10 Ways to Apple Pie With Erin Jeanne McDowell | NYT Cooking


10 Ways to Apple Pie With Erin Jeanne McDowell | NYT Cooking

Get the recipes:
Apple Pie Filling:

Fried Apple Pies:

Apple Cobbler:

Apple Pie Bars:

Perfect Pie Crust:

Triple Ginger Skillet Cake:

Foolproof Tarte Tatin:

Basic Short-Crust Pastry:

One pie filling. Endless — well, 10 — ways to apple pie. Follow along as Erin Jeanne McDowell, cookbook author and recipe developer (and pie queen), takes us on a baking adventure ending with cobblers, fried apple pies and even sundaes. Choose your own path!




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  1. OMG.. of course! "Only egg-wash the center of the pie because the edges brown enough on their own!" So many pies in my past with overly browned edges. And now, this one simple tip will likely save me from that experience in the future! Thank you!

  2. So….I don’t like pie. In general. And I don’t prefer apple desserts. But nearly every single thing in this video is making me question who I am as a person. Maybe I secretly liked apple pie and didn’t tell myself.

  3. I don’t know what was better your Apple “Pies” or your charming persona? Thank you, l genuinely enjoyed your video immensely! I especially loved your “Apple Empanadas” and your individual “Miniature Pies”. My 4 year old Grandson adores baking with me and loves any kind of Miniature foods! Also, anything served on a “stick”! Whenever l say, “Shish Kebab” he falls over laughing! He’s such a little weirdo!


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