10 style tips to look classy, elegant and timeless on a budget. Click here to get 20% off your custom formula from Function of Beauty. How to style outfits and look more stylish everyday with my 10 simple style tips.


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Hi everyone, a few style tips for you today to hopefully take your mind off everything and give you a little inspiration:) It’d be lovely to hear which tip you think you’ll find the most useful and easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe? As always, it’s lovely to hear from you all, even more so while we’re all in a strange situation.

Also in today’s video look out for the competition winners to my ‘Thrift with me’ giveaway. Please contact me privately at fashionandstyleedit@gmail.com to let me know where you’d like me to send your prize:)

Sending you all big hugs and I hope you and yours are all staying healthy and safe. Let’s keep each others spirits up and be there for each other. I’m always up for a chit chat if anyone needs me:) Love Jess x

Mix smart & Casual
My outfits-
White shirt:
Timeless Blazer:
Skinny Jeans:
Elegant Loafers:

Black flares alternative:
Graphic tees at H&M:
High boots:

Outfit ideas for the perfect Smart Casual mix.
I love this laidback denim midi skirt by Stella McCartney
I’d wear it with this timeless embroidered cotton blouse:

Straight suit trousers that always look classy in my humble opinion:
With the perfect Breton top:

H&M Premium quality leather pencil skirt:
I would pair it with this very simple camel t-shirt:

I think Mango have the perfect balance with this pleated midi skirt and elegant simple top:

Match your Handbags & Shoes
Organic white t-shirt:
Alternative elegant drape cardigan in blush:
My grey handbag:

My gold bohemian sack bag:
Metallic gold heels

Alternative camel shirt:
Tan Heels:
Camel handbag:

My skincare products
My cleanser & toner:
I also love this one by Cowshed.
Eye Cream
My anti aging nightime moisturiser
My daytime skincare moisturiser

All by Function Of Beauty. Don’t forget to use the 20% discount code above:)

My favourite Outerwear
This classy structured Trench coat (currently on sale)
I like this one too and it currently has 40% off which helps!
And a beautiful chic option at Massimo Dutti
And this one is definitely on my wish list:))

Camel coats I love- A lot are currently on sale too
Classic, elegant lines:
Darker camel but still very chic:
A little luxury
Floor sweeping elegance

My cocoon coat

The best button down, classic white shirts
Clean and classic
Arket have a beautiful option
Great puff sleeve option

Tuck in your tops
My pink sweater

A little about Fashion and Style Edit
I love effortless, timeless style and share how I create that along the way. Classy, elegant and chic with an up to date twist. And yes I’m one of only a few fashion bloggers on youtube who’s offering fashion over 40, but I’m hopefully proving that looking chic doesn’t care what number your birthday card reads, it’s how you style it that counts x

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  1. Hi Jess I enjoy viewing your blog, you have an innate sense of style. I totally agree with your tips and will use them. As I live in Perth Western Australia there are only three months of the year when you need to wear a coat and I am going to invest in a good quality trench

  2. I love this video, inspiring me in my 40's to dress better but I have a tummy, can I still tuck in tops into jeans. Worried my pooch will show! Or should I just put the top over the jeans waistband?

  3. Great tips, I always love a matching bag, belt and shoes (at least in the same hue, an exact match is not necessary); it is quiet, always a hallmark of good taste, gives the eye a place to rest, and, as you say, adds a lot of cohesion to an outfit. I loved the show “What Not to Wear”, except for their constant nagging NOT to match these items, but what’s attractive about a lime green bag, burgundy and gold shoes, with a navy and silver belt? Especially with jewelry added, the eye can’t find a focus, so the look is that of a jumble sale. Your classic styling videos, like this one, are my favorite!

  4. I've watched many of your videos. For me, you have a very soothing and positive presentation that is insightful and experienced about making fashion work for women of varying budgets. In this video, I think you shine most when gently nudging women to mix the formal with the casual. Kudos! Hope you and yours are well and safe:)

  5. I think quality fine jewellery can absolutely elevate any look. Classic pieces from precious metals like 14k, 18k gold will always make anyone look more polished, plus it's like an investment, you can always sell gold. With cheap jewellery even if it looks well made, if it's not solid gold (or other precious high quality metal) will tarnish or lose colour pretty quickly, I find plated jewellery won't be the same only after few months. And overall replacing it costs way more when it adds up. But that's just mine opinion.I buy cheap fashion jewellery only if something is very trendy, I like it, but I know it won't stand the test of time for example big colorful earrings and necklaces which look good for a party or summer holiday. I know I won't be sorry throwing them away the when they go bad ( which is usually after few times wear as the metals is cheap).And last thing is, my skin gets really irritated by costume jewellery especially costume earrings and I'm not able to wear them longer then few hours at one time, when gold I can sleep in with.😘I mentioned in your another video, but I will write it again here, your hair colour is absolutely stunning, fresh, natural looking blonde. Not overalls ashy like most of the influencers. Just perfect 😘

