Can The Gifting Event Return in 2020? | Marvel Contest of Champions Documentary


Can The Gifting Event Return in 2020? | Marvel Contest of Champions Documentary

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This Documentary style video was a vid i wanted to make for a the last month to look at what went on last year with the gifting event.

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for the support on this vid, I wanted to make a long form video, took about 20 hours to make over 3 days, Yes there is a typo but it is what it is. I cant commit to making content like this all the time as it is a massive lost leader for the channel but it means alot to me to occasionally make vids like this as it shows how much effort i can put into content.

  2. I find that really pathetic from #2… they admitted Kabam did NOT have any rules against players coming in and dumping points and yet they themselves thinks its not right and lost due to a rule THEY think is wrong, not Kabam… Sore pathetic losers.. FYI, i am not in any top 10 ally so im not on anyone's side, just looking at facts.

  3. Very well produced and crafted to perfection, I disagree with Katy as the Gifting Event is something I look forward too each year, I can reward my officers for hard work and it gives my account a huge boost as well. Ghost dog's idea is neatly spot on, keep it strict and in ally. I don't need the game wide event, just milestones in an alliance event and solo event would make me happy! 🙂
    Well done Rich, your the gift that gives all year round 😘🎁👍

  4. I would personally say that no we don't need a gifting event because it does bring out the bad side of players and the only ones that really end up with the major things in the game are the ones that spend money and use hacks or find some way to cheat the game in order to get the most out of the event so no I think if you can't earn your way through the content then get as far as you can and then earn the required amount of units or revives and health potions to make it through the harder content like myself I don't spend money on it I earn it

  5. It should be a side event where you grind shards (like the monster/hunter crystals) to get the crystals for yourself, and a ticket for someone else every completion. Units bundles should have shards/tickets to help with rank rewards, but everyone should be able to complete the milestone rewards. And throw a 30 day gifting embargo on people who leave or recently join an alliance. Or reset that person’s points

  6. My thing is, why is everything catered to Alliances? I have a bad taste in my mouth with Alliances. I joined one when I was fairly new to this game and I just started this year. But shortly I joined and Alliance, my first ever one and I got booted out with no explanation whatsoever!!!!! I was giving help to everyone. I was not welcomed aboard or talked to about ANYTHING! What things I need to do or what to complete or just interact in general. Like I said before. I wasn't even given a reason why the Alliance kicked me out. They could have at least made an effort and so I could have asked about it. NOPE! Just up and kicked me out. So for that reason, I'm not too keen on Alliances. Plus! I probably wouldn't join now anyway if someone invited me. I have gotten them. It's too much pressure to try and complete all the stuff they want done and have to certain this and certain that. NO THNAKS! I like flying solo! I can be ME!!!!

  7. If it doesn't return than i will be quitting game whole year i been saving untys just for this because i can't afford to waste money on game. Kabam only focusing on players like u who spends a lot. So it would be best time to quit this game

  8. The Music is so sad?? I was at the top of this game at one time. Back in the old incalculable tier. If you know what that is then you know I’m OG. Over the course of all these years my wallet couldn’t keep up with the game changes. I’m no longer bitter about this and I have excepted my place in the MCOC universe. The YouTube community sheds so much light on all the issues in the game. Which I think is good but not great. I miss the days were I didn’t know there was so much cheating. The only information interaction between members was in the line chats. I remember grinding war machine 4 star and missed. I never missed and couldn’t believe it. One day latter I got with a message saying there was cheating and Kabam rectified it. I was like wow cheating that’s crazy. Now it’s more common then it should be. It’s because of the rewards system. The rewards a for wining events should never be the best most sour after items in the game. The only difference between #1 and #300 should be a badge or title not more shards and more catalysts. The milestones are enough. Instead of the useless legends badge make new one. Like “golden whales”. Or War Master for AW. Get rid of the legends tag and give the badge that only lasts until you lose it. That should be the virtually trophy

  9. Not even worth speculating about – OF COURSE WE SHOULD HAVE THE GIFTING EVENT. Its all about the cooperation with your alliance, getting a load of great prizes etc. Who cares about a few whales that lose out to the unit loaders – for 99% of the players it doesn’t matter, we just dont care. We know we’re not gonna rank in the top 100, we just want the prizes. Arguably the whales reap what they sow and if they lose out on the top spots it matter not a jot. We all want the event and we don’t care how it runs.

  10. RichTheMan definitely #1 MCOC youtuber hands down. Great video variety, no Kabam bum kissing, no endless raging. We appreciate the amount of honest and valuable info you provide for the community. Great job


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