Confronting Bill Gates and Exposing his Plan for Global Domination


Confronting Bill Gates and Exposing his Plan for Global Domination

Bill Gates has a plan for Global Domination and in this video I will confront and expose exactly what he is doing. @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Someone needs to confront Bill Gates for his plan for Global Domination and that someone might as well be me! The closures since March has pushed over 100M People in poverty! This will be a global depression. This is a 15% increase and that number is only subject to grow over the next year. This is a very big concern.

Somehow, Bill Gates says that world poverty will be eradicated by 2030. That is roughly 1 Billion People! 1 Billion People eradicated from poverty in less than ten years. This is absolutely insane and incredible.

There seems to be a plan for global domination. This plan will impact every person on this planet. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft and he now made a claim that all workers will work from home permanently (156,000 employees). Facebook is following his lead with over (45,000 employees). Jack Dorsey, the founder of twitter and square is issuing this option to his employees as well.

This will greatly impact expensive real estate markets, the job markets and the US Economy. If these big tech firms are able to have employees work from home then why does home have to be America?

It does not, home can be anywhere in the world. This will save big tech a fortune and in addition to that the more that America bleeds the lower real estate values plummet and the lower asset prices fall which only affords them more and more opportunity to buy cheap assets.

Many other businesses will follow their lead and have their employees from home and this again only works in big techs best interest. When employees work from home they slowly lose their attachment to their boss, colleagues and more. The more detached they are from work the more time they will waste on social media. The more time they spend on social media the more data they gather, the more the people buy and the more likely it is that everyday employees start their own business and advertise their business on their platform.

This is such an incredible time to be alive and this is a great time to be a real estate investor. I personally suggest waiting before buying real estate as I see a huge crash coming just right around the corner! This crash will afford people a once in a life time opportunity to buy cheap and undervalued assets.

Passive Income is key in the New Normal. It will be very hard for many people to compete in the near future. The world is flat (not literally but figuratively) – many business owners will start outsourcing and due to that the American people will suffer.

Prepare for chaos.

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  1. you owe this guy a listen, and follow the link to the latest nuclear propaganda. Spoiler alert, nrc is run by lunatics. Girls gathering wood instead of going to school? They'll say anything to keep price Anderson money flowing to the super connected rats at the top. Good luck, thanks for your work. I have hope for you getting out of there soon work your family.

  2. Bill just took $160 million from Trump to pretend to build another nuclear reactor exactly like your Simi Valley melted reactor at SSFL. Price Anderson Atomic Indemnity Act is how the global oligarchs have looted us for generations. Still using it today. Like Gates is now a nuclear physicist, right? Connect those dots please. Elon is at the feed trough too. Bezos, Jared K and the Trump family, Romney's Bain Capitol. Get it yet? Endless classified handouts.

  3. Bill Openly Disclosed of reducing population….in laymen terms…MURDER. If his vaccines work well… kill and reduce population….WOW. I HOPE HE GETS INPRISONED!!! HOW CAN THEY LET THIS GUY WITH ALOT OF MONEY CONTROL HEALTHCARE…..ALSO HE JUST GOT FOUND OUT OF DOING BUSINESS WITH THE SAME PEOPLE EPSTEIN DID BUSINESS WITH…..HMMMM I hope he goes down Trump Trumps him and the wealth he controls gets distributed back to the masses for his evil intensions/plans!!

  4. Bill gates he’s part of the elite of globalist who doesn’t care for the poor . He actually steriles woman in poor countries. Their goal for massive depopulation and a one world order government where we lose our freedoms and the government becomes tyrannical. People need to wake up, and do their own research.

  5. Hi John … you might want to check out Cyrus Parsa … at first this may seem off-topic … Cyrus will explain Artificial Intelligence, as many other things .. Bill Gates is very much involved in the background, I can promise you … here is his [ Cyrus ] interview with John B Wells … btw .. really enjoy your videos ; )

  6. poor people are very profitablelets say you can get the "people" to flow money through the poor, sub rent, "free" food, "free" healthcare, "free" education