Candace Owens Calls Out Hollyweird's Gender Blurring Poster Boy Harry Styles


Candace Owens Calls Out Hollyweird's Gender Blurring Poster Boy Harry Styles

Candace Owens calls out Harry Styles’ Vogue Magazine photoshoot where he wears a dress. Let’s talk about the dangers of the normalization of blurring the lines between genders.

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  1. That's why Hollyweird means nothing to me. I have nothing to do with movies etc. Except when they hate something. That usually means I'll like it. Think Ford vs Ferrari. The fems hated it so I watched it. The rest of it, dilligaf.

  2. People can be so funny some times, knowing full well most of the same people defending Styles' decision would be shaking their head or looking the other way if they encountered a non-famous man walking down the street in literally the exact same outfit.

    Also, can you imagine if Styles made the Vogue cover for this reason and the US was preparing for war with another country? Does anyone honestly think Styles would be getting such overwhelming support for the image he's portraying as a man at a time when society would need men to embrace their natural masculinity and not shun it? Amazing.

  3. I suspect things will never change for the simple fact that when it comes to relationships and the opposite sex, most men have a "every man for himself mentality." Every man I've talked to about this issue just doesn't care. They don't care about the long-term ramifications or the short term, because they got theirs.

  4. I just don't care, if a guy wants to wear a dress, go wild, just obviously don't f with me nor tell me to wear it. Being masculine, I just do it but at the same time I am apathetic, didn't get me laid or anything, could care less about getting some women admiration. I don't watch tv nor care about the mainstream & I live in LA.

  5. Hey is there an audio issue with this video or is it just me hearing things? I'm listening to it in my truck so I don't know if it's the truck making the static or if it's the video making the static. Can someone respond let me know so I don't waste money taking my truck into the dealership

  6. I feel like he is being told what to do… I think he has been told to wear a dress and in return he’ll get paid hugely… it sounds very fishy to me… for him to do these things etc… the elite is trying to control the world population I think… to bring it down.

  7. Women began cross dressing in men's clothes in the 1920's, and it became normalized in the 1940's with the Second World War; but the whole women completely disavowing femininity began in the 1960's-1970's with the Second Sexual Revolution.
    This is merely the endgame of 100 years of female cross-dressing.
    Remember, Hitler said, "Where the women go, so go the men."

  8. This is why I love Young Thug so much; he wears women’s clothes all the time but not to promote any sort of agenda, also his philosophy and behaviour make him an epitome of masculinity. I’m sure Harry Styles isn’t too far off either, he’s just unwittingly being used as a pawn for the elite’s purposes – money speaks

  9. Has anyone here heard about the Hollywood transgender agenda conspiracy? Not saying it’s 100% true but some of that shits fishy. We all know there’s a satanic cult in Hollywood rn right? And you know who they worship? Baphomet….who is trans… they believe it gives them more power to be both genders. Not saying it’s true because some of it’s a little outlandish but you can definitely connect some dots…


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