good.

It's really hard to take care of.

Really! The hair color.

Wow! I want to try dying my hair, too.




– Eun-Woo is kind of.



– I think he would look good with anything.

I think blue black would be perfect.

– Wow!- It really looks like I'm watching a show.

A show.

When I watch things like this, I want to promote again with our old songs.

Oh! Let's do it.

Why are you laughing? I'm so sad that I couldn't promote wouldn't “Again”.

Let's do it.

Is “say what” a lyric? – Yes, it's a lyric.

– You always do it.

It's the beauty of a concert.

If I don't do it, no one does it.

I do it.

Oh! You rap in a really pretty way.

It is.

I was really out of breath.

Since we watched a little bit, should we move on? To “Merry-Go-Round”.



“Merry-Go-Round” is good.



– We did this together.

– Yes.

Oh? Yes.

x2 Two of us.

My drum sounds now.


I guess it's not the start yet.

It was really funny.

This is a new song! Oh, before Christmas came.

This concert was on the 23rd.

23rd and 24th.

No? Bin's tail is still memorable.

When I first saw it.



It's the first.

One, two, three! Let's go.

Oh, how cute! – How cute!- It's so bloated here right now.

I think I am watching this so many times right now.

Oh, yes.

We will do the next songas soon as we pass the chorus.

Okay! – Okay! – Next song.

– Is there a person who didn't recommend a song? Me! x3 – Oh, Bin.

– “Call Out”.

x2 Oh, “Call Out”.

Let's watch a little bit of “Call Out” Yes, yes! Then, we will watch “Call Out” together.


– Watch together?- We can't show them before hand.

There's a minute previewwherever you go.

To induce curiosity.

I think we need to turn up the volume.

– We will show you only this.

– Please turn up the volume.

The volume.

– Volume.

– AROHA, we will show you a little bit.

Bin is totally cool, right? Oh, nice.

x2 We were watching like this.

– AROHA, this is so cool, right?- I feel like I am feeling the emotions from then.

Seriously! They say that they want to hurry up, buy it, and watch it.

Really? So cool, right? Since the announcement has already been made, you will be able to see itif you wait a little bit.

Wow, the comments right now.

The comments are no joke right now.

The comments are no joke right now.

– In the comments.



– “I want to hurry up and watch it.

” “Wow, awesome.

” They are asking if they can't watch this in Blu-ray.

This is just regular.

This is regular.

You need to a program to watch it in Blu-ray.

There are two versions.

There is a regular version and a Blu-ray version.

They say that the Blu-ray version is going to come out in July.


The regular version is coming out first.

Like this, our concert DVD.



We introduced the performancesthat were memorable and likes and at the last.



Oh, Eun-Woo.

Eun-Woo is angry.

“Call Out”! We watched “Call Out” together.



We showed them.

– Like MJ said, the regular version DVDcomes out in June.



– Regular version.

And since they say that the Blu-ray version is going to come out in July, if AROHA wants to feel the feelings from then.



Don't we need to tell them the difference? Since there are people who don't know.

Isn't the quality better? Yes, I know that the quality is better.

The quality is better.

– Then.



– I think the quality is really good.

Let's read some comments.

– In the comments.



– “MJ, I love you.

” “MJ, I love you.

” I saw that, too.

“Concert is amazing.

” – Concert.

– Someone asked if our solo stages are included, too.

– All of our solo stages are included, too.

– They are included.

Of course! Of course.

– Of course.

– If you are curious about our performances, please check it out.


Fans, all of our stages are there.

“I want to go to the concert again.

” I want to do a concert again, too.

“Wow, handsome!” – “I'm crying.

“- “Moon Bin is awesome.

” They are asking if you two are wearing couple clothes.

To tell you the behind story of this, I dressed like this and came out first.

I got in the car but Bin.



Hey! These two are the same.

Burberry black shirts.

Eun-Woo, yours is Burberry? – What?- What's up with you two? Why did you wear this? I don't know.

I thought that I needed to wear this.

Where did MJ go? Wow, awesome! I need to see this.

x2 MJ.



You needed to film this.

– They filmed it.

x2- You filmed it? – Filmed it.

x2 Success! That was Eun-Woo's hidden camera today.

– I am going to go now.

– Awesome! You get scared really easily.

I really thought my heart was going to drop.

– Really.

– Wait a minute.

– “Concert was so good, next time.



“- My son.

Let's go! Let's go! They were looking for where MJ was.

Since AROHA might be curious about how we have been doing these days, should we tell them about it? How we've been.



Yesterday, two of you.



You got the drooling from me.

It was my first time in my life.




Oh! Did you drool? Smell.

Why do you smell that? MJ and JinJin, what did you do yesterday? I didn't go anywhere yesterday.

San-Ha and Eun-Woo, what did you do? I worked on something.

– Oh! You will find out what he was working on later.



– Video editing.

San-Ha has been learning video editing these days and working hard on it.

Kind of a cute thing that he always does on his head.

What is that? A headband? Hairband every day.



Oh, when he edits.

He wears a hairband like this.

Eun-Woo, didn't you go record yesterday, too? – Yes.

– How was it? – I heard that you are on a tour these days.

– You are on a tour.



Since it's a historical drama, I think I go around a lot.

I am working hard.

As expected.

You ride horses around, too.

You practiced horseback riding, too.

– What is that?- We're not supposed to say that yet.

Really? You're not supposed to say it.

– Since it's a historical drama.

– Since it's about himself, let them say it themselves.

Oh, sorry.


x3 You can do it.

But there's no way not to ride a horse.

– Yes since it's a historical drama.

– A car doesn't come out in a historical drama.

– You never know.

– You never know.

It suddenly comes outand a sports car comes out.

You can ride an airplane, too.

You can ride a plane.

I rode it well.


You never know.

Bin came back from a filming yesterday, too.

Yes, I came back from a filming, too.

I came back from a filming yesterday.

It was fun yesterday.

– Fans sent a coffee truck.



– I saw it.

x2 – They gave me energy.

– Yes.

– I get energy whenever those coffee trucks come.

– Yes.

– I was kind of proud.

– Yes.

When the director or actors say that they drank it well, then.




This is all thanks to AROHA.

And SNS, too.

And looking at yesterday, “Moon Bin's Rice” content came up.

– Seaweed, bap, kimchi.

– To be honest, that.



It was something I filmed a while ago.

– You ate it really deliciously.

– Yes.

First, for me.



– Kimchi.

– You ate it deliciously.

I wanted to do a meat show in the beginning.

Since it's the first time, kind of basic.



– Classic.

– Yes.


– The basic is the most important.

– Yes.

Basic is the word that we like the most.


The basic needs to be good.

– Rocky.

– The basic needs to be good.

So, being loyal to the basic.

Rice, seaweed, kimchi.

I can't eat kimchi.

You can't eat k I can't eat it if there are only two things.

Really? Kimchi is Rocky's kimchi.


It's good.

– There's a menu.

– That and the seaweed is from our market.

– Oh, that! x3- Yes, that.

I ate it like that.

The two of them were hooked on seaweed for a time.

– Two of them ate rice and seaweedtogether at the dorm every day.

– Yes.

– Savory smell.

– Yes.

You know that seaweed smell, right?The sesame smell.

– What is that? Always on the table.



– Crumbs.

x2 You ate here again.

Rocky did that show again yesterday.

Pajeon show.

Kimchi stew with mackerel.

There was nothing like that.

Why? x2 It was a failure? – I didn't do that.

I only did pajeon.

– The menu.



Oh, just the pajeon? But I looked at the lid in the big pot.

That was just for decoration.

Oh! Decoration.

I am cooking.

To tell them that I am cooking.



The main menu were Korean pancakes.

But the pajeon yesterday was okay.

– The pajeon was okay.

– What kind of pajeon was it? Just scallions.



Only with scallions.

Make us seafood pancakes next time.

Potato pancakes, too.

Potato pancakes sound good.

Potato pancakes are hard.

– It's high maintenance.

– You make pajeon and eat it on rainy days.

Oh! Okay.

What's wrong with your reactions today? What's wrong with your reactions today? You cut me off when I talk.

I didn't hear you.

I said that potato pancake is high maintenance and he said, “yes.

” If you cut me off, how do I continue? You need to cut him off, too.

Yes, okay.



Later on, someone.



What did you do? I.



Oh, Moon Bin is really awesome.

Hey! What do you think? x3 – He keeps on cutting me off.

– It feels like that.

I am obsessed with fishing these days.

I am going to do a content about fishing.

– Fishing?- Yes.


First, I will try it and if they say I can't, then I will leave it to San-Ha.

You need to buy batteriesif you want to make it go around.

Fishing that goes around.

If you want to film that.

This is why we cut you off.

Your words.



– You're really going to go to a fishing hole?- I'm really going to a fishing hole.

What kind of fishing do you like? – I.



– River? Ocean? – Yes.

– There was one in Gangnam area.

– I never went there.

– There was one in Sinnonhyeon area.

No, your reaction is so funny.

Anyway, I really like sea fishing so I go with my family on the weekends.

I am thinking of filming something.


Is there something that's the bestout of the things that you caught? This is it.

I know.

I saw it.

– One that was the size of your body.

– That.

This big.

I don't know if I can say this or not.

– What.



– It's going to be revealed eventually.

Since it's going to be revealed one day.

I went to a certain program.

It was amazing.

I caught one and it was 1m50cm? It's the size of you.

Really! – No.

x2 I'm saying that it's big.

– What's wrong? It's that big.

He's saying that it's that big.

Hey! Jin is 20cm taller.


x3 When you showed me that picture, you showed me the picture.

– I was surprised because it was really big.

– Seriously.

I think that it would be my life's fish.

It's 150 something cm.

Since I didn't measure it more exactly.

Anyway, it's my life fish.

In Korea, it's one of the six halibuts.

– Oh!- What is that? – So.



– 6cm.

– 60cm.

– 60cm.

– There's a halibut that's 60cm?- Can you eat one that you caught? How the captain cuts the fish.



Halibut that's 60cm is this.



It's really big.

I caught a big halibut.

You ate it by yourself? – I ate it with my family.

– What about us? – Then.



– That was before I came in here.

– Made sashimi and spicy fish stew with the rest.

– Boiled some spicy fish stew.

It's not good.

He stops the flow again.

He stopped it, right? The two youngest, stay behind today.

There's nothing I did wrong.

Then, we will slowly say bye.

– Who ate food? Food?- Let's read some comments.

Comments! – We need to go eat.

To eat.

– We need to go eat, too.

– We're hungry.

– I didn't eat anything yet.

Me too.

– Comment, “Sounds really good.

“- “Sounds really good.

” – “Oh, I'm hungry.

“- “I'm hungry.


” – Then, today's dinner menu.



– Wait, in the comments.



In the comments, it says that it's funny when JinJin is angry.

– Yes.

– When JinJin is angry.

Then, for the next content, make JinJin angry.

We film JinJin being angry all day.

Angry JinJin.

From the morning to dinner.

– Angry JinJin.

– We start by saying angry JinJin.

JinJin gets angry as soon as he wakes up today, too.

We keep on bothering him.

JInJin, did you sleep well? Then, we can do that instead.

Did something happen today? So, you were like that? Should we read the commentsand end the show now? – Comments.

– (Laughing) – The comments aren't going up.

– They are not going up anymore.

I guess the data changed again.

They are saying not to make fun of JinJin.

We can make fun of him.

They are asking what we are going to eat for dinner.

Everyone, I recommend spicy seafood stew for dinner today.

– Spicy seafood stew.

– Steamed monkfish.

No, egg stew.

– Steamed monkfish.

– Egg stew! Steamed monkfish.

Egg fish! Steamed monkfish is famous in Sinsa Station.

But where is it in Sinsa? There's a steamed monkfish streetnear Sinsa Station.

Where in Sinsa? That's possible.

Where is Sinsa Station? – That's possible.

– Where is it? – It's there if you go up from Gangnam Station.

– How do you go? Oh, behind that? It's somewhere in Korea.

It's somewhere.

Is it Sinsa station? Anyway.

Anyway, we had our V LIVE like this.

It's time to end.

San-Ha is hosting.

x2 – Yes, yes.

