5 Star Red Guardian Rank Up & Gameplay! – MOTHER RUSSIA – Marvel Contest of Champions


5 Star Red Guardian Rank Up & Gameplay! – MOTHER RUSSIA – Marvel Contest of Champions

Today we take 5 Star Red Guardian out for a spin on my Free To Play account WhaleMilker3000 to test this quirky science Champion out in Act 5 vs some of the most annoying Mystics in the game!!

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  1. Seat, you gotta stop wearing black shirts against a black wall…. With black chair…. A black glasses… And black mike filter thing…….. Ever think about dying your hair black? 🤭🤭

  2. I don't understand why you wasted a revive and potions on Red Guardian against Magik… you already showed he's not a great counter. Just fight her with another character, and then precede with Red Guardian. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Seatin terminology:"Fun and interactive damage" = annoying passive damage"Chuffed" = stoked, happy"Get in there, boys" = a phrase used to express satisfaction p.s. In all seriousness, great videos, I really enjoy having them to look forward to!

  4. i dont think its that weird he does not have that much hp. because the way you want to play him is not even taking blocked hits cause you want to have max shield when throwing a sp2 for max damage.

  5. I have a R5 – I love using him, he does quite well against Mojo, Man Thing, and Doom as well. And of course others too. Definitely some pros and cons with the no buff utility.

  6. Yesterday, after opening my 20th dual crystal, I got tired waiting to get torch or dupe cap iw/red guardian, so I finally used the only science awakening gem I had on Cap and put all my sig stones on him (currently on 127).All my doubts were gone after ranking cap and now they're back again thanks to this video. Freaking anxiety problems


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