Acura MDX Design – Then and Now


Acura MDX Design – Then and Now

Utilizing a clean sheet design and clear focus on delivering Precision Crafted Performance, the fourth-generation MDX reimagines the three-row SUV’s proven formula with a more emotional, exciting and premium design. The clean sheet approach harkens back to the pioneering 2001 MDX, the first SUV designed by Acura in California, and the industry’s first three-row SUV to be based on a unibody platform. Both challenging designs were undertaken by the same person – lead designer Catalin Matei.



  1. Looks a bit Mazda CX9 ish at the front.

    I have a 2006 with 435 000 km on it and a 2014 with 230 000 km. I actually enjoy driving the 2006 1st Gen… Lol. Definitely handles deep snow better (because of ground clearance) despite VTM-4 vs SH-AWD.

  2. Как владелец 3-го поколения MDX (2014г.), доволен его надежностью, хотя надо признать что интерьер и экстерьер скучноват и не выделяется из массы автомобилей, как выделяется например BMW.
    Хочется увидеть новое 4-е поколение MDX в России!

  3. I see so many car manufacturers have already or will be rolling out electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids (PHEV) very soon. If these new power trains take off as everyone is expecting, Acura will be caught completely flat footed in this emerging space.


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