– San-Ha is hosting.

Since it's 6pm, make sure you eat.

I looked at the comments and it said, “I skipped rice because I went to academy.

” You can't do that.

If you skip a meal, then you get in trouble from me.

Eun-Woo also did some studying.

Then, when you study.



– Why? x2- Suddenly? x2 – You went to academy well.

– I went to academy well.

I went well, too, but didn't go well honestly.

It seems like that.

– But during those times, there are times when there's not enough time to eat food.

– Yes.

But food is important.

– Yes.

– It's important because you need to eat it in order to focus.

At times like that, a piece of pizza is good.

A piece of pizza.

Piece of pizza.

– Food.



– Simple.

– If you eat it in the bus on your way to the academy.



It's in front of the school.

There's rice burger in front of my school.

There are a lot of rice burgers in front of school.

– And snack stands.

– Snack stands.

Ours was Dooli snack stand.

Oh? We.



Oh! Mine was Dooli Stationary Store.

Mine was Dooli Snack Stand, too.

Really? Ours was Hanyang Snack Stand.

– Hanyang?- Yes.

Hanyang? Oh, Hanyang? I heard it as Ha-nyang.

You prepared a historical drama since then.

– Hanyang boiled dumplings.

– Because I lived in Hanyang Apartments when I was young.

Oh! – Yes, they made it a lot from apartment names.

– Yes.

x2 – Yes.

x3- Ours was Moojigae Snack Stand.

Moojigae Snack Stand.

Mine was Orange Snack Stand.

– Oh, Orange!- That was really good.

Moojigae was really good, too.

Out of all the tteok-bokki, that's the best one.

Dooli for me!Dooli was the best.

– Dooli was our neighborhood.

– Okay.

x3 – No, our hearts.



– Isn't it Turtle Snack Stand here? You're right.

– Turtle Snack Stand.

– Turtle, Turtle.

We ate it a lot.

We went there ourselves and ate it.

Anyway, make sure you eat.

Even though it's a snack.






Make sure you eat it.

Can I not tell them to eat snacks? It's better to eat enough.

Make sure you eat.

It's better than not eating it.

San-Ha was talking about hearts before.

– I'm sorry that we cut you off.

– It's 4, 9 million.

I think it's going to turn 5 million soon! 5 million hearts.

Oh, 5 million.

We will end the show whenwe get 5 million hearts.

– End the show.

– He kind of seems like a DJ.

Oh, sorry.

It smells like a DJ.

The hearts aren't going up.

Anyway, it turns to 5 millionwhen 50, 000 more fills up.

We are going to eat.



It's not that we want to hurry up and turn it off.

Oh, there's nothing we can do.



We had that.

This? Culprit? The culprit is of course the person who is in front.

– Is it you?- No.

Oh! Did you ask with that meaning? We got 5 million hearts! A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

– We were ASTRO.

– JinJin.

Even though you were busy today, thank you so much for comingto ASTRO's show like this.

And it was a fun time for uswatching our DVD and showing you our reactions – so we hope that you are with usin our great memory.



– Memory.


Then, we will say bye and go eat.

Wanna be your star!We were ASTRO.

Thank you! Everyone, eat.

– Bye.

– Everyone! Let's make one more memory between us.

– Bye!- Bye bye.

Bye bye! – This turned off in the back.

– Bye bye! – Who turned it off?.

Chuyên mục

The Try Guys Get Style Makeovers

– Dario, Dario, Dario, let's talk about this.

Let's talk about.



I'm gonna retrieve that later.

(upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Dario Smith.

I am a men's personal stylist.

– I was just asked to describe my style and I don't think Ihave a good descriptor.

Uh, Target.

– Keith dresses like ifLurch from the Addams Family got lost in Old Navy.

– Keith has like four blue button downs, that he wears constantly.

Like Doug Funny's closet, you open it up and it's just the same shirt.

– I like blue squares so like, lots of little blue squares.

A few big blue squares.

Really big into blue squares.

– He almost looks likeone big swatch of blue.

Blue shoes, blue jeans, blue button down.

– Keith also always wears the same shoes.

It's like every day, same blue shoes.

– Having clothes for different things was never something that I did.

I slept in the clothesthat I wore that day.

That's just how I grew up.

– I think I have a prettygood fashion sense.

It's getting better.

– Zach, is a little like an old cat lady trapped in a teenage boys body.

– Half the time I look at him, I'm like, “How's this appropriateclothes for the workplace?” – I like to allow at leastone item in what I'm wearing, express a sense of colorful personality.

– Even though I love his undershirts, I don't think it'snecessarily the sexiest thing you can wear when you'rea single guy at a bar.

– [Zach] One thing Ithink I struggle with is, how to mix and match.

– Zach is little all over the place.

Sometimes he looks really cool.

Sometimes he looks like a child.

– I basically just allowthe women in my life to dress me.

– I've never had a stylist.

Basically I've had the same haircut.

Same kind of style my entire life.

– Ned's fashion is Steve Carrell, in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

– He's preppy, casual, white guy.

– I typically like tokeep things conservative.

– I think he likes to havea level of professionalism.

So, he's very muted.

– I wear Polo shirts almost every day.

But I guess that's not good enough.

– I feel like Ned is veryclose to looking like a dad before he becomes a dad.

– I get uncomfortableif I wear super flashy or edgy things because I'm like, “Who does that?” Well, Eugene does that.

– I like to think that I take risks.

Overall I would say I'ma conscientious dresser.

– Eugene has a greatsense of how to marry his personality into different styles.

– Future sex space ninja.

What does Eugene not wear? – He wears everything from sweatpants to a full on suit.

– We'll talk about what we're wearing and we all agree on a casual look and he shows up in a fucking suit.

– If Eugene was a SpiceGirl, he'd be Posh.

– I'm just excited to see what part of my personality I have yet to explore, through wardrobe.

– I first start with a consultation.

What would you like yourclothes to convey about you? – Oh man.

Is that the question you'reanswering when you put on clothes in the morning? – Yes.

– That I have my shit together.

The opposite of a hot mess.

– That I have a sense of adventure.

– That I'm nice, funny, personable.

But also simple.

– I would love for peopleto think that I'm cool based on the way I dress.

– Who would you say is your style icon? – (exhales deeply) I don't know.

I have so many.

– (exhales deeply) Yeah.

– David Bowie.

– Oh gosh.

– Will Smith from Fresh Prince.

– (stammers) I can't think, I don't know.

– My mom.

– Or the first personthat comes to your mind when you think of a well dressed guy.

– Eugene.

(laughter) – What would you consideran insecurity of yours when shopping? – Have to look at the sizesand then look at the style.

Rather than look at the style and then find one in my size.

So, I feel like beat down by shopping.

– Honestly, I think a lotof it just comes down to confidence and I'm puttogether and I'm fine but I don't think that my outfit is sexy.

– The first thing peoplesaw when I was growing up was Asian.

There were a lot of negative stereotypes.

What my mother could controlabout how people perceived us was through fashion.

– My biggest insecurity isthat I don't like wearing things that are outside the box too much.

Honestly, Dario most of theitems in my closet I don't like.

– How about we go lookat your closet now then? – How 'bout it? – [Dario] We then gothrough a closet purge.

– So, you wanna see my closet? – Yeah, let's see what we got here.

– These are all of my clothes but these are the onesthat I wear exclusively.

– The bulk of what I wear, day to day, is this.

It all matches.

(laughs) – I would love to seewhat you consider pieces that you've purchasedthat you've yet to wear.

– Oh, wow.

– Is the shit that you throw up here, shit that you wear? – No, never.

– I sometimes wear that one.

Damn it Dario! This is not fun! – Let's see your sock collection.

So, we're gonna takeall of your white socks and dispose.

– What, what? – We do have a video from your fiancee.

– I would love for Keith toget more of a professional looking everyday outfit.

He'll have a button downthat he really likes but then the has a super old belt.

And dirty gym shoes.

– You can definitelyhave a few more options that help these colors pop.

So, you're not so blue all the time.

– And I want him to think he looks cute.

Because I think he is.

– I think you're a really fun guy.

I think your clothes don'tquite portray that yet.

– If I find a shirt that Ilike, I just buy two of them.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.



– When we go out, he'll wear like a blazer but I have to really encouragehim to wear a blazer.

– Let's move to your suiting.

– My favorite suit, this dark blue one.

Matched with this pink shirt.

– He doesn't go shopping and he just needs more clothing, so that your suits don't feellike a really special thing.

– Do you ever add a pocketsquare to this outfit? – No.


I almost laughed out loud when you said pocket square.

– I just think a lot ofthe time I just end up going back to what I know works.

I mean today is a classic example.

I didn't want to think about my outfit.

– Do you feel like you sometimes just throw things together? – By your tone, I thinkyou think I do.

(laughter) – Why does your outfit now work? – Fuck Dario, that's a good question.

All right, so my basic is just like, making sure things don't clash.

– What would be your version of clashing? – The outfit you told me that worked.

– That would be clashing? Why would that be clashing? – These are both kind of red.

– Do you think your hatclashes with your outfit? – No.

– Why? – Because I think that.



– I think you have a lot of great options.

It's just a matter ofpairing those to where they're most effective.

To helping get dressed a little faster and a little easier in the morning, is having a bit of rhyme and reason to your wardrobe.

– Yeah, this drawer's a nightmare.

It takes me forever tofind a matching sock.

– Here I have the underwear.

Here I have ankle socks.

Here I have workout socks.

And over here are all my dress socks.

There are definitely items I've bought that I don't wear often because I'm maybe a little self conscious about it being too, editorial looking.

A lot of people, maybehave had the fortune, of kind of going throughlife not necessarily thinking about how they look.

So, every choice I make withclothes has led to this point of seeming like a confident person.

– Your confidence is prettymuch what sells your outfit.

Your outfit doesn't sell your confidence.

– I'm ready though, to see how I look like in something that'snot safely fashionable.

– Something more avant garde and a little bit more androgynous.

– Yeah, that would be totally new to me.

– So, I think we've thrown out about half of your closet now.

– Yeah.

– I would say we start shopping.

Don't worry you're in my hands.

I promise I'll take care of you.

– Okay.

– [Dario] Pinky swear.

– Pinky swear.

I love it.

– From the closet purge and consultation, I was able to develop a look that I felt they were confident in.

But a more stylish version of themselves.

Fashion is an art form.

Dealing with apparel, your style, is how you marry that fashion with your personality.

(men cheer) – Look at that dapper man.

He looks like more powerful when he walks.

– [Ned] Keith never wears sweaters.

– [Zach] Where did these shoes come from? Those socks are not white.

– I'd let you marry my daughter.

– I love that jacket.

– [Eugene] That suit jacket isbasically his shirt elevated.

– [Zach] Yeah.

– [Ned] That's right.

– He actually looks like a host now.

– [Ned] Bob Barker me all over.

– [Eugene] He looks like a Ken doll.

– I'd dress you up andput you in my dream house.

– Okay.

– [Eugene] Yeah.

(upbeat music) – What!? (men cheer and laugh) Damn Zach! – [Keith] It's all he's ever dreamed of.

– I want these clothes.

He doesn't look single as fuck, he looks hot as fuck! – [Eugene] I've neverseen Zach look that hard.

– [Ned] Like I'm a little intimidated.

– Oh yeah, I wouldn't talk to him.

He's too cool for me.

(laughs) – He's too cool for me.

– [Eugene] I've never see Zach in anything but the same glasses.

– [Ned] He's the bad boy.

– [Eugene and Keith] He's the bad boy! – I'm the bad boy?! – [Men] You're the bad boy! – Look at him.

– Don't hop, no.

– [All] Yeah! ♫ Hard hard hard I ballhard in this mother ♫ I ball, I ball, I ball hard ♫ What's up, what's happenin' ♫ – Whoa, that tie! Oh, that tie's beautiful! – I love the little touches of red and the pocket square it's really vibrant.

Now he looks like an Edward.

– Yeah.

– [Eugene] Before Nedlooked like he was on a boat but now he owns the boat.

– [Zach] He owns theentire fucking marina.

– This feels like something hecould wear to work for sure.

– Sorry ladies, he's taken.

It is worth pointing out, you should kind of dress like Eugene.