  6. You dress like a man. I don’t know what is it about western women that like to resemble masculinity so much and if you dress too feminine, you get a negative look. . Ugh. 👨 😔😐

  7. Hello Jess, Hope you and your beautiful family is safe and well. I couldn't send you a private message via YouTube so I used Facebook Messenger on your Facebook page. Hope that this is fine with you. Take care and keep shining xx

  8. Hey lovely, hope you’re all ok? Loved this video, really enjoyed you showing us all the combinations and kookiest our clothes in a different way. The hair care, I’ll definitely be having a look, my hair unfortunately suffers so much due my medication so being able to get products tailored made is fantastic!!! Take care as always xx

  9. Excellent styles tip, Jess. My fav, the blazer tip. I wear my blazers in different ways until the weather is too cold. Under my men's blazers, I pair it with my black biker jacket. The look is cool and warm in colder weather. I love it.

  10. Hello Jess useful tips, your always so spot on thankyou and take care. Hey Jess being in quarantine (Italy) and lots of time on my hands, I've already got a lovely suntan 🌞 blessings to all of you in my homeland 🇬🇧

  11. Jess I've been saving up this video until I had proper time to watch it. We're going into lovkdown from midnight on Thursday and I have work that I need to complete before then. Such a good video, thank you for all the tips!

  12. Loved this video hun – absolutely concur have always loved camel tan colour – so rich and luxurious, the very first pair of expensive leather boots I ever bought as a teenager were camel – I love a white shirt and have many – loved those earrings don’t know that Aussie brand x

  13. Jess, this is all amazing! Thank you, and I do appreciate the fact that you have a very curated style. You have such a cool girl rocker bohemian luck that is perfect for you and your figure! My situation is that I don’t work full-time, and I just go out and run errands and do a lot of things with our church. I love style and I love to look chic as I can, but if I really wear clothes that would fit my lifestyle they would be super casual, and I don’t think I want to be in sweats… Should I just go ahead and go for it, Risking looking a little bit more dressed up than everybody else?

  14. Great video Jess. Nice to see you in these challenging times. I toyed with buying a new trench coat last year but didn't and then it rained from September to the other day! Der! Is it too late now as staying in is the new going out?!I'm a great fan of handwashing, despite my friends taking the p#$% out of me! I've always done it and it makes clothes stay nicer and last longer.

  15. Hi Jess, would Love to see your hair care routine as yours always looks gorgeous – do you wash yours every day? Thank you for another fantastic video – they're the highlight of my week. Lots of love xx

  16. SPRING has come and its already been 77 degrees where I am. While I love all the looks I can't bring myself to purchase anything wool, cashmere or a coat of any kind no matter how great the sale might be. Everything look great on you as always

  17. Hi Jess greetings from beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Great video with some awesome tips. What I find elegant and classy is the shift dress a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can easily dress it up or down. Wear flats or heals with it. It is timeless. Love the Massino Dutti camel coat I believe you did a shopping video on it where you took us all to Massimo Dutti and tried it on. Thank you for all the tips right on mark (as usual) and for reminding us that we don’t need to spend a fortune to look elegant, classy and polished. Keep safe.

  18. My style, tailored always suits me, dresses pared back nothing flouncy. Jeans and tee, converse or boots. Lovely tailored wool coat, and a nice trench. Love your choices 😊 and pared back style, which is why I always want replicate using things I never thought to use in my creaking wardrobe!!

  19. Please keep these vids coming. Yesterday I lost my 14y old dog so today I am keeping busy. When I opened YouTube there was Jess–what a blessing in this current world of isolation! (Like the smart/casual recommendation). Be well.

  20. In this time of chaos, isolation, home schooling, etc. Your voice and style is so soothing and calming. I started yesterday cleaning my closet and now think I'll get up and actually put on some decent clothes and a bit of makeup. Thank you for your constant inspiration!

  21. Hi Jess it’s my birthday today and feeling a little under the weather but seeing your videos always makes me feel so much better loved all you tips going to divide my closet today and stir all the wool sweaters away nothing else to do here in the states so it’s a perfect time for this sending you love and good health

  22. I love this updated version! I agree, pressing and general care of your clothing makes a huge difference. So many people hate to iron. I think it can make or break the way a garment looks! I really like your coat collection, perfectly chosen! Have a great day Jess😊❤️.


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