Amazing Mid Snapfire Crazy Roaming 200IQ Firesnap Cookie with First Item Aghanim Dota 2 Guide


Amazing Mid Snapfire Crazy Roaming 200IQ Firesnap Cookie with First Item Aghanim Dota 2 Guide

This video show: How to How to Roaming Enemy with Best Support Midlane Snapfire Crazy Roaming 200IQ Firesnap Cookie Deleted Everyone with First Item Aghanim’s Scepter & Blink Dagger Dota 2 Guide.

► Do you play DotA and wanna be a professional player or at least get an immortal rank to show off your friends or a newcomer trying to improve your skill in DotA? IF you’re one of these congratulations you’re absolutely in the right place.

👋 Hi I’m RAZORLENDER an old time DotA player since 2015 with over 4000 hours total playtime and a professional graphic designer & video editor, so i decided to create this channel to help you get a better rank in DotA.

► I make only highly edited educational videos that you cannot find on other Channel such as tips, tricks, new meta, guides, item build, skill build, map control, how to play, map awareness and many more…

► I also changed the terrain of the game to make it looks better and more visually beautiful to watch and learn.

► DotA has over 120 heroes, it’s not easy to learn, so be sure to focus every move in my videos.

► What do i record and edit my videos with? I record with OBS studio 50000 bitrate and edit the videos with Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas Pro 15, Adobe After Effect and of course Thumbnails with Photoshop CC.
I spend hours and hours to edit every single video, so please consider leave a like or a comment.

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💖Let’s Make DotA Great Again💖

»» FAQ
Q. Will you ever do a face reveal?
A. Sure i will, 100k milestone.
Q. When did you start playing dota?
A. Since 2015.
Q. Favorite hero?
A. Pudge, Ember Spirit, Ursa, Phantom Assassin, Sniper, Wraith King, Bloodseeker, but for now i’m playing tank and support more.
Q. Can i play with you?
A. Why not? just add me on steam.
Q. Are you a girl or boy?
A. I am a grown up person. Thank you.


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