Are the Rumors About Bill Gates & COVID True? A Doctor Explains the Truth


Are the Rumors About Bill Gates & COVID True? A Doctor Explains the Truth

There are so many rumors about Bill Gates and COVID. This is what you should know.

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  1. I feel the advice about not listening to everything can go for most of the stuff on here. It can be about COVID, the election, BLM, or anything that’s the hot button topic at the moment. And the sad part is that people like you who are giving great advice someone will not listen & possibly not save their life. Stay strong, and please don’t stop preaching the truth. I love you, and your spirit. Sending love from SC.

  2. People are following myths instead of facts like WE DEFINITELY NEED TO WEAR MASK. Even if anything about about anyone is true. Do people think it’s going to be a positive affect on our individual health? No. It isn’t Follow the Good Wise Rules. Social distance and WASH OUR HANDS PEOPLE


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