5 Healthy FATS for Weight Loss😀 Fat LOSS Diet!!


5 Healthy FATS for Weight Loss😀 Fat LOSS Diet!!

5 Healthy FATS for Weight Loss😀 Fat LOSS Diet!!

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Not all Foods and Not all Fats are Equal

1 – Coconut
Decrease Abdominal Fat
Increase Heat Production and Burn Calories
No differences in change of LDL-C in coconut oil compared with olive oil .
Coconut oil significantly increased HDL-C compared with olive oil
2- Nuts
Pennsylvania State Study
Better stress response
Improve diastolic blood pressure
International Journal Of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders
Good Source:
omega-3 fats
3 – Yogurt
A balanced Fatty Acid Profile
More Protein
Less Sugar
4- Wild Salmon
Great Source of Healthy Fats
Mercury or Exposure to Pollutants?
5- Grass-Fed Beef – -Controversy!!!!!
Better Omega 3 ratio!

Your body needs dietary fat
Essential Fats and Fatty Acids
Alpha-linolenic acid – omega-3 fatty acid
Linoleic acid – omega-6 fatty acid
Essential fatty acids – Functions


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