Anti-Venom Event Details – Corvus Arena Store – Blog Post – MARVEL Strike Force – MSF


Anti-Venom Event Details – Corvus Arena Store – Blog Post – MARVEL Strike Force – MSF

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  1. Yeah Trevor i bet they do cull like they did colossus, especially since I got 7 reds on cull. Also I'm not spending on cull too 30$ for 50 shards is astronomical and it would cost me 300 bucks to enjoy my 7 reds on cull

  2. I think Proxima is going to Blitz Store or a farmable node since that is where a lot of campaign event characters go. Not all though since a few went to Arena Store. Doom War Round 2 is another possible option for Proxima, but I was thinking more like Cosmic, Mystic, Villains, or Heroes campaign nodes for her. Cull I can see going to War Store or Doom War Round 2. But I don't know about Cull going to War Store. I little iffy on that. We just got X-23 in the War Store. I'm thinking a new addition to War Store won't happen until December at the earliest. It's usually about 3 months in between characters being added to the War Store. Same with Arena Store. My prediction is Proxima will be the character that releases on the first Wednesday of the month for November. Maybe that's why she got added to the blog's thumbnail. It was a tease for who is coming after Corvus, but it ended up creating confusion since the blog was about Corvus instead.

  3. So much going on right now with the Emma event, She-Hulk shards, prepping for A-V and Star Lord…I wish we'd gotten Cull available in store though… just unlocked Corvus through Orbs recently.


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