15 Head Shaving Tips and Tricks


15 Head Shaving Tips and Tricks

There’s an art to shaving your head. It’s not as hard as some might think, but it does take some practice. Here are 15 tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past few years that will help you get a better shave on your dome.

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  1. I've seen freshly shaved heads where you could clearly see where the exposed shaved skin had a different tanning shade (usually on white men). Do you recommend tanning soon after initially shaving to get an even shade?

  2. Fortunately my father and I have good genes in the matter of hair, he's 60 and his hair is still jet black (almost no silver hairs at all), thick and has no balding patterns yet, and thankfully he passed me those genes. However, for the sake of a video I did recently, I decided to shave my head bald. And you know what? I love it: shaving my head is as relaxing as those mini Zen gardens; I feel much more fresh now and I get to sport cool hats; I see myself younger and taller, and also people don't address me like a child anymore, they address me respectfully like an adult man. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips and tricks, I've been bald only for a week now, but I already agree with you: tried the double mirror thing, it's just easier to master the Touch-Approach. Regards from México!

  3. I have a full head of hair but always wanted to completely shave my head to see what it was like & what I looked like. All I can say is there is no going back to a full head of hair! It is Awesome being bald plus my wife loves the new look so enough said. Even if you still have a lot of hair but have thought about shaving just do it, most guys look better bald so just go for it. If you dont like the like the bald look it will grow back! JUST DO IT! I have a full beard that adds to the look as well!

  4. I've been shaving my head for 20 yrs. I use a triple edge razor and noxema skin cream. Works great for me. Thanks for a great video. I might try single edge razor,never tryed one.

  5. I just started shaving my head in the shower. I was doing multiple passes, going against the grain and stuff. Now I'm full of little pimples and cuts on my head. Really wish I saw your video before I shaved my head!

  6. Bro i love ur videos grt job bye the way few mounths i am using gelette Venus ti shave my head the best shave on my head it,'s made for renoving womens hair you can think i am Crazy i sugest you to try thanks lol

  7. Going bald for the quarantine because I can’t be arsed to maintain a well styled cut on my own. So I shaved it off yesterday and it was a process. This video will be incredibly helpful in keeping it maintained. Thank you.

  8. I've been shaving my head since I was 17 due to sports and then later on. The military. Here's the one trick nobody knows except for hardcore shavers and people in the medical field. Disinfect your blade after each use. Hot water and soap is not sufficient to kill germs and can damage your razor with rust. Your blade won't turn orange if you leave out your razor to dry in your bathroom once or three times but the microscopic beads of water left on the bevel of the blade can cause havoc on shaving. To disinfect your blade and prevent rust. Take 70% isopropyl alcohol and pour some in a cup. DO NOT USE 91% or greater alcohol. Any cup. It doesn't matter. My favorite is a standard red party cup. Soak your blade in it. Doesn't matter if you use cartridge or a DE blade. You have 2 choices at this point. Leave it for 2 minutes and take it out, or you can leave it soaking until it's time to use it again. If you have a cartridge razor, it will obliterate the moisterizing strip, But that's okay. You should be using a high quality shave soap, gel, or foam anyways if you are going to be taking a razor to your head. Disinfecting your blade solves almost 80% of irritation, ingrowns, and infections. If you want be OCD about it, you can use the 70% isopropyl alcohol as an aftershave to fully disinfect your head AFTER you've shaven. Your head will be dryer than a raisin but that's why you buy a good moisterizer. You always moisterize after shave. Everybody knows that. I shave my head daily as it's part of my routine and haven't had discomfort or burns in years.

  9. I usually do my head 4 the 1st couple times with the growth, till my head gets use 2 it! After that I go against it, but I take my time & go slow cause I really like that real smooth feel! I use the van der hagen shave soap, with the brush, & the double edge razor! The van der hagen post shave balm & the gelet after shave gel! After the shave! I usually don’t have much trouble with razor bumps or raw scalp afterwards!

    The 1 thing is, is that I hate 2 shave my face but I luv 2 shave my head! I know that’s weird 2 say but idk I just luv 2! I’m loosing my hair anyways so I guess I’d just rather shave it than keep it! This will be my 3rd yr shaving my head this coming spring! I’m gettin kinda excited about it, I can’t wait 4 my 1st shave of the season!
    If anyone has any kind of helpful hints about different creams such as preshave & or post shave or what ever I’d be glad 2 hear them!

  10. great vid. since I'm taking finasteride for my prostate (65 yrs), a side affect is hair growth. cartridge blades are now too costly. after 50 years, today I'm using a DE razor (Edwin Jagger DE89L) with my first shave ok. no blood. the issue is finding the "sweet spot" or angle. you mentioned this when shaving near your ears. the other challenge is length of the handle. mine is 77 mm. I probably need a 93 mm for better control. many thanks!

  11. Blood flow to hair follicles, there is more blood vessels on your scalp because of all of the hair even if you might not have much up there the blood vessels are still there and I’d just assume your scalp is thinner so it’d bleed more

  12. I fucked myself UP trying to shave my head for the first time. Probably cause I didn't know all of this stuff beforehand, now I'm gonna wear a cap to my white collar job for a few days because it's better than the alternative

  13. Today was the first day I used a de safety razor as opposed to a cartridge razor for my head; Baby butt smooth. I did knick myself on the side and back cause of scars but i will learn. Really enjoy your videos also. Keep up the good informative videos.

  14. I just shaved my head for the first time after buzzing it for years. I got B.B.S. without cutting myself. Yay! However, it took quite a while to do it. Plus, I used a 5 blade gillette and it made me a bit uncomfortable since those are so expensive and 1 time shaving my head pretty much wore a cartridge down maybe 2/3rds of its lifespan. I found your video after I finished. I need to try the single blade disposables like you suggest and not going for B.B.S. as well.

  15. Getting my first safety razor tomorrow! Excited but scared of cutting myself. I will need to get a Styptic pen for sure.
    Ultimately I hope my crown of razor bumps go away haha. Thanks for the video, it was very helpful and has given me a little more confidence.

  16. I have been shaving my head for about 20+ years. I used a cartridge razor (like a coward) for years and switched to a double edge about 5 years ago. I found that, since you cannot see the back of your head while shaving it, you need a mild safety razor and blade for that to avoid "slicing" yourself since you cannot see the angle of the razor behind your head. I only shave my head twice a week but I shave my face every day. Sooooo…long story short, I really like the Vikings Blade long handled "Vulcan" for my face and to edge around my beard edges. BUT I love the Viking's Blade Godfather to shave my head. It is a VERY MILD razor that adds a little extra safety against cuts on the back of my head. Just my opinion. But as always, keep the styptic pencil handy just in case. Sometimes you get too confident and THAT is when you cut yourself no matter which razor you use.

  17. Thanks so much for the video. I have been considering shaving my head because of male-pattern baldness and I like how you mentioned taking one's time while shaving. That makes a lot of sense!


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