– Actually, I think he'sdressed better than me.

(upbeat music) (men cheer) – [Zach] I'm confusedbut it's working on me.

– [Ned] Is that a lady's skirt? – [Zach] It's just a skirt.

– [Ned] Well, now it's a men's skirt.

– This is like how we'reall gonna be dressing a hundred years from now.

I'm not there yet.

– [Keith] But I'll be honest, it's not a stretch in my imagination to see Eugene wearing this.

– You're saying thisisn't avant garde enough? – This is not avantgarde enough for Eugene.

We can go harder.

– Let's go harder! (trance music) (men cheer) – This is awesome! Oh wow! – Yes, slay! – [Zach] You look like an anime character.

– Like a future western detective.

– [Zach] I've never seen youattempt something like this.

– [Keith] There's awhole sheep on this man, look at that coat.

– It takes so much confidenceto be able to pull that off.

He exhibits a power.

– Clothes almost became therapy for us.

I was a little bit afraid of what I would end up looking like.

What a hot nerd.

It's like dapper but it'stotally still casual.

– The shoes that Keithis wearing, he actually already owned.

Which looks really good on him.

– You own these?! – Why don't you wear them more often? – Because they outclassedall of my other clothes.

Apparently I already have enough clothes to make a good outfit in my closet.

I just didn't know howto piece them together.

Guys, I think I want better socks.

(men cheer) I want better socks.

After seeing this, I'm much more inclined to try to look like this all the time.

Because it's looks really good and it really isn't thatmuch more difficult.

– Look at the new you.

– Fuck! I feel way cooler and sexier.

– As in, I'd fuck me! – Yeah.

I'm miserable thinking about having to dress myself tomorrow.

Would a Snoopy watch go well? Or would it ruin the whole thing? – Coco Chanel quote, “Before you leave the house, “take one thing off.

” – This is the first time I'veseen you wear your Yeezy's and they actually match your whole outfit.

– I don't, what are, why are.



What are Yeezy's? – Now my personality is the quirk.

As opposed to wearing the quirk.

It's amazing to me how clothes can change the way people perceiveyou so dramatically.

– Look how stylish I am.

Hi, my name's Edward.

Man, I need to join the sales team! (men laugh) Look at this, I'm wearing a pocket square.

But I love it.

I am a guy that's really on top of my shit and so my wardrobe should reflect that.

– Ned, had actually beenbuying the wrong size suit.

– I had been buyingthings too big for years.

Made my butt look good.

(men agree) – I want to get married to you now.

– Oh well.



My wife would think I lookfreaking hot right now.

It was tough at first tobecome critical of my style but I feel like I've emerged, looking like the best version of myself.

– Ohh my God! Whoa! I feel great! I feel like it'sinvigorating this side of me which is really creative.

Really weird.

What even is this? – That is actually a jumpsuit, zipped up halfway and thentied around your waist.

– You look like a deletedscene from cowboy bee bop.

– That's the nicest thinganyone's ever said to me.

– You're welcome.

– I think I went intothis being complacent.

You have to keep challenging yourself and seeing how partsof your personal growth are reflected through your style growth.

I just turned and I almost for a second didn't recognize my friends.

Everyone here now lookslike fashion models.

(upbeat music).

Chuyên mục

Why Love is Hard: Attachment Styles Ep.1

– Romantic partnerships show us the areas in which we are in needof deep, deep healing, when our partner or someonewho loves us triggers us, it is showing us theunresolved emotional wounding that we have.

It shows us where ourtrauma in childhood shows up in our adulthood.

(upbeat music) Hello, welcome back to The AM with Amy.

I'm your lovely host, Amy.

Now we're sitting at myvanity in my bedroom, just wanted a change of scenery, but today we are doing a newseries on my channel called Why Love is Hard for You.

I'm sure you clicked on the title.

Now, if you're anything like me, love has never come easy.

I spent a good majority of my teenagehood and also my early 20swondering why that was.

Here on The AM withAmy, if you're new here, basically what we do iswe just take elements of psychology andspirituality and we mold them and we dive deep and we dissectwhy it is the way we are.

So, my only goal and hope for this series is to bring you guys a littlebit of more self-awareness on how to become a better lover, how to become a better person and so today we're starting off with attachment theoryor attachment style.

Now, this is somethingthat has the potential to be life-changing for you and the more that you know about yourself, the more that you can changeand grow and progress.

So, if you're also new here, we do makeup.

So, I'm already wearing foundation, so let's go ahead and get started.

I stopped doing the makeupand someone requested that they like the makeup and I asked my best friend, Diego, and Diego said, “I like the makeup, “kind of takes the edge off of it.

” It's like a chaser for thediving deep that we do.

I'm gonna do a really simple makeup look because it's very difficult to kind of talk about thesetopics and also multi task.

It feels like my butthole'sclenched all the time which is why I think someof you have mentioned that I breathe heavily, I go (panting).

It's because I'm nervousand I really wanna portray these topics well, I am no psychologist.

By no means, no guru.

My goal is never to bea guru or an influencer or a public figure of some sort.

I just wanna show people that showing up authenticallyas yourself every single day can inspire people far more than being thiscookie-cutter, perfect version of yourself that haseverything figured out.

I don't have anything truly figured out, but I have a little bitmaybe more figured out just because I'm on the constant journey and on a constant searchof trying to figure it out.

But anyways, I just wanna saylove is not difficult for you.

Love is not hard for you.

The first examples of nurturing and love that we were given orwe're not given as children might of shown us thatlove is hard for us.

So, what that means isthat I don't think love is necessarily difficult, but the way that we weregiven love and treated and the way that our primarycaretakers treated us as a kid highly influenced the way that we receive and give love because, as the saying goes, you do not go for what is healthy, you gofor what is familiar love.

It's not about living in arose-colored lens anymore, it's more so about living in your honesty and your authenticity andhow powerful that can be and I think that many of us have grown up in very toxic, chaotic households, emotionally sterilehouseholds, abusive households, and even if you were given love as a kid, love could of been conditional, love could of been toxic, lovecould of been manipulative, love could of been abusive and, for me, I feel likegrowing up as a kid, growing up with Asian American parents and also just not havingthe emotional intelligence or being equipped withemotional intelligence, I grew up where love was very conditional, love was about being successful, love was about getting good grades, love was being obedient, love was earning everythingand not being given anything.

Love was about standing in line, love was being not extremelyexpressive with who you are and all of this informs usin our adulthood how we love.

As children, this is wherewe subconsciously form our attachment style or our loving styles.

Attachment theory is a termgiven to a set of ideas about how we love and the role of childhood therein originally developed by the English psychologist John Bowlby, and he has joint work withMary Ainsworth, I believe.

That's a lot of what I'll be talking about is their joint work in this video.

Essentially the attachmentstyles developed based on how we were emotionally responded to and comforted by our primarycaregivers as a child.

There are four attachment styles that I'm gonna talk to you about, but before I get started on that, I just really, really, reallywanna preface this by saying that none of these attachment styles are healthy or unhealthy.

This is to say that thesestyles are just what we have been kind of conditionedas and it's not our fault and it's not coming froma place of judgment.

So, please be kind and compassionate to yourself when you start to identify with some of these characteristics and I just wanna tell you that many of us are also hybrids ofcertain attachment styles.

The four attachment stylesare, let me do my eyebrows.

I'm a little rusty, I'm sorry.

So, the four attachment stylesare, number one, secure.

Number two, anxiously-attached, so anxious.

Number three would be avoidant-dismissive and number four, avoidant-fearful.

Now, when you go look at the research of different psychologistsand you look this up online, there are lots of differentphrases for these things and some people categorize them as three.

I know John Bowlby, theEnglish psychologist, originally came up withsecure, anxious, and avoidant, then Mary Ainsworth came in and kind of further developed that.

But for the purpose of myvideo, for my own research, I will go by those four styles and I'm gonna leave a linkin the description bar to figuring out whatattachment style you are.

These are a bunch of quizzes online.

I would highly recommendtaking more than one just to make sure that you'regetting the right result.

Romantic partnerships show us the areas in which we are in needof deep, deep healing, when our partner or someonewho loves us triggers us, it is showing us the unresolved emotional wounding that we have.

It shows us where ourtrauma in childhood shows up in our adulthood.

So, yeah, let's get into it.

So, secure, what do youthink that sounds like? Secure is exactly what it sounds like.

People who have a secureattachment style know how to effectively communicate, not only communicate their needs, but effectively communicate.

They don't attack or retaliate.

They are vulnerable and open.

Secure people know how to givetheir partners independence and space and freedom while also learning how to be affectionate, nurturing and to be there for thememotionally when needed.

I think around 50% of the population is securely attached and I just wanna say that, in my close personal circle, and most people outside, I don't know anyone that'sreally, securely attached.

Many of us came from turbulent childhoods and so therefore it'snothing to be ashamed about or nothing to be embarrassed about.

That's just how our programming and our conditioning had us all to be.

This is not to say that they don't haveconfrontation with their partner.

It's more so that they do so in a way that's extremely, mature, vulnerable and open and it's learning to communicate in a way that doesn't hurt theother person's feeling, that they don't trigger oract out when they're hurt and they don't have a fear of abandonment or a fear of enmeshment.

They trust fairly easily and they have high emotional intelligence in order to diplomaticallyand cooperatively communicate how they're feeling andto have flexible behavior with their partners.

Now, if you're secure, sounds awesome.

Why you watching this video? No, I'm totally kidding, I'm totally kidding.

Like I said, you can be a hybrid of these.

Number two is anxious.

So, anxious has asensitive nervous system.

Anxious people tend toidealize romantic partnerships and their love lives becauseit's easier to idealize or fantasize about a realitythat doesn't really exist than to face the real one inthe one that you're living in.

These people are typically more clingy and more emotionally needy because growing up as a child, they were given little to no boundaries.

Intermission, I'm adding thisto darken up the corners.

But, anxiously-attached, they typically crave a lot of attention and emotional intimacy.

They are people who are verysensitive to outside threats.

They get jealous easily.

People who areanxiously-attached are typically really giving and loving, but at the same time they are the people that really romanticize saving somebody in a romantic partnership or, often times, being saved in a relationship.

Avoidant-dismissive, herewe have to come to me.

So, growing up as a kid, I feel like I was raised to be a little bit moreemotionally sterile.

I didn't start crying 'til I was 21 because I was told thatemotions were a weakness, that being sad is a waste of time, that strong people don'tcry, but strong people cry.

Okay, let me tell you that.

And basically theydownplayed the importance of relationships.

They are very scared of gettingextremely close to people.

These are people who grew upto be extremely self-reliant and they can tend toappear really put-together on the outside because growing up, their independence and their self-reliance was all they really had and they had to be thesource of their own soothing and comfort and when thingswere less than ideal, they really learned howto cope almost too well in the sense that they downplayed and internalized everythingand these people tend to focus on other people's flawsrather than their own to maintain emotional distance.

They can share a littlebit more vulnerability when there is a shared experience.

Number four is avoidant-fearful.

It is a mixture of avoidant and anxious, so these are the type of people that really do crave emotional intimacy, but at the same time aredeeply mistrustful of others and these are people who really want to be in a relationshipbut at the same time they are really afraid ofabandonment and rejection.

These are people who tendto feel used and exploited in relationships.

People who areavoidant-fearful can pull away prematurely when they feel overwhelmed or rejected in arelationship and they tend to have high anxiety whenthey depend on someone.

By the way, I just added onRMS' Beauty Living Luminizer.

They're people that can actually end up in abusive relationships becauseof this attachment style.

Since it's such a mixof anxious and avoidant.

Like I said, many of us can be hybrids of these attachment styles.

Now, I'm gonna talk about a little bit about my style and where I'm at now.

So, I definitely beforewas avoidant-dismissive.

Growing up I feel like I was raised in an emotionally sterile household where femininity to mewas no femininity besides maybe looking presentable, but, for the most part, crying was a sign of weakness.

So, showing any type of emotion, being resentful or angrywas a sign of weakness and so I had to learnhow to really internalize and just shove all of my feelings down and also just being the subject of a lot of problematicand hurtful things, just constantly beingtold that I was less than, that I was not worthy, thatI was not pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough, being told to get plastic surgery.

