A COSY EVENING AT HOME VLOG | Healthy Dinner, Self Care Routine + Netflix


A COSY EVENING AT HOME VLOG | Healthy Dinner, Self Care Routine + Netflix

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Hello my gorgeous angels & welcome back! Today we have a nice, cosy night in with me vlog & I go through my self care routine including hair, skincare & a yummy hellofresh meal. I hope you guys are enjoying our lockdown content & I can’t wait for our favourite month to begin… December! Love you guys so much xxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Getting up in lockdown to a new elle Darby video makes my morning 😊 I ordered hello fresh again for lockdown, its so easy and the food is always so yummy 😋 when they sent everything 😆 x

  2. I’m loving the lockdown content! Seeing peoples realistic everyday lives is my favourite 😍 also I’m loving how much more Herbie and Hector are in them! How quickly they jumped up when you said ‘din dins’ 😂😂 Love from Dubai 🇦🇪

  3. Loved it and your vlogs do make me feel genuinely cheerful 😊💗 don’t worry about not having much to film together at home, it’s just nice to see other people at home trying to make the most of the situation we’re in too. I also just purchased a lemax Christmas scene, it’s the elf workshop. In LOVE 😍xx

  4. It's bcuz of you Elle that I've become a magic cream fan as well. It's fantastic especially as we're approaching the colder months now. Both my husband & I are also big fans of the Crown too! We watch an episode every wknd to unwind in the evenings. I think we all could learn from Herbie during this covid craziness & just relax, stay in, and take a chill pill. Lol 😄 Thanks for sharing guys. Much luv from Fort Worth, Texas! ☕⛄❄

  5. Elle: “I don’t know if I wanna marry someone who gets lots of kills, it’s a bit violent”

    Elle 5 mins later: “Pat my belly again con and I’ll kick you in the face”


  6. Caution: My main haircare was Pantene for a couple years. Every 3rd or 4th bottle switching to something else just to have a different scent, but it smelled amazing and my hair was soooo soft. A hairdresser told me to stop using it, because its bad for your hair, but i was hooked! Then, oneday i was having a conversation with a coworker about my hair falling out more and more and getting thinner. When i told her i use Pantene, she said "Stop using it. It made my hair fall out too!" I hold my mom and she said "yeah, that's why i stopped using it" 10 years later my hair is as thin as it was when i threw out the bottle. But at least it not coming out in handfulls anymore. Do a google search, you'll find similar stories. Use with caution!

  7. Is it just me that enjoys every singleee time being referred to as ‘the angels’ or ‘angels’🥺🥰 plus this has vid has just changed my whole mood for the evening from bad to good🥰 thank you Elle❤️
    P.S. I’m glad I’m not the only girlfriend that has to deal with PS4 tournament evenings😂


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