Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona Reaction, Liverpool v Leicester, Pep, Messi | Saturday Hangout


Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona Reaction, Liverpool v Leicester, Pep, Messi | Saturday Hangout

Have Hope and the crew discuss the week’s biggest football topics from the World Cup, Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Copa America, Bundesliga, Serie A, African Nations Cup and Euros.

Reaction to Carrasco winning their La Liga tie over Barcelona. Messi Finished? Klopp without Salah with Liverpool and Mane facing Leicester City. Pep Guardiola and Manchester City after their loss to Tottenham Hotspur and Mourinho, is he finished after that Champions League Lyon loss?

00:00 – Start
2:50 – Barcelona Atleti reaction
45:20 – Messi
1:10:40 – Liverpool vs Leicester City Preview
1:29:20 – Pep
2:32:20 – Fergie vs. Pep, Management Talk



  1. It's 2020 and soon 2021 and you guys still talking about Barcelona and Messi! both Barcelona and Messi are finished. After the 8.2 Barcelona and Messi shouldn't be metion here anymore until the win the UCL again. Barcelona won the 1 UCL when Messi was on the bench and many trophy without Messi to. you talking like Barcelona would be shit without Messi is laughable. you guys are laughing at Cristiano Ronaldo for scoring against Seria A teams. let me bring facts. Cristiano Ronaldo scored hatrick against the same Atletico with Juventus and a goal against Valência when he faced them in UCL 2019. Ronaldo scored his first hatrick with Juventus when he faced Atletico and a goal against Valência a la liga teams. la liga quality is in decline when you see teams like Cadiz and Elche in la liga top 7 . move on from Finished Messi and Barcelona. Plus Barcelona best game against Juventus was only good because Juventus missed a lot of key players by covid and injures . If you all are a true football fan you would have known that.


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