I was constantly put down in my childhood, but not only being put down, but also learning to beemotionally-resilient by not crying or showingthat I was, in fact, a sensitive being.

And so I grew up witha turbulent childhood in the sense that any sign ofemotion other than happiness or neutrality was a sign of weakness, was a sign of a character flaw and how that showed up in my relationships was I dismissed all of myneeds in a relationship.

I pretended I had none.

I pretended that I couldgive myself everything, but in a relationship of course you're gonna have needsand I would remember that anytime that mypartner didn't act out in the way that I wished, I would just be completely avoidant and try to run away from the situation.

I tried to break up withthis person multiple times because they were not acting the way that I had wished and needed but I had never really communicated that because I dismissed my own needs.

I didn't start dating 'til I was 19 because I was so avoidantof romantic partnerships.

I feel like all throughout high school I had this deep, rooted feeling of being inadequate, of being not worthy because of a lot of programmingthat I was given as a child.

For me, love was very conditional and for me I felt like love was only given if I was smart enough, if I was pretty enough, if I was successful enough, if I was adequate enough andtherefore I always felt like a constant lacking andso in my childhood I had to really learn how to become all of those things for myself.

Like, if I was told that I was stupid, I would go read a 100 books.

If I was told that Iwas not skinny enough, I would go run three miles.

I think that this feelingof being inadequate and being told you're inadequate as a kid is what drove me to be superadequate later on in life.

How that showed up in my relationships was that I often had the tendency of focusing on my partner's flaws rather than what thereal issue at hand was, probably communicating that I even had needs and, two, that was my own emotional wounding being constantly criticized asa child and then I projected that onto other people.

So, that was my ownunresolved emotional wounding.

More than that, I feel like I knew that I had exemplifiedavoidant-dismissive attachment style even as early on as 19.

So, I didn't starting 'til I was 19 because I was so avoidantof romantic partnerships and so when I got to college, I was like, “Oh, I probably should trythis thing called dating.

” And I didn't start dating 'tilmy freshman year of college, the end of it and I firststarted dating this guy.

It was probably the first guy that I started to form true feelings for.

Like, feelings I had never felt before and I remember we texted everyday, like pretty frequently back and forth and I had never done that with somebody and we had been doingthat for about a week and then I just remember Istopped responding randomly for three days straight.

Just no explanation, just disappeared.

By the way, this is Calvados.

It's the Bite Beauty Calvados.

I don't know what color this is.

My Lips But Better, MLBB, beauty guru terms.

But I remember I just totallystopped responding altogether and I was essentially self-sabotaging now.

I was self-sabotaging this relationship because I was getting scared of being really close to somebody because I'd never beenthat close to somebody and I remember his response when I finally came back threedays later and I responded.

He was like, “What happened? “I thought we had broken up.

” And, mind you, we had not been together, but he was saying like Ithought you had ghosted on me.

That was his way of saying that and I was just like, “Oh, my phone got lost for three days “and that's why I didn't text you back.

” So, I lied.

And so looking back now, that was totally my attachment style just being completely avoidantand being really scared of emotional intimacy andI feel like I had always been the one that pushed people away because I had always beenindependent and self-reliant and even now I feel likeI've asked my boyfriend and I spent the pastthree years being single and consciously developingand it's one thing to sit here as a person on YouTube and say like, “Love yourself and do this.

” It's never, never my intention to be this extremelywell-rounded, put-together person, but at the same time Idon't ever wanna be someone that preaches all of these things, but doesn't apply it or practice it in their day-to-day life and I'm really happy to saythat when I asked my boyfriend when he read all of these styles and had 'em take the test, he was like, “Which one are you?” And then I told him, I said, “I definitely know where I used to be.

” And I told him what it was and I told him how I hadseen it now looking back and he was like, “I'm really proud of youbecause you come off as secure.

“You come off as extremelysecurely attached.

” And that meant so much to me because I feel like I've worked so hard in the past three years tojust really focus on my flaws and grow as a person becauseit's been very difficult.

It was constantly just likean up and down rollercoaster in my relationship in the past because I had not knownhow to be close to someone and depend on somebody without giving away my own independence and self-reliance because just as an Aquarius, as an INTJ, as a life path nine, I am someone who thriveson my independence and my individuality.

And it's something that's really scary to give up and I, even when I began datingmy current boyfriend now which we just celebrated six months, I remember telling himit's really hard for me, it was really for me to make that decision to enter a partnership after three years of being single because I was really worried.

Like, it's kind of likeshowtime now, in a sense.

Like, I told him I'msomeone on the internet that talks about self-loveand self-growth and self-care.

This is the time where it'slike you have talked the talk, but can you walk the walk? And every time that conflict or disagreement arises in myrelationship with my John, I feel like it is the perfect time to show all the homework andall the work I've done and put it to the test and I can happily say that I do think I am far more securely attached now.

I know that I have needs.

I effectively communicate my needs.

I do notice my old tendencies of trying to be avoidant coming up in the sense that it's more so the idea that I'm like, “If that's how it's gonnabe, then I can be alone.

” But it's never malicious or hurtful and it's never spiteful.

I have no problem with saying, “Hey, this really hurt my feelings, “and I would really appreciateif you didn't say that.

” Rather than retorting back a really sassy or a passive aggressive comment or internalizing andbottling everything up.

I feel like I used to bottle up everything and internalize everything and pretend that things didn't matter, pretend that I wasn't hurt, pretend that I wasn't sensitive, pretend that I was all good on my own, but now I am really understanding that I really crave humanand emotional connection and intimacy and that thisperson is valuable to me and even if they didn't mean to hurt me, it's really important tosay it there in the moment and to say it reallyeffectively and openly because I think communication is key but what most people don't understand is effective, clear and open communication is really, really important.

Say small things that are saying I'm sorry you feel thatway versus I'm sorry I made you feel that way.

I'm sorry you feel thatway is almost deflective and makes the other personseem like it's their fault.

It's more so about taking accountability and responsibility for what you have done or made the other person feel and that's saying I'm sorryI made you feel that way.

So, even in those two sentences, it's minimally tweaked but have a big transformative effect on your resolution after conflict.

The anxious-avoidantpairing is actually one of the most co-dependent andperfectly toxic relationships I feel like you could have because the anxious person is someone who requires a lot of emotional nurturing, a lot of affection, a lot of validation, and avoidant person will just see this and want more space andrequire more and more space and I've definitely beenin this partnership before and being the avoidant one.

Ideally you would have asecurely-attached person for the anxiously-attached person because they know how to kind of nurture and take care of this person's needs.

So, many of us are in thatanxious-avoidant partnership and while changing yourattachment style can be difficult, it's not impossible.

How to love those whoare anxiously-attached and how to love those whoare avoidantly-attached, so someone who is anxiously-attached, you have to understandthat they're gonna have a really difficult timecommunicating their needs, even communicating that they're upset.

Their fear of abandonment or rejection won't make sense to you all the time, but you have to justlovingly set boundaries and limits when they actout, when they act triggered or when they protest orwhen they show erratic forms of behavior in responseand these are people that when they project on you, you have to gently redirecttheir focus back onto them and they need a lot ofpositive reassurance when they're upset.

People who are avoidantly-attached, understand that their need for space is not personal or not about wanting to be with you andunderstand that they have a really high sensitivityto feeling exposed or feeling shamed and tocommunicate your own needs but in smaller doses in the beginning and to never really be super controlling or isolating on their behavior.

It's gonna just makethem run the other way and they need a lot of reassurance that you're gonna stick aroundeven when things get tough.

So, I've kind of introducedthese four loving styles and how to kind of deal with them and I've really just done a really cursory, glazed version of it.

So, I really hope that you dive deep and that you google and you research, go read a book on these things.

Maybe that this will help jumpstart or be the catalyst to understanding your own attachment style, but I just wanna saythat attachment styles are not our fault.

Again, this is not with any judgment.

Attachment styles are typicallywhat are passed down to us.

They're a by-product of generations and typically our parents exemplify many of these attachment stylesbecause these are the styles that we were given as children and that they knew howto give only as parents and feeling unloved and feeling unworthy, these are things that werealso passed down to us and I have a whole video on generational trauma, generational healing.

I'm gonna link it up in the cards above.

I heard this saying recently, if it's hysterical, it's historical.

It's something thatwas passed down to you.

It didn't start with you, but it can end with you.

It's not what happened to youas a child that matters most, it's how you deal with it today and many of us come from beingvictims to being overcomers and you are the creator of your reality.

You are the creator of your dream life and I hope with this you can move forward with a little bit more of enlightenment and let me know in the comments down below what attachment style you think you are and let me know how you think that shows up in your adulthood.

We are a community of compassionate, kind and extremely introspective human beings.

So, I'm excited to readyour comments down below.

Thank you for hanging out with me today and be sure to be on the look out for many more episodes in this series.

I don't know how long it'll be.

I have a lot to say and Ithink that this is something that more of my community needs to hear.

Just more of the worldneeds to hear actually.

So, I'll see you guys in my next one, bye! (optimistic music).

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Learning styles & the importance of critical self-reflection | Tesia Marshik | TEDxUWLaCrosse

Translator: Denise RQReviewer: Thipnapa Huansuriya There's a few different versions – actually, many differentversions – of learning styles.

But probably the most common onethat you've heard of, is that some of us are auditory learners, where we learn bestby listening to things; some of us are more visual learners, where we learn best by seeing things; and some of us might be moretactile or kinesthetic learners, where we learn bestby actually doing things or engaging in physical activities.

How many of you have heard of that before? Well, the good news and bad news: the bad news is, if you believein learning styles, you're actually wrong.

I'll explain that in just a minute.

But the good news is that it's notentirely your fault.

This belief in learning stylesis incredibly pervasive.

It's so common that few peopleever think to even question it.

Right? It sounds so logical.

It sounds so real.

But when put to the test, we foundthat learning styles don't exist.

And there are tonsof people that believe this.

When we survey, for example, students and teachers, we find that somethinglike 90 percent of them or over 90 percent of peoplebelieve they have a learning style.

And many teachers todayare still told that part of their job, in order to be effective teachers, is to figure out whattheir students' learning styles are, and then accommodate themfor the classroom.

There are even a host of companiesand organizations out there that support learning styles, and who, for a fee, will train you on how to maximizeyour potential or that of your students, by addressing learning stylesand learning what yours are.

But again, the keyis, when put to the test, these learning styles don't exist;it doesn't make a difference.

I will say that when we survey people, many people say they have preferences.

So if I asked, “How wouldyou like to learn something?” or “How would you like to study?”, many of you might say, “I'd prefer to see it, ” or “I'd prefer to hear it, “or “I'd prefer to actually do it.

” So that's true.

But the key is that those preferencesdon't actually enhance your learning when we test themin experimental conditions.

And there are manydifferent ways to test this, but the basic design is this: We bring in a bunch of different people who supposedly havedifferent learning styles.

We teach them in a variety of ways.

Then we see if teaching them in one waywas somehow better for them or more effective than others.

So for example, let's say I had a listof words I wanted you to memorize.

In one group I mightshow you that list of words; I'll present the list of words for you.

Or in another group, similarly, I might show you images of those words.

In yet another group or another condition, I might just let you listento those words and hear them, so you wouldn't actually see anything, but you would hear someonesaying: dog, hose, coat, etc.

Now if learning stylesexisted, if it was true, we would expect that visual learners, or so-called visual learners, would be able to recallmore words when they saw them.

So, either when they saw the listor when they saw the actual images.

And we would expectthat so-called auditory learners would be able to recall more wordswhen they heard them, right? But the finding is, learning is actually the same.

The number of wordsyou recall is exactly the same, regardless of how the materialis presented to you.

I know that's just one exampleof one particular study, but I’m asking you to trust me that this has been replicatedin many different contexts with many different peopleof all different ages, and tested in slightly different wayswith exactly the same results.

In fact, there have been severalmeta-analysis papers where they've looked at all the researchon this topic for 40 years, and all of them have concludedthe same thing: that there is still no evidence that matching teaching stylesto supposed learning styles or students' preferencesactually makes a difference.

But I would encourage you to look upsome of this research on your own.

