Bill Gates Wants to Destroy US Economy through C0VID & Bring on "The Great Reset"😲


Bill Gates Wants to Destroy US Economy through C0VID & Bring on "The Great Reset"😲

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  1. Satan is sitting back laughing and God is just shaking his head in disappointment. Collectively as a planet we are all actively consenting to destroy humanity. We are actively participating in destroying all of God's creation. People around the globe constantly say that we are battling each other about race, religion, territory, money, gender, etc. Let's get one thing straight. Humanity is in the middle of spiritual warfare.

  2. Bill is just a puppet. He has only limited power. Besides. Trump is control of the American economy and he is about to end the FED and put America back on sound money. Backed by gold. Gold will destroy the Central Bank/ the FED

  3. COVID 19 is now a globalist project. For the new world order. Thank you from Germany for your resistance and your courage DeAnna. 👍 You are cute. 😉 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  4. Understand that Billy boy is just a small cog. The people whose faces you don't see are the ones really behind this and people like Billy boy are their henchmen. Think of it like a mafia..And the 4th industrial revolution is part of something deeply spiritual in nature. It is the move towards the technological singularity, which is essentially a Soul trapping game. This billy boy jab is the beginning of this singularity and transhumanism. The jab will alter dna and sever people's connection from Spirit.If you see through this illusion, rejoice. It means you are not part of their artificial.singularity and are on the path back home, back to God. We have been chosen to be a witness to this Great Split and spiritual battle.


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