BRAND NEW Winter Design Ideas For YOUR Island


BRAND NEW Winter Design Ideas For YOUR Island

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Winter Path Patterns:

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  1. Sorry to ask, but which pattern are you using as the extension of your main plaza (beneath the service center)? Thanks in advance, buddy, I love your videos. They always make me smile. 🙂 Greetings from Germany!

  2. Thank you so much for the great ideas and awesome explanation of how you created the train station. I followed your instructions and made one like yours… now looking for a way to make it like Santa’s house to put in the Santa’s Village I’m creating. Love your channel!!!

  3. I like the idea of making a little seating area like that in the thumbnail & i was trying to make one in my former island, i had it by the airport, but i dont like the idea of putting random crap together and it looks like a building, i mean ok great…its super creative i guess🤔 but i'd rather have a REAL building,. Also.. i like making seating with park bench public bench, this is a real public bench.. its the one with the wooden planks on it LOL, it is a 'Park public bench' according to what most people think a parkpublic bench is.. we have these everywhere, & its pretty common style. I dont like how this games official version of 'public bench' look, tbh this seating looks like the kind they might have in a building waiting room.

  4. I showed my boyfriend the train station building, who doesn't play animal crossing but knows the basics because of me talking about it, and he's super impressed by the creativity of it and how good it looks like!

  5. I really like the dirt path with the snowflakes but I wish the dirt wasn't so dark and one solid color. I'm holding out hope that someone else will make a winter "The Path" pattern that has snowflakes on the borders…

  6. Since I did’t /don’t want to link my account for the custom designs I screenshot all of them you showed and tried to recreate. This pretty for people that are young and cannot link there account for reasons like me

  7. saving this vid cus im gonna buy a switch lite n AC when i save up enough. Gonna make another winter themed island. I also had the same problem as you did when looking for winter paths, they were catered to the holidays which my current island isn't, made mine flexible enough to look good in other seasons.

  8. Always so fun to see these design idea videos!!! Your island looks great, and inspires me to do some redecorating!
    Editing my comment because I DIDN'T SEE THE TRAIN STATION YET IT'S SO GOOD!!! I immediately had flashbacks to the train at Disneyland… love it.


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