Best UNAWAKENED Champions Ranked October 2020 – Seatin's Tier List – Marvel Contest of Champions


Best UNAWAKENED Champions Ranked October 2020 – Seatin's Tier List – Marvel Contest of Champions

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Today I breakdown my thoughts on the BEST UNAWAKENED Champions of October 2020 in a wonderful google spreadsheet that’s finally been updated after a year! Let’s dive and discuss who I believe to be some of the top Character without their awakened abilities!

Best Unawakened Champions Tier List:

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  1. Stealthy should get a bump up, he doesn’t need to be awakened at all and is huge for a large amount of mid to early game content which is where most unawakened charachters lie

  2. I would move Iceman up myself. Also maybe Elsa, but overall pretty accurate. There are so many champs, it would take me forever to make a list like this! Thanks!

  3. Seatin u should highlight a champ from each category in the beyond god tier indicating it being the best in its class. Like having a highlight on quake or something, saying that she’s the best science champ

  4. I would definitely take Apoc to Beyond God Tier (for normal tier list) mainly because he works so well with suicides and is sustainable if he is high sig. You can alternate him and another champion in a quest and every other fight he enters he will regen around 10-20% hp which easily regens the recoil taken from 2-3 specials fired off.

  5. Why is sunspot higher than namor? I can understand him being better than namor unawakened by a bit but, regarding the overall tier list namor should be higher than sunspot

  6. Here's a drinking game for you: take a shot every time he says "Hit's like a truck" and I guarantee you that when the vid is done you'll feel like you got hit by one


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