In particular, these review articles.

So how is that possible? I’m sure some some of you are wondering, “How does that even make sense?” Because it sounds so good.

And there's a lot of different researchon learning and memory to explain this, but one of the main ideas is that mostof what we learn in the classroom and most of what our teacherswant us to know in particular is stored in terms of meaning, and it's not tied to one particular senseor one particular sensory mode.

Now, just like people have preferences, it's also true that some of youmight have better visual memories or better auditory memoriesor auditory processing skills compared to other people, and that might be advantageousfor certain type of tasks.

So for example, if I wantedyou to remember: What was the color of the coaton that last slide? or: How many windows wereon that house on the last slide?, then having a really good visualmemory would help with that.

Likewise, if I had read youthe list of words and I said, “Were they read in a high voiceor a low voice?” or, “Which words were read by a woman, and which ones were read by a man?”, then having a really good auditorymemory would help with that.

But those aren't typicallythe kinds of questions that teachers are asking you to remember, or the things teachers want youto learn in the classroom.

Mostly what you learn in the classroomis much more conceptual, or meaning based.

It's not just what something looks likeor what something sounds like.

And by the way, this finding, this whole idea, also helps to explain why simple rehearsal strategies, like rereading your notes or just rewriting your notes, even though they're verycommonly used strategies, they tend to be not very effective, because rereading your notesor rewriting your notes doesn't necessarily help youunderstand the material.

In order to retain information, we have to organize itin a way that's meaningful.

We have to make connections to it, connecting it to our experiencesor coming up with our own examples or thinking of how we're learningsomething in one class, and how that relates to what else we know.

That's what helps us remember it.

There's a lot of researchto support this idea that most of what we learnis stored in terms of meaning, and not according to visual imagesor auditory sounds.

But some of the best, most relevant research comes from these classic studiesthat were done in the 70s.

Chase & Simon were interestedin chess players' abilities to recall pictures of chessboardgames in progress.

So what they would do is show playersan image of a game in progress for a short time — typically, only five seconds or so — and then it would disappear.

Then they would ask the playersto recall where all the pictures were, where all the pieces were in that picture.

And what they found was a big difference between novice players, or beginner players, and experts.

Beginner players, when askedto recall where the pieces were, could only remember about four pieces.

Experts, on the other hand, couldactually identify almost all of them – over 20 of them, they couldcorrectly identify on the next game boardwhen asked to recall these.

Again, they were interestedin knowing: Why is this difference? Why do we see this differencebetween beginners and experts? It wasn't because, like you might be thinking, that the experts had better visualmemories than the beginners.

It was because the expertshad more experience playing chess, and more knowledge.

In other words, this game boardwas more meaningful to them.

They could see the strategy involved.

They could imagine what was happening and why the players had their piecespositioned the way they did.

And to further support this idea, they did a follow-up study.

In the follow-up study, they showed the chess players picturesof randomly arranged chessboards.

That's this picture here.

Now to you or I, or to a beginner chess player, these might look basically the same.

I mean, yeah, the piecesare in different places, but for the most part, they might beequally difficult to remember.

To an expert, though, we found big differences when presented witha randomly configured board.

Once it was random, experts no longer had an advantagein remembering pieces, because it wasn't meaningful to them.

Because there's no meaningfularrangement in the second piece, they lost that advantage, which again, it just shows us further evidence that we store informationin terms of meaning, and not according to a sensory mode.

And this basic finding, by the way, has been extended to other contexts, everything from chess to basketball, to computer programming and to dance.

We store information in terms of meaning and not limited to particularsensory modes.

So that's the first reason.

Another reason why this learning-stylestheory doesn't pan out is that the best way to teachsomething or learn something really depends on what it isyou want to learn.

It depends on the content itself.

Now, if I wanted you, for example, to know what a bunchof different songbirds looked like, the best way to teach you that is to let you look at picturesof those songbirds, or let you see them in real life.

But note that that's true for everybody, not just because you're a visual learner.

That's because looking at themis what I'm asking you to do, to remember what they look like.

On the other hand, if I wanted youto remember what they sounded like or be able to distinguish betweendifferent songs of different songbirds, then letting you hear themwould be the best way.

But again, that applies to everybody.

Just like if I wanted you to knowwhat different flowers smell like.

The best way to teach you that is to let you experiencethose flowers by smelling them.

But that doesn't meanyou're an olfactory learner, or that you learn everythingbetter through smelling.

I mean, take a minute to imagine what that would look like in a math class or an anatomy class or a physics class.

And as absurd as that sounds, it's really important to remember that the same problems, the same criticisms apply whether we're talking aboutso-called olfactory learners or whether we're talking aboutauditory learners or visual learners or even kinesthetic learners.

The last three might seemmore palatable or more reasonable, but the same issues apply.

It really depends on what I'm askingyou to learn, the best way to teach it.

But that also brings me to another point, this idea that many thingscan be taught using multiple senses.

So it's not just limitedto one, for example.

So, say I wanted you to learnthe game of football.

Probably the best wayto teach you football is to get you out there and play football, to actually practice and havethat physical experience playing.

But you would also probably benefitfrom being able to watch a football game, or being able to lookat schematics or drawings of the different formationsand different positions, just like you'd probably alsobenefit from hearing coaching or hearing feedback as you're playing.

You're getting the kinesthetic experience, the visual and the auditory.

Similarly, if a music teacherwanted you to know the different partsof a symphony orchestra, then going to an orchestraand listening to one would be beneficial.

But it would also add to the experience if you had the capabilityto touch the instruments, or maybe to learn how to play them.

Or to actually watch one live.

Again, it's not that different modesmake it meaningful to different people based on their learning style.

It's not like the visual learnersare only going to learn by seeing it.

It's because incorporatingmultiple sensory experiences into one lesson makes it more meaningful.

So then you might be wondering: Why does this myth persist? There's a few different explanations.

The first one is quite simplythat everybody believes it.

It's so common that you nevereven think to question it.

How could so many people be wrong? If so many people believe it, how is it possible that it's wrong? But as you know, just becausesomething is commonly believed doesn't necessarily make it true.

Remember, just as an example, at one point we used to think that the Earth was the centerof the universe, until scientists like Copernicusand Galileo proved us otherwise.

Likewise, there was a timein which some people actually believed or were worriedthat polio might be caused by ice cream, which we now know is nonsense.

And, unfortunately, even todayone unfortunate myth that still persists is this idea that vaccines cause autism, despite the lack of anyscientific evidence.

Just because a lot of peoplebelieve it, doesn't make it true.

And that might seem really obvious to you, but again, the key idea is thatwhen something's so pervasive it doesn't even occur to peopleto challenge it.

We need to be willingto critically reflect on beliefs, even if they're commonly believed.

Another reason why this persistsis, quite frankly, the idea of learning styles is sexy.

It sounds good, it feels good.

Saying people havedifferent learning styles is another way of acknowledgingthat people are different.

And differences are important, especially when it comes to the classroom.

But by saying that learningstyles don't exist, I'm not saying people are the same.

People do differ in many important ways.

Learning styles just isn't one of them.

And just because some ideassound really good, just because we really want somethingto be true, doesn't make it so.

We have to remember that, even when we're talking about somethingas appealing as Santa Claus, unicorns, Bigfoot or learning styles.

Last but not least, another reasonwhy this belief persists is something called “confirmation bias.

” This is this natural tendencywe have as humans to want to be right.

People don't like to be right –to be wrong, I should say.

So when people havethis belief, or any belief, we tend to look for informationthat fits our beliefs, and we ignore informationthat doesn't fit our beliefs.

We don't really very frequentlytry to prove ourselves wrong.

More often than not, we try to prove ourselves right.

We look for evidence to supportwhatever it is we think.

And sometimes this is deliberate.

Sometimes this bias is very deliberate.

You all know that personwho deliberately closes their eyes or plugs their ears and says, “La, la, la, I'm not listening, I don't want to hear that, ” and turns their back.

More often than not, this is unintentional.

This is subconscious.

We don't even realize we're doing it.

How many of you, for example, have ever been thinking of someone, only to have them call or text you? Or how many of youhave experienced déjà vu, or had a dream, only to have it come true? And you start to think, “Whoa, ” I've got something going on here, some extra-sensory perception, telepathic powers.

” Again, I'm sorry to say: you don't.

That's been studied frequently, too, and there's no evidence to suggest that we have these telecommunicativepowers to talk to each other.

But the problem is that we noticeevery time it happens.

We notice every time we're thinkingof someone and they call us because it's a cool coincidence;it's kind of exciting.

We notice when we havethat moment of déjà vu.

We don't notice all the times that we're thinking of someoneand they don't call us.

Or we don't really think aboutall the dreams we've had that don't come true.

It's just like that other common belief that full moons are somehowassociated with crazy behavior or increases in emergency room visits.

This has also been somethingthat people have scientifically studied, and despite common belief, there's no significant correlation between full moonsand emergency room visits.

So now you might be wondering, “Why does it matter? Who cares?” “Yeah, learning styles don't exist, ” –I hope you're buying that by now — “I see why it's stillso common, but who cares? Why not believe in learning styles?” I would argue there's at leasttwo important reasons why we need to stop believing this and stop spreading this ideathat people have learning styles.

The first one is that we're wastingvaluable time and resources — valuable educational resources.

Teachers already have a momentous taskof accommodating students from all different backgrounds, of different ability levels, different disabilities in their classroom, different interests and motivations.

That's not easy.

The fact that learningstyles don't matter, to some extent, should be a relief, because it's one less thingteachers have to worry about.

But at the very least, we can't affordto be wasting our time and resources trying to promote learning styles, when there's no evidencethat it actually helps learning — especially when there areresearch-supported strategies, things that we know we can do, that actually do impact learning.

So that's the first reason.

The second reason is this whole ideathat labeling yourself as a learner or labeling a student as a learner, can not only be misleading, but it can be dangerous.

If I as a teacher think that you havea particular learning style or that you only learn in one way, that might prevent mefrom trying other strategies that could otherwise help youlearn the information better.

Likewise, if you, as the student, believe you havea particular learning style, that could cause youto shut down or lose interest when a teacher isn't teaching in a way that's consistentwith your preferred style.

And that might actuallyperpetuate your failure — but it's not becauseyou couldn't learn that way, it's because you gave upand you stopped trying.

This whole idea that learning stylesdon't exist, in many ways, should be further good news, because it means all of us are capableof learning in a variety of ways — we are not as limitedas we sometimes think we are.

So in conclusion, when I teachabout this topic in my classes, and even when I talk to otherprofessionals and colleagues, the first reaction I getis usually a little a bit of surprise that something so commonand so ubiquitous isn't actually true.

But that's oftentimes followedby a little bit of defensiveness.

And I'm sure some of youout there right now are thinking, “OK, I hear what she's saying.

I don't really care, though.

I know how I learn; I knowthat I still have a learning style.

” People don't like to be wrong, and belief change is really hard, especially when it's a beliefyou've held for a really long time, or one that's essential to your identity.

But again, it's really importantthat we're willing to let our guard down sometimesand challenge our beliefs, and truly consider otherperspectives or different ideas.

How often do we get defensivewhen we hear information or hear ideas that we don't like to hear, or that go against our beliefs? How often do we surround ourselvesintentionally with like-minded people, just so we don't have to facedifferent perspectives? And in a day and age when information is more readily accessiblethan ever before, how often do our Google searchestake us to “show me I'm right.

com, ” rather than unbiased evidence? Thank you.


