All Characters Ranked – Nov 2020 – MARVEL Strike Force – MSF


All Characters Ranked – Nov 2020 – MARVEL Strike Force – MSF
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  1. I have a hard time separating the teams from the "theme" teams. But I do have to agree that you can achieve better results by doing it. I am looking into these changes. Luckily the teams I don't use as often are in that set of teams that people are dividing up such as wakandans, aim, hand, kree, and such. I wonder if we will ever get the teamups from the comics which normally includes characters that already exist and how that could be added to the game. Teams such as the new avengers, west coast avengers, etc…

    If they are gonna be comic accurate wolverine needs a lot more tags as he was part of x-men(a lot of different versions), x-force, Alpha-Flight, Secret Defenders, New Avengers, Avengers…. The list goes on a long ways.

    I'm kind of surprised they don't have an arch-nemesis type mechanic too. I thought that would be quite fitting for a lot of these characters who had those types of stories/backgrounds.
    Wolverine & Sabertooth. Captain America & Red Skull. Iron Man & Mandarin(obviously isn't in game yet)

    Keep up with the videos and keep on playing.

  2. I'm level 66. And I really need a good, steady alliance. I'm on daily. Anyone have any room for another Alliance member? My alliance is at level 16 right now, so I would like to find something with that level or higher.
    ( I won't spend any money to level up faster, so it's a slow process to level up my characters. )

  3. oh thats good news if hawkeye and bw have some value in dd3 cause ive got both almost at 14 now, bw already is. i was thinking id do it just cause i like avengers and i have skill gear but if i get any actual value out of it aside from blitz and war all the better!


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