10 year Instagram Style Evolution


10 year Instagram Style Evolution

Looking back at how much style has changed and how much it hasnt over the past decade… omg…decade. Also, take a shot everytime I say Rock n Roll – hahaaa.

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  1. I love your hair and what you are wearing for the video. I have a lot of purple .i love the color purple. I wear animal prints too. I hope you are doing well. Have a great day.💜🇨🇱💜🇨🇱

  2. It's almost like finding your old diary in your mom's house and reading all the stuff you wrote there as a teenager. Most make you laugh, and doubt your intelligence at that time, some cry, but overall it's a heartwarming experience 😉 Social media is a 21st-century diary, just sucks it's a public one lol

  3. I remember binging all your clothes videos when I found your channel all those years ago and you were (and still are) my style inspo I begged my mum to get me creepers, boots and flower crowns and if I saw you do a primark haul I'd go to primark that weekend and try and find what you got 😂

  4. Loved this so much! I might have to go through my old photos now too haha! The three things I can’t get rid of are: skinnies, black stompy boots and cardigans! Hahaha long love the cardigans 🤪

  5. This video brought back so many memories from your videos. Its really lovely to see you grow thru the pictures and years and you are still Helen in all of them. Keep being you, you awesome rock chick 🧡 ps. You are one of my fashion inspirations

  6. Black, fitted waist, rock n roll

    This was such a time warp – seeing all those old photos! Ive always looked to you for style inspo and seeing these throwback outfits I can still remember the bits and pieces I lifted from your looks and incorporated into my own (granted no where near as nice) but you’re style evolution mimics my own in some ways and it was a nice trip down memory lane 💕

  7. Leather jackets, doc’s & converse !!😁
    Also I’ve loved watching your style grow over the past 8/9 years of watching you !! It’s definitely influenced mine from being teenager to a young woman in her early 20’s ❤️❤️


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