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5 EASY Ways to INCREASE Your Style! *quick tips*

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel I fully realize that my hair looks not good right now that is on purpose I have a reason just looking at my hair here it's taking me back to my childhood when I used to pretend did you guys ever do

this used to pretend that your hair was like a little snow bonnet like I would take it and I would put it in like that and then I'd be like no just me anyway in today's video we're gonna be talking about 5 ways 5 instant ways to increase

your style I have some really good tricks that I want to talk about today things that you can remember in the morning when you are getting ready and I really think they will transform your style I often use these tricks in fact know a lot of times I

forget these tricks and then I realized later on that I I was bad so let's get started with the very first trick so I'm actually not fixing my hair until point number two so it's just gonna have to stay back there until I'm ready point number one know

is really figuring out who you admire style wise like as soon as you think wow that person has a lot of style I love her outfit or his outfit stop just stop and think about what do you like about that person are they really casual are they kind

of edgy do they have a lot of makeup on are they really minimal do they have neutrals are they really colorful like there's so many different things that you could kind of admire about this person but what you want to do is really stop and think about it

once you kind of have different identifying things you can start applying that specifically into your outfits you can pull those elements that you love and start wearing that and I feel like a lot of times when we admire someone's overall outfit we kind of I don't know we

don't see the big picture and we don't really you know we're not able to pull it into our own style so I've mentioned this before on my channel but lately I've just been obsessed with Daniel Bernstein from we wore what obvious okay she wears a lot of blazers

so I identified that thing right there so I have a lot of Blazers she kind of inspires me in that way but then even what I'm wearing right now I'll insert a photo I saw her where it had like really broad shoulders I think I even included this

photo in a past video love the mint green color so I screenshot that and when I found this sweater it's definitely different but it really emulates her style and the way she wore it and so I purchased the sweater and now I love when I wear it alright

so now we're going to address my hair point number two is to do your hair I know it's a very novel idea a lot of people this is what I see they have amazing outfits but then they don't do much with their hair and it just kind of

drags everything down and it's just not what you want to do so this is just completely air dried hair and as much as I would love to just wear it like this and feel like a million bucks it's really best to either straighten it curl it do some

type of style so that it does look styled and polished so my latest suggestion is to really just if you're if you're feeling a bit lazy you can just tuck it behind your ears like that and then make it really really tight with the ponytail and I'm revealing

too much with this shirt just like that but then you don't stop there I really like it when you just twist it like that and then you go around and a big circle in the back like that then you take another hair tie and wrap it around and

just like that I'm more I'm more polished and chic did it work no I didn't attempt number two [Music] that is better there we go oh yes I feel better now and just like that you know you didn't spend too much time on your hair at all everything

is more pulled together more polished more styled and it works number three shoes are critical I really think shoes are one of the very first things people notice when they see you or when they meet you besides maybe messy hair when you just feel like your outfit is

missing something when it just kind of feels like it's a very average like it's just missing something I really recommend having a few pairs of snazzy shoes as I like to call them in your collection so these are some gray but so different pairs they would look great

with this outfit but as you can see this has some studs metal studs that really catch your eye this isn't as shiny but it's just kind of contrasting with the snake pattern here and it just really elevates the whole outfit no matter how you dress your shoes really

sum it all up number four when you are stuck in a style rut or you feel like you're stuck in a style rut try to wear something that scares you go outside of your comfort zone the key here is you want to try and wear something that just

gives you a little bit of an uneasy feeling and just try it out see what happens perfect example of this is the kimono here that I recently purchased it's from Free People look at it there's tassels I wouldn't normally wear this but I decided to go for it

because it was styled at the store on a mannequin and I was like oh I don't know if I can pull that off I'm just gonna try it so I purchased it I've already worn it so many times and every time I wear it I get so many

compliments on it and I wouldn't have realized that I could pull something off like this and people would you know compliment me if I wouldn't have just taken that little tiny leap of uneasiness and tried it out so let me just change into this and you can see

the full outfit we're gonna do some magic now whoo okay so here we are and look at me I am wearing this now and I really like it okay so I can link this down below I think it comes in several colors it's one of their best-selling pieces

and now I understand why but yes again just go outside of your comfort zone see what happens number five when you want to immediately it look more stylish but you don't know what to do you don't know what to wear you're just not feeling your outfit that day

just remember three colors this is so simple but it works every time you can wear black white and camel in any order in any piece and they always look amazing together and I mean what I love about those three colors together it kind of covers various style it

does look kind of minimalistic it looks you know neutral but it also kind of has an edgy vibe to it street style vibe it just always works and and it really takes the guesswork out of picking an outfit just go for something in those three colors and it

will always work in any order so thank you so much for watching this video I'll have everything that I talked about linked below and also insert some playlists here of my other favorite style how-to videos that you guys have said you really enjoyed maybe you're new and you

can check those out so thank you again and I will see you it very soon in my next one bye

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“Why Are You Dressed Like That?” Embracing Bygone Styles with Rachel Maksy and Morgan Donner

– We just naturally assume, that because we are now in the present, we havetechnologically advanced such that our clothes are better, our technology is better, our methods are better and more superior, and our clothing is morecomfortable, and more practical.

That is not necessarily true.

Hello, I am presently in Boston today, we have actually been senthere by today's sponsor, who you shall hear more about anon.

We being myself, MorganDonner, and Rachel Maksy.

I thought we would takethis marvelous opportunity, whilst we have three veryeccentrically dressed humans in our midst, to go ahead andexplore the topic of dress.

(aesthetically dressedpeople walking with Purpose) I think people often think that they have to categorize themselves within one very specific pre-set style.

Be it goth, E-girl, Lolita, athleisure, whereas I don't think it has to be quite that specifically defined.

Everyone's style is individualand it can be defined in whatever terms you like.

I think my personal style inparticular would be described as, academic, Victorian, witch.

Were you to have asked mefive, seven, 10 years ago, what my ideal style were to be, I probably would not have beenable to give you those terms, because I don't think often, one's particular personalstyle is quite so definable, until one endeavors toexplore style, and experiment with different silhouettes, and different fabrics, and different garments.

This has been said, time and again, a personal style doesnot develop overnight, it does not develop overthe course of one year, unless of course, you have avery defined objective with it, and a lot of money.

In the beginning, I did not, obviously start out dressing like an Edwardian, I stilldon't really completely dress like an Edwardian.

And whereas my style hasspecifically gravitated more, and more, and more towards the end of the specifically historical spectrum, not everyone aspires to get there.

There is sort of a degreeon the scale of eccentricity that one can land.

(we now transition to aQueen herself, Morgan Donner) – It's more of a percentage.

Like if I am going to work, then I would say it's more like, 50%.

I incorporate lots of elementsthat I enjoy in a sort of historybounding kind of context or way.

I will wear jewelry thatis either historical or historically inspired.

I'll wear, again, thelayering that I like.

I will often do my hairup, but I won't as much, as I might if I were purely gonna go out to hang out with friends.

My style's often been describedas like a 16th century, pinup-esque thing.

I love Italian 16th century clothing, especially of the lower, like working classes.

It's such a beautiful level of decoration, but also simplicity forthe sake of practicality.

And so obviously I'm not wandering about in 16th century dresses per se, but I do love the layeringaesthetic that they go for, I love the bright blues, and reds, and whites, so I incorporate that a lot into my dress.

My amount of history integration varies from you know, 50, 60, 70, 80%.

As the day requires.

(Enter another Queenand Icon, Rachel Maksy) – So for my personal style, I usually take inspiration from pretty much anything that I see, so it could be old photographs, it could be a movie, like “Lord of the Rings”, and Hobbits, pretty much anything I watch, and then instantly Iwant to recreate outfits.

I pretty much like to make outfits that tell a different story.

This one's kind of, like, a jock.

So, you know, I just havealways been fascinated with how style can kind oftell your own narrative, and express yourself.

– When you find your truestyle, when you find the style that you really feel good in, and you feel that expresses yourself really accurately, you have a different sortof confidence about you, you exude this sort of power.

And so I think that people arenot quick to mess with you, when you sort of walk down the street like you are a Victorian on a Mission.

Or whatever it is that your style is.

– There's definitely adifferent feel when you go out dressed vintage thanwhen you kind of blend in with the crowd, 'causethat's exactly what it is.

Mostly when you dress “modern”, people don't bat an eye and you just kind of can blend in, and sometimes you want that.

You also learn to just kind ofnot care what anyone thinks, and just do it for yourself and the enjoyment of it, for yourself.

But you definitely have toget used to people staring and wondering what's going on and why you're dressed that way.

Whereas when you're wearingmodern, people just kind of are just like (shrug).

But I have gotten intosome good conversations because you're dressedthe way that you are, whether it's just froma passerby in the store, or some of my favorite conversations are with older people who can relate to this style a little bit more.

Teenage girls seem tolike it for some reason, which is very surprisingbecause they are scary, (laughs in Fear) and so when they'rethe ones that are like, oh my God I love your outfit, I'm like, (astounded gasp), I feel like I've been like, (awkward gasping), thank you, please don't, please don't make fun of me.

You're part of their clanwhen they accept you, you're like (silently dying).

It's a good conversationstarter, and I guess that's another reason whysometimes I don't dress vintage when I just I guess, purely don't feel like talking to anyone, or getting looks.

It does boost your confidence too, especially when you love theoutfit that you're wearing, you want other people to love the outfit that you're wearing.

– There's a lot of fearand lack of confidence in people who are just starting to get into historical dress, because of the uncertainty of how the public are going to react.

I mean you just sort of get used to it.

I don't even hear peopleon the street anymore.

People perceive, I mean, honestly quite wrongly, people perceive the past, the Victorian period, with a sort of Elegance, a Bygone Elegance, and Propriety, and Status(tm).

When, I mean obviously we knowas historians, in reality, that is not true.

But nevertheless, that kind of does work to your advantage nowadaysbecause people do treat you with a likewise sort of reflected sense of propriety, and elegance.

Which I think is a sortof interesting commentary on the weight that weput on visual judgment, on people within society.

It's kind of interesting because we do equate certainappearances with wealth, and therefore with higher status.

And in a weird way, it'salmost as if you can sort of cheat that system bytaking on a style of dress that people associate withrespected positions in society, and especially if you know how to sew, you can make these silhouettes, and you can make theseappearances yourself.

You don't necessarily have tobe that sort of class status, in order to achieve that, that level of respect.

(smiling cheekily) – One of the things that I really love about historical dress, both for full on eventswhere you're literally like copying a painting and going 100%, it's so lovely to have thatstepped out of a painting feel.

I love that withhistorybounding you get like, a little piece of that for your everyday, which is fantastic.

There are, I'm sure, lots ofreasons why you might feel like you could or couldn't do it.

Just take the elements that work well with your own wardrobe, when it comes to incorporatinghistorical elements.

I'm a big fan of the jewelry, so I have tons ofreproduction jewelry pieces, because they make me happy, and even if nobody elserecognizes what they're from, I know exactly like, what dig that reproduction was based off of.

Another one of my favorite things to incorporate is the hairstyles 'cause that is something thatyou could wear like, jeans and a T-shirt with, if you really wanted to.

You're not gonna get asmuch of a, “I feel weird, or I feel like I look weird.

” That could be a really niceway to enjoy, you know, trying out that hair techniquethat you read in a manuscript and like in pieces, and thenlike modifying it to work well with a style you feel comfortable going to the grocery store in too, right? (dramatically staresinto the middle distance) – I dress up, vintage Iguess would be the term, probably 80% of the time.

There is a lot of timeswhere I will just throw on a sweatshirt andwhatever skirt I have lying around just to run tothe store or something.

I think sometimes it's nice to sit down and actually get dressedand put on the full makeup and plan out your outfit, butyeah I would say probably 80, 85% of the time I like tokind of craft my outfit, rather than just throwon whatever is lying on my bedroom floor.

– Having made historical dress, having owned historical dress, having worn historical dress, I've found that thereare actually a number of practicalities that you just cannot get from modern clothing nowadays.

Long skirts you would think, are highly impractical.

Yes, it does make going up stairs a little bit more challenging, you do learn to walk alittle bit differently, however I have foundthat lining your skirts in stiff material, intarlatan for example, hold your skirt out, andsort of stiffen it in a way that it sort of stays out ofyour way, and you don't step on it necessarily so much, when you go up stairs.

There are perceived impracticalitiesof historical dress, and these perceived impracticalities were actually often solved bypeople in the period who had to do similar activities, to the activities that we have to do today.

The benefit of long skirts is that you can wear ninepetticoats underneath, and you are the warmest personwalking down that blustery, wintry, snowy, windy, New YorkCity wind tunnel of a street.

The layering is practicalfor colder weather, and that natural fibers used in historical dress wereextremely practical, and still are extremelypractical for the summer months.

We don't realize oftennowadays that polyester, synthetic fibers, are plastic, and plastic doesn't breathe.

