7 Style Tricks That Will Instantly Improve Your Style


7 Style Tricks That Will Instantly Improve Your Style

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  1. Alright, I understand that he’s trying to tell us to wear Oversized Clothes, but it isn’t right to tell us now just to advertise for your brand. He clearly said it’s been in style for 2-3 years yet he he never said that ever before, and he always said to wear fitted shirts. You want us to tell us some real style and shit, go ahead, but don’t contradict and change up yourself just to advertiser your brand man. Still have my respect for you though brother ✊🏼

  2. I am a little conflicted in loose vs fitted tops. I believe t-shirts; if they are looser than 'a little less than inch' around your arms your when you flex your biceps, it's gonna look untidy and unattractive. But when it comes to winter(fleece) sweatshirts, loose looks really good.

  3. Perfect example…of people won't appreciate you for all the good stuff…..but will criticize you for the mistake…that isn't actually a mistake…….our bro….Zuniga … is trying to help us to keep up with trends……..and dear immature kiddos…you are talking about advertisement……if I have not mistaken…..over sized t shirts were also available earlier on the website ………..

    Nothing to say…but grow up kiddos….be a man

  4. Guyz listen crealy Jose said have one sized in your closet not all of them 😂😂😂 Gyz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jose plz tell them well they don't understand the fact of style it changes haaaa😌


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