123employee – Outsourcing Style!


123employee – Outsourcing Style!

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Daven Michaels CEO of 123Employee does the ‘Outsourcing Style’ a parody on Psy’s runaway hit ‘Gangnam Style.’ 123Employee is the premier outsourcing company in the Philippines. 123Employee helps entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the world with their social media, back office tasks, BPO, internet marketing, telemarketing, customer service, help desk and client support. Get Daven’s new book Outsource Smart and get your free copy of FB Miner lead generation software.

Nguồn: https://aloteen.vn

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  1. Outsourcing continues to be a huge and multi-dimensional industry all by itself.  Lowering your operation cost through efficient offshore services. Philippines is the best place to do outsourcing if you are considering back office outsourcing.

  2. Capitalism is GOD! It gives people who wouldn't have a life at ALL some kind of lifestyle. Capitalism is why you have that way cool phone, that damn computer you're trolling on YouTube with, and that damn nice car yer drivin', Karl! Stop complaining, and find a way to make money. Dig? Good. Sit down.

  3. Oh dear, so cheesy…its interesting how people like this guy are maintaining/sustaining poverty in third world countries and making people poor in the countries that they take the jobs from. Two sets of poor people and one rich/greedy guy…ah well, thats capitalism in a nutshell…we need to do something about capitalism. Its a rotten system, everyone will suffer in the end..


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