Shop mnml and get 10% off with code POULOS10 – Style matters in skateboarding, so this video is about how to improve your skateboarding style with 9 of my best tips, advice, and general wisdom on how to develop a great skate style. I also mini review a great clothing line mnml la that can up your style game – thank you mnml for supporting this video! ❤️ Please excuse me for saying 10 instead of 9 in the title, but only multiples of 5 perform well in the algorithm

I usually provide time stamps, but this video is like a well-mixed salad (great tips and skating throughout), so I encourage you to watch the whole video! 🙂 What other skate style tips do you have?

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Hi! I’m George Poulos (yes, I am from Greek descent!). I’m currently a 21 year old senior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT studying computer science, but after school I plan to run my YouTube channel & clothing brand Arrow Skate Co full-time. I’m madly in love with skateboarding & the lifestyle surrounding it; I have been skateboarding since 2005, so it’s been about 14 years. I grew up in Maplewood, NJ, I currently live in Brooklyn, NY, and I study in Middletown, CT.

Wow, thank you for reading my entire description ❤️ Leave a comment on this video or DM me on the socials if you have any questions!

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  1. How do you guys deal with not feeling you progress?I have had my board since almost 3 years. Until this spring skating was my 2nd hobby. I often skated 2 times in a week and that for 2-3 weeks. And then i would not skate for a month or a little less. So now i started to skate more often, but i feel like i‘m shit. I can kickflip almost every try (not nice kickflips tho), i can 180 frontside and backside sometimes (bc i did never practice the trick), i can shovit, fakie kickflip sometimes, i landed a couple heel and varials. However i suck at ollies ahhahaga. Also i have not alot of confidence when i ollie down smth, sometimes i twist my shoulder in the frontside direction. I have a friends that can ollie way better than me.Can you help me or give me advice?

  2. i’ve been grinding 4-6 days a week for 7 weeks now and i have filmed myself doing a few different things. at first when i had very little knowledge of anything in the world of skating i noticed i didn’t look like what i see on reddit or youtube and didn’t know why until i began to learn more about the world and culture surrounding it all. i started working on relaxing my body and making my tricks look as effortless as when i’m cruising. this week i took on my first 5050 ledge grind, after i felt like my general mechanics and muscle memory got to a sustainable level I turned my focus toward relaxing and not micromanaging every detail and just letting my board take over. after over 50-60 tries of tensing and overthinking I shut my brain down and let myself feel it instead of think it. the moment i got into that mindset it simplified the trick and i went from maybe locking the grind in every 8-10 tries to 7 straight solid attempts with a good lock in and decent grind distance. i landed the last one and it felt smooth like butter and when i watched it back, i was amazed at how smooth the trick was compared to earlier things i had filmed when i first started, i looked like i knew what i was doing and it felt incredible, i’m about to hit a sesh now and do it again.

  3. How ridicokus! Style can not be learned. Think about it how fake and plastic! This is like telling people how to walk or how to be tuemselves! Style is being authentic to yourself..wven if naked riding slow and eith a horrible board…even then you can be stylish…..style is what makes your riding unique .. even every

  4. george: skate as much as you can!me: lives surrounded by woods in a town that isnt considered civilization where theres no concrete to skate on so you cant even skate outside and have to skate in your basement in the 4×2 little area that isnt taken by other things feels bad 🙁


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