When you put on a polyestershirt in the summer, you are going to sweat to death.

If you put on a cotton or a linen shirt, these are natural fibers, they're plant materials, whose natural engineeringit is to absorb moisture.

They absorb moisture in their plant form, and they absorb moisture from the skin when you are wearing them, sothey keep you nice and cool, they're light, they'rewashable, highly practical.

And this is something thatwe've just forgotten today because synthetic fibers arecheap, and they are accessible, and they are easily mass producible, and that's what we care about.

We often forget nowadays, that modern society runs on profit, it runs on capitalism, it runs on efficiency, it doesn't necessarilyrun on practicality.

I don't walk into a high streetshop and think, I want that, I need that, I don't know, I think when you have devotedyour life to studying, or exploring, or having aninterest in historical dress, and looking into how theseclothes were produced, and the methods thatthey were produced with, and how they were worn, how they were loved, and treated, and cared for.

You sort of have no desire togo into a high street shop.

You sort of look at theseclothes and you're like, eh, could do better, and especiallywhen you learn how to sew, or when you learn how toalter, or mend, you think, oh, but I could do this with it.

I could alter it like this, and make it like this, it gets to the point where you're like, I could just make it myself.

I could make it to fit me, I could make it out of a lotmore comfortable materials, I could actually cut the armseyescorrectly because modern, high street shops, nevercut the armseyes correctly.

And of course, I neveropt to wear modern clothes over historical clothing because I just don'thave it in my wardrobe.

I stopped buying it many, many years ago, and all I've really been doing nowadays, is making new clothing, in the historical way that I want it to be.

So I've just sort of, over the years again, accumulated a wardrobe of historical, and historically inspiredarticles of clothing.

– I've had a few weird encounters, a lot of it is very similar, a lot of it is people askingspecific questions like, if you're in costume.

I was in college onetime in our cafeteria, just walking by one of thetables, someone seriously, and not even trying to be meanor anything, they were like, “Are you, are you in a play?” You get that a lot, just because I think, people don't process thefact that some people want to dress, different time periods, or different eras of style, so I think that theway they process it is, oh they must be dressing up for a reason, there must be a productionof some sort going on.

I also have gotten, some drunk guy was like, “it's too early for Halloween”, you get a lot of that, you get a lot of peoplewho don't understand what you're going for.

So yeah, you definitely, you get your fair share of meaningful conversationsthat come out of how you dress, and also real weird conversations too.

– I feel like I've been very fortunate, and maybe it's because of how I integrate historical fashion.

I've had very, very, littlein the way of co-workers, you know, giving me side-eye, because I'm dressed funny.

Like, I literally go towork five days a week, so, it's not like I'm only doingthis, you know, when I jaunt down to the library andtherefore I don't have to care what people think.

Like I work with peopleevery day, and I do, my, like, 50% historybounding, pretty much all the time.

But I recognize thatperhaps I am consciously, or subconsciously, choosinga level of integration that makes me comfortable, that I can feel like I can get away with.

I'm sure that if youasked people in my office what I'm up to, they'd be like, oh yeah, she's the girl that wearsdresses all the time.

But, that's about asmuch reaction, I think, that you would get out of them.

So I definitely thinkit's possible to mix in what makes you happy, while still keeping that comfortable balance.

I definitely feel very comfortable in my level of bound-y-ness.

I very rarely will wearsomething out that makes me go, is this too much, like I'veeither decided I'm comfortable with it, or I go, no, I would rather not wear that to the office.

– Especially if you struggle with anxiety, with social anxiety, if youare a very heavy introvert, I find that having a set ofwell known, and familiar, and comfortable clothes, really, really, really helps.

I find that when I have a new article of clothing it does takeme a couple of wears, of feeling very self-conscious, “I'm wearing this new article of clothing, this feels very strange”, before I start to, before it sort of becomes part of me.

And it becomes sort of like a second skin, and I think that is part of the process of acclimatizing yourself to the notion of wearing eccentric, orunusual, or historical clothing.

It's just wearing them often enough that they become part of you.

You know how they move, youknow your body language, how you have to behave in anarticle of clothing like that.

For example, long skirts, you know how much floorcircumference you take up, so that you can go about yourday in a perfectly practical, and functional capacity.

– I do think it's definitely worth it, because I just feel like, life is short, and we are put here to express ourselves and if that is how youwanna dress yourself, then that's just another wayto do it, and I think, yeah, it brings me a lot of joy, and I think people who have unique styles, or just styles that make them happy, it is something to look forward to.

If it makes you happy, then it makes you happy.

– It is completely worth theeffort in sourcing clothing, in making clothing, in doingthe research to explore what your style would be.

Whether it is historical, or whether it is somethingmore fantastical, I think it is completely worth it.

You brighten people's days, you sort of enlighten them to the fact that things are possible, you don't necessarily haveto conform to very rigid, specific set beliefs and rules of society.

You can express yourself, you are allowed this freedom in your life.

Occasionally, you will get a strange or perhaps disapproving look, in regards to your style, and you just kind of feelbad for them honestly, because this is a personwho has been so beaten down by society, and so forced to conform to a very specific presetsystem of beliefs, and system of rules, that they justhave no creative freedom, no personal expression.

And it's kind of sad, andit really does remind me why this is important.

In dress, as well as in anyother area of existence, to be quite honest, learninghow to think differently, learning how to think foryourself, learning how to look at things in a different way, I mean this is how humanity grows, this is how societybenefits from new ideas, from new innovations.

I mean, I know I'm takingthis in a completely sort of lofty, philosophical, overallgeneral view of the world, but I think as a concept it is important.

It is important that welearn to think for ourselves, and not to sort of conformfor the sake of conforming, and to express ourselves inways that make us feel happy, and make us feel likeour best, most complete, most fulfilled selves, because that's, ultimately how we can better help others, and how we can better serve society.

So the reason why the threeof us have ended up here in ye old merry Boston, is because this videois actually sponsored by June's Journey.

June's Journey have justreleased a brand new, big, shiny new update whichinvolves collaboration and people playing together.

First of all they haveintroduced two new games.

So in order to play these new games, you have to first forma club of some friends.

These can be online, fellowJune's Journey member friends, or IRL friends.

We all have phones because thisis the 21st century sort of.

So we have been granted anew icon with this update, and that is this detective lounge.

Okay what do we want our club name to be? – [Rachel} Historically Adequate.

– [Bernadette] Wellyeah, 'cause it can't be historically accurate becausethere's no such thing.

How do you spell adequate? – I shall Google this thing.

After some minor technical difficulties.

So now we have a club, andyou all folks can join.

– [Rachel] Oh I have to apply.

– [Bernadette] Approve.

– [Rachel] Oh thanks, much celebration.

– So now in theory we can start competing against other clubs.

In order to play these gameswe need a lot of energy points.

And in order to get more energy points, they have set up this game so that you can buy each other coffees, and basically gift each other energy.

So in theory we are now ready to play.

If you would like to seea little sneak previews of how the games work, and see, if and when we do crush the June's Journey Development Team, that shall be on both of their channels, regardless of whether youwant to see the games, but these two are veryawesome fellow adventurers.

And of course thank you to June's Journey, for sending us on this wonderfuladventure to begin with.

Let's get back to some adventures.

– [Rachel] All right.

(pick up phones In Unison) Let's get back to some adventures.

(giggling) – [Morgan] Shenanigans, Miss Bernadette? – Definitely (mumblesromantically to the lampshade).

– I don't know how to sit.

(strange mouth noises) – Oh, this is why I don't do interviews.

(straight up grooving in the chair) You know, I think thisis a rugby ball, yeah, is it? I don't know.

Is it a basketball? I don't know, but itlooks like I play sports.

Oh it's hot in here.

– This is very hot.

– Trying to think how to end that thought.

What was the question? I don't remember.

– It'll all be fine.

– It'll all be fine.


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Ísis Valverde’s Guide to Sun-Kissed Makeup, Brazilian Style | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

hi I'm Easy's so I'm here today to teach you how to do everyday makeup I'm gonna wash my face with this voila so first step I like to use moisturizing but here in the video it's not good because the weather is too humid so your skin is getting

you know I laid all the time during the night and during the day so I'm gonna use started this tonic I got with my my baby my pregnancy dark marks here but it's going away Thank You gosh the third step I'm gonna use a primer I like to

use this part here cuz you can pick just a little drop in the next also I don't like like when you do your makeup in it and you can see the difference of the colors you know so it's dangerous pay attention on this you're where this foundation is

24 hours because sometimes I leave my home and I don't come back like I will come back during the night just I drop I don't like to hide my freckles I like my friend close you should pay attention you're near the hair because sometimes you forgot this area

and you can see you know the difference of the color now this skin is ready and then I'm gonna do the concealer so I like to do a V this one is so light can you see if the color this one's just to change the color of your

dark circles now the eye shadows darker you're gonna use here and the light one you're gonna use here so let's go start with this one the darker ball I like to use my fingers because I know feel more comfortable and more confident so kind touches all the time

that's what I learned makeup secrets and well can you see that I get a more longer and sexy and you can use this shoe so I'm an actress but in the best I was a model and there I learned everything about makeups and lipsticks and mascaras and everything

was so crazy for me I was born in a little city a small city miniaturise Brazil and over there we don't we don't even have a shopping so can you imagine like about makeups and shiny and photos and commercials no I never I never imagined that was so

far away from me you know can I see it's getting beautiful now we're gonna touch the fairy touch I call this it's like if you're the shine and make your eyes getting more sexy and younger so this is the magic for me this is just a little touch

I like to use this this finger because small tiny here can you see look the difference look this one this one let's go to again just a little bit inside your eyes on the edge here and do the mix with the other finger and then you're gonna come

back with the concealer the second one should repair [Music] [Music] next step we are gonna do the blush I like too much blush because I like these lines here in here I don't like contours I don't like this I prefer more a natural eye start here and then

don't ask me why because so one told me like these and I prefer and worked so I do this I started here and go look can you see the difference I love Julia Roberts I think she's my icon for me I think she's so authentic and she's a

great artist and she's beautiful and I love her makeups the last touch of my my blush is here don't life on the top of my nose because you're gonna give some idea of you were on the beach so you just got a lot of Sun on your ski

it's like a touch of my leg right next step is the mascara I prefer the the eyelashes separate because mine is to clump I don't like because it's I think it's too heavy and for me he's ugly as my too much look separate and long I like this

and you can do the touch here at the ends now the I bronze prefer more natural so I just brush them okay with this tiny I like this style and then we are gonna give a cherry color here to give more plump on your lips it's my favorite

lipstick I like to pass the control because make your mouth biggest any be real so when you go out in Rio you don't have like people on the street you know with a lot of makeup and eyeliners you know stick eyeliners you don't find it I think it's

just because it's our style more fresh more natural more or wild maybe and if you want more shine here you can use another thing this one it's a little bit I like to go and you go here and you go yeah I ready to go out during the

day or during the night so let's go okay ciao brigade invasion army Chelsea

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Gadiel Styles Maya

Wow no no wrong quarantine this is Mike hello everybody so we are currently on a mandatory safer at home we're social distancing so that we can flatten this curve but I mentioned quarantine a lot in this video and I think I meant to say a social distancing because

quarantine is actually meant for those who were exposed to the virus and have to be quarantined so I just want to like clear that up before we start with the rest of the video and that's also why a lot of this footage is me facetiming my co-workers because

we cannot see each other so I hope you enjoy the video and please stay safe and wash your hands don't touch your face and please stay home hello everyone so this week guess who's styling me yo number oh no I'm a transform Maya to a completely new person

how would you describe my style now yeah yeah I don't know how to describe it it's a try you got more star than me why am i finding you I just want to see how you address me okay and I'm gonna judge according to that last video style

your white t-shirt I love what my you've got okay oh you know big picture I know you have to create three outfits I just want to see what you all right and it is it I won't for any event or like whatever calls I know what I want

to do I'm gonna get you like some nice baggy ass pants Pilate some camel you know I think that'd be nice Oh seems like something like seem perfect there's one outfit okay done bound about these yeah I want I want I want something bad good night I don't

know about Seattle thing I want you to rock Seattle lay there what you do think you to make sure he doesn't dress me some [Music] dinah but a second one like this is those were Hillary Clinton shops this is something that she would wear Iowa where huge like

but so you can place another this is your name mine's I don't wear my but about a jean skirt [Music] [Laughter] [Music] do you took it I think you know you need a fanny pack anything no thank you I wish the crops on was a little shorter I

want more of a bag year via today a cargo pants type of thing do ideas own can you gay or neutral bit gay is not so bad today yeah oh you need a little motorcycle I would like for you to have a little I'm gonna show you first

the outfit it's still kind of it's brown it's green I like you a lot because I like those colors but it doesn't feel like you I'm almost like worse where's my mmm what do you think yes so he just styled you it exactly with jasmine and Lindsay style

