BIG UPDATE New Info & Devs Are SERIOUS | Marvel's Avengers Game


BIG UPDATE New Info & Devs Are SERIOUS | Marvel's Avengers Game

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  1. Are they gonna fix the memory leak on PC? It’s made the game unplayable for almost everyone it’s a necessary and first priority fix yet nobody talks about it

  2. I really want to like this game but it's so god damn unbalanced, buggy, and lacking in content, that it makes it incredibly difficult. I can't believe it got pushed out in this state, especially after going through a beta as well. I don't agree with praising the devs for updating and fixing their broken ass game, considering it shouldn't have been released like that in the first place. They most likely only care because they don't want people to stop spending a ridiculous amount of money to actually get the costumes they want, instead of spending hundreds of hours grinding for one in particular. There are so many things about the game that make zero sense to me… E.g. Certain characters not being able to open doors, not being able to quickly switch character in-mission, not being able to command AI team mates, the gear system in general, fighting supervillain clones so their boss fights hold no weight at all. But the most obscene thing about this game…. A fucking AAA game in 2020…. You can't replay the story campaign. I can't even put in to words how fucking stupid that is. Not that it would make the game more enjoyable, but it's nice to have it available at least. I'm so bored doing the same shitty missions over and over again, with some bullshit story playing out over coms that I couldn't give a toss about, not even being able to see it in a cutscene or anything. The devs made so many choices that are just ludicrous to me. I don't really need to say anything about the projectiles because we all know how that goes.

  3. So many fucking bugs! People can’t even finish the campaign!? Why are they stealing people’s money? This game isn’t worth $60 if it doesn’t even guarantee you that you can actually finish the campaign lmao imagine COD pulling this shit every year. This game is trash and Square Enix is trash for creating something that steals people’s money. The skins that people pay for lock after you buy them! It makes no sense. I hope this game gets more bad rep and fails just like anthem! Those devs deserve to never be hired again for such complete garbage😂 I can’t believe some people ride this game’s dick when they know it’s literally another anthem except worst

  4. Oh my god the projectiles! Their tracking is ridiculous! If you have multiple coming at you you’re screwed cause you dodge one or two and then the others pummel you when you are in your recovery animation. Oh and….SeRIoUSLy YoU’Re tHe bESt

  5. What really needs to be addressed is the god damn credits they are purposely making it take mad long to earn just so we buy it with real money and it's ridiculous

  6. Missiles drones?! All the shits going down after one lightning shot Seriously I hated that but I grinded the hell through and now I'm unstoppable like infinity war thor should be 😀

  7. I don't mind heroes not being able to smash open certain doors, but there should be alternate ways to get in so that everyone can have a fair chance at the loot. This will become even more important when they add more characters. What happens when nobody in the group is able to get the chest or rescue the resistance? The whole idea needs to be scrapped or make it that everyone who normally can't break the door can use their ultimate to break it down. The latter is probably easiest.

  8. I mean fire adaptoids? Really? Those bitches fall under my hammer like toilet board or something Imma be going multiplayer matchmaking now to help you guys 😘


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