Boris Johnson tells UK to expect Australia-style trade deal with EU


Boris Johnson tells UK to expect Australia-style trade deal with EU

In a televised speech, the British prime minister accuses the European Union of being unwilling ‘to offer this country the same terms as Canada’ and that by 1 January, when the Brexit transition period ends, the UK will be more likely to be entering trade arrangements like those of Australia. Without a ‘fundamental change of approach’ by the EU, Johnson says trade and security talks in Brussels will not progress

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  1. The Telegraph reported this with no comments allowed I wonder why?- So no one wants to say no-deal. Instead they say Australia Deal. Sounds better doesn't it – a total failure to plan and a failure of leadership. Or was it planning to fail?

  2. Oh my word! This guy is utterly sick!For his own motives he‘s blaming the EU.He wanted that deal so badly like a beggar he got it, and with that deal he had that landslide victory! And now that deal is wrong and he blamed that EU wanted to invade their freedom and wanted to break the UK! so he had votes to had that support to break the international law! Now he wants Canadian or Australian system!! Dear Tories! Your Breakfast is French (Crossaint/Au pain choco pastries), food is Italian or Indian, Cars are German! Clothing Brands are all Germans and Italian! Scaffolding and construction is done by Polish! Holidays in Spain and Czech Republic. White Christmas is in Scandinavian countries! Now you want Canadian or Australian system! And you call it being INDEPENDENT..

  3. I would like to know why this government is spending millions and millions of public funds to hire consultants. The Brexit lie is not going to hurt BJ and his gang or theses wealthy consultants it will be the ordinary people and their families that will suffer…as usual.


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