Aerial shot shows police trying to separate crowds in Liverpool before tier 3 lockdown


Aerial shot shows police trying to separate crowds in Liverpool before tier 3 lockdown

Aerial shot shows police trying to disperse crowds in Liverpool the night before tier 3 lockdown is imposed on the city.

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  1. gonna be lots of blood and rubble everywhere across the country and worldwide, set us free or they will destroy it all, i never felt part of this joke of a place anyway so bring it on, humans are over-rated!!

  2. This virus may occurred in China unfortunate to say Britain's population has become very wild and untamed as they do not agree with the 10 oclock curfew that Liverpool is reacting unresponsibly With this reaction many people are their drives on alcohol and a test potation has occurred the government's reaction what they are doing is protecting our future generation of children when they get older there's going to be a 10 unfortunate two same many of these particular adults acting like childrenSurely enough sooner or later is going to be National Guard by the military are going to take action it's this Republic Rebellion going to stand up and go against the Armed Forces I doubt it very much when Boris Johnson announce the army unfortunately say it is not his recognition there are over countless people who are in control of the government who will make a organisation to vote if they need army Response TeamUnfortunately this continues on its just showing that the community itself only rely on one thing their booze but unfortunately say they must realise that the government is helping them out out but it's 10 oclock curfew to save their own particular kind of money their life does not have to be raging out and expect alcohol to be there SelfridgeAnd this is the older generation meant to be shown a example to a new generation of future reference of children it's embarrassment indeed that they may have families of their own and they're going to bring their child into this world acting like a complete imbecile

  3. The virus started in China, where the CCP have ultimate control and power over people. This “it’s a hoax to gain power over peoples” is illogical and inconsistent. All the conspiracy nut jobs seem to gather on youtube.


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