Hamid right that's true but you do look like you are in Destiny's Child like I'm a survivor amazing video no no it looks good that's exactly what they put him in you just copy and paste it right Wilson I do like it but it's not like a bad

outfit yeah I think he did good it's looking it's a mono curl what do they call it mono cross they wear the same color monochromatic monochromatic he had a vision I think I like that the most is that he was like no this would this he put the

fanny pack together just something that Josh and Lindsay taught him oh you stealing do you think it looks really good though and I think he knew that it would look good on you too yeah I love the fanny pack at all the whole look looks great [Music] hey

everyone it's quarantine still yeah so we have the second outfit got al said that he wanted my hair up in a ponytail to do with my hair is probably have like a little piece out here and then have my hair up and like a loose ponytail but I

want like these to come out I cut my own hair because one time I spent $400 on a haircut and after that I was like no never again saving my money on video games because I'm a gamer girl [Music] I couldn't find a bandanna or anything for my

hair so just gonna leave it like that but I did add these gold details like we talked about some hoops I really love this outfit I think it's super cute I think it's and we were at the store I saw this and I was like oh cool he

was like I like that try it on that's cool get it alright I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised because yesterday's outfit was hmmm everybody roasted him so I think this one is going to be very oh no I think they're I think they're gonna be

impressed so um let's show them [Music] I like the color already that's huge pretty I like it it's really cute I don't know if I can't tell what color it is because of the camera is it like a pink white like a light purple it's like a light

purple kind of cheesy my platforms Prezi no I don't have one I'm at home it's quarantine I'm not gonna wear shoes inside well it really accentuates your shape it does I will say it is very close to the other pathology like in them I think I was good

I'm just curious to see if he's gonna take more risks fashion-wise such a good job you know I said that I looked like a UPS employee oh my god we were shopping with Teddy ah like what did you think he was gonna pick out person the way he

picked out I think that guy was gonna pick out like everything like sporty but I mean he surprised me like the other like the olive gray with the fanny pack that was good I think that he had like a very similar outfit that jazz and Lyndsey picked for

him so I think that he got that same vibe and like added well that's what Claudia said yesterday why are you laughing I can't win with you everything you have a smart comment to say great and whatever you wish you look fantastic I'm just saying Gallo is just

terrible with the fix oh okay okay okay okay it's cute it's cute right it's cute and we've all come to the to the realization that you're here Eli the last outfit of our style video with Gotti l / Quarantine / corona so we have this sweater that got

yellow had me turn into a crop top I could I messed up there but I think this up is very cute I do feel like it's a little New York I like how these cargo pants kind of like cinch me and they're a little tight it so look

I don't I don't know if it's my favorite but I actually kind of like this combo of like the sweater and the crop top and you know so we'll see what uh some of our better like friends think of it wrong quarantine this is mine [Music] nobody's free

to FaceTime with me so here's what we're gonna do fashion show that's my roommate I like using the dishes Oh step blur dishes outfit I like it I think the pants are a little they're tight right here I'm not sure if I can but listen got yawns an

amazing person okay I love the fact that he took time to pick up these outfits he really put a lot of care and love into it she really cares and I can't wait to settle in next my phone just moved blur the dishes that blur the blur the

dishes hi all right my friend hi are you safely social distancing yes I'm going on my daily stroll right you ready for the last outfit let's see you okay okay it's nice you wouldn't think that look is like very badass nice the pants are a little like different

for me like I don't hate them but I'm not like there's some good pants hi I'm glass all fit what are you eating a burrito I think it's kind of like rungy badassery look I like it I like the the fit and like the combination like I see

what like how where you were going with it so how did you feel styling me like low chemistry we know each other for years yeah I love it thanks for styling me this was fun okay thanks Betty up what are you wearing oh my god he is so

much style of those hello hello kitty [Music] but I like

Chuyên mục

TOP 10 STYLE RULES, die JEDE Frau kennen sollte [French Chic Guide] | ✨COCO CHANEL approved✨

Hi, today I will show YOU the TOP 10 Style Rules that shaped fashion legends like Coco Chanel.

In advance: All information is provided without warranty.

There are always exceptions.

After all, there are rules to be broken.

And so we now come to the First style rule aka: STYLE BREAKS! “Always keep them surprised.

If they think you'll wear heels, wear flats.

If they expect flats, wear heels.

” Yes, another saying – break in style! Deliberate breaks in style create tension and even surprises.

How could this look like? Choose a part time for your look that is not expected.

Combined, for example, to a serious look – consisting of a suit with parts, such as the white sneakers, which counteract the rigor with a little nonchalance.

And, conversely, break a comfortable casual outfit consisting of jeans and a shirt with a chic piece of clothing such as a blazer.

Second style rule: masculine meets feminine dressing Speaking of blazers, as is well knownwas intended for men.

The 2nd styling rule comes exactly herecorrect.

Have the following quote from the fashion legend Coco Chanel in mind: “The confident woman does not blur the difference between man and woman – she emphasizes it.

” – Coco Chanel Imagine the following: a shirt blouse from the men's department under a casual blazer, the top is unbuttoned up to the chest and a bra is not visible.

In addition 3 filigree gold chains that perfectly frame the cleavage, et voilà !? SO FRENCH! Or a trouser suit styled with your favorite heels and bright red lips.

The result is a nifty nightlife look that blurs the lines between feminine and masculine.

Third style rule: The perfect fit is crucial Even when we play with masculine elements, the perfect fit is crucial.

“A well-tailored dress suits every woman.

” Coco Chanel swore by it * again *.

And you asked me: can you achieve French style with any figure and size? My answer is: YES, 36 or 42, these are just nasty numbers.

Simply find the right cut for your body type and rely on a good cut that flatters you.

In Paris it is quite normal to go to the local tailor and tailor the pieces to your body.

For example, I love looking for the Levis 501 in Parisian vintage stores and hopefully buying it.

And if it does not fit perfectly, I quickly hop to the tailor around the corner & let it be literally tailor-made for me.

So notice: Know your merits & trust the local tailor! But the most important thing is and remains that you feel comfortable in your body.

Only then will you radiate the healthy self-confidence that is so Parisienne.

fourth style rule: French attitude “Style never overcomes your personality” – Caroline de Maigret The secret of French women? If there is a secret at all, it is the charisma and the attitude.

The Frenchies first see the WOMAN as a person, then the clothes.

Just as it should be, but unfortunately not always in the fashion industry.

So be confident wherever you go, smile often and stand by yourself.

You are good enough.

You are hotties! fifth style rule: The art of omission A prime example of women empowerment was and is Mademoiselle Coco Chanel * again *.

She wanted to emphasize personality with fashion and not to focus on frills.

If you want to dress like a true Parisian, remember that the overall look is always simple and clean.

Yes, the women in Paris like it effortlessly elegant, but never over the top.

You simply reject too much chichi.

So remember: less is more, less is effortless.

Specifically, this means: Use a maximum of one statement piece and limit yourself to a maximum of 3 colors in the outfit.

Sixth style rule: relies on a subtle play of colors As the fashion tsar Karl Lagerfeld announced, “Black – and – white always looks modern.

“, French women mainly rely on black and white.

And usually on a very, very subtle play of colors from neutral natural tones as the basis such as beige, camel, cognac, champagne, navy blue.

This color code is simply timeless, elegant, suits every woman and can really defy any trend.

In order to loosen up this monotony a little, color accents are often used.

The colors of the French “tricolor” are often used (i.


red & blue).

Of course, you can also use trend colors or colors that are just incredibly good for you.

It is important that your outfit does not scream too much and you avoid more than 3 colors.

Starts with the base and skillfully sets accents.

Seventh style rule: BASICS FORM THE BASIS Speaking of base.

One quote that every style-conscious woman should really take to heart is: “I am against fashion that is ephemeral.

I can't accept that clothes are thrown away just because it's spring.

” (by * guess who * the one and only Coco Chanel).

And you know: basics form the basis! They are the foundation of our wardrobe, they are timeless and both with each other and often with other pieces such as Trend parts can be combined.

Goes for fashion classics like the casual trench coat, the white all-round shirt blouse, the classy black blazer, the perfectly fitting jeans or the comfortable cashmere sweater.

By the way: If you want to learn more about these French fashion basics and maybe missed the first episode of the “French Chic Guide”, then definitely click on this info sign up here.

Eighth style rule: Quality over quantity Even if this designer does not represent the fashion capital Paris, there is probably no better quote for the 8th golden styling rule than: “Buy less.

Choose well.

Make it last.

Quality, not quantity.

Everybody's buying far too many clothes.

” – Vivienne Westwood Quality over quantity means that we pay attention to materials that last a very long time.

Invest (and don't throw your money out the window) in parts that you can wear and wash again and again, as they do not lose quality.

I often get e.


asked the question whether the French style is cheap? I think we think wrong here.

We only see the price on the sales tag, but we don't think about the life of the parts.

If you buy a cashmere sweater instead of a synthetic sweater, you might pay € 80 instead of € 30 at first.

But how long does this “cheap sweater” look good? 1, 2, maximum 3 years! A cashmere sweater easily survives 15 or more years.

So what is cheaper in relation to the lifespan? Yes, the cashmere sweater.

High quality key pieces simply have a lower cost-per-wear.

Ninth style rule: Be discreet Ines de la Fressange gets punk when she says: “Style is determined in how the woman is wearing the clothes, not in what label she is wearing.

” – Ines de la Fressange As you say so nicely: style is a way of showing who we are – without having to speak and it is the same with clothing.

The outfit can be luxurious, but shouldn't scream, I'm from designer xy, I cost a lot of money and that's why I'm stylish.

The design, the quality speaks for itself and not Logomania.

In a survey that I started, questions such as “Is brand really important?” or “Do I have to wear brands like Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga to do justice to Parisian chic?” The answer is very simple and clear NO.

I emphasize it again: your individual taste, quality & timelessness are important and not the price tag or the name.

Which of course does not mean that we boycott brands just because they are famous.

I would like to give you an example: I have pieces from smaller labels that produce high-quality parts, such as this blazer from Hallhuber.

On the other hand, I also have timeless parts of the big world-famous It brands like this latest bag achievement from Bottega Veneta (for which I saved by the way in an exemplary manner).

Tenth style rule: Accessories are the trump card Yes, accessories are our trump card, but definitely remember Coco Chanel's advice here: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

” Enhance your outfit with selected eye-catchers.

This can be an extraordinary piece of jewelry, statement boots, an eyecatchy bag, a colorful silk scarf, just the accessories that come to your mind or what you just feel like.

It is simply important that you show the special without overloading yourself.

Almost finished .



Soooo: Before I share something that is really close to my heart with you, did you like the video? If so, does it necessarily share and comment which of the 10 fashion rules you already follow? Now very briefly: I believe that the French Style Rules deserve that each of us think about it.

Simple things like relying on timeless products of the highest quality are not only sustainable, but also the best fashionable answer to climate change.

Yes you can say social media is a big fat lie.

We are flooded with apparent trends, but the reality is simply different.

A healthy self-confidence, a wardrobe well curated with basics, statement pieces & the individual application of style rules, to which fashion legends such as Coco Chanel swore, are all you need to be as effortlessly chic as the French.

And if you don't want to miss anything in the future, subscribe to the channel, activate the bell and the bigger our community gets, the more and better content I can produce.

That means: Subscribe.


Subscribe Enough words in the next video will finally be fun.

We go into the opposite of the style rules or the do's, namely the .



Well, at least I tried! Until then, Au Revoir & Bisous.