♫ The Beatles on the boat 'The Salvor' at Liverpool's Pier Head, 1962


♫ The Beatles on the boat 'The Salvor' at Liverpool's Pier Head, 1962

📷 The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr) on the boat “The Salvor” at Liverpool’s Pier Head, September 19, 1962
Photos by Peter Kaye publicity shot shows The Beatles on the fireboat “The Salvor” at Liverpool’s Pier Head.


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  1. 💕💕💕 Unfortunately Youtube does not allow the use of the Beatles music. The channel contains photos of the Beatles group, not music! If you do not like music – turn it off! 💕💕💕

  2. Hi Elena. Great video. The ship (The Salvor) belonged to my Great Grandfather! The mast of which is still in place on a roundabout in Liverpool. Did you take these photos from Google, or do you have better copies? I'd be very interested in getting some copies to go along with a painting I have of the boat. Thanks.

  3. love it! George, Paul, John and Ringo did great poses to their photos! Sometimes I wish I was there to see them, but then if I did I would be old now .. 😂 but being old is not bad. At least you are still young at heart. 💖

  4. Elena you are the sweetest Beatles fan ! …and Beatles fans.. if you don't like the music that Elena is obligated to play, then turn it down and pick Beatles songs on your stereo or other amp. And play the ones that represent the times of the Beatles in the pictures and Blast the sound up…now we talking!!!! Beatles!!

  5. Looks like the sailors were subjecting them to a bit of good natured scouse wit, with Ringo returning in kind. On the threshold of their amazing journey. Ringo still new to the job and looking frozen in those little stage suits. The barnet still not quite in full moptop mode yet. John still only 21 until the following month. Be great to go back and witness it all unfolding again.

  6. Who would have imagined at that time that, decades later, the boys would be immortalized with those wonderful statues that were erected near where they were photographed. I thank you very much Elena for these historic photos.👏👏👏

  7. dear elena you did it AGAIN!!!! Really enjoyed these fantastic shots of the Fab4 and what GREAT music is going on in the background of these wonderful pics! Not a bad shot in the lot! Can't help but thinking how incredibly handsome our four lads from Liverpool are! Thanks for once again bringing these treasures to us and take care dear elena! 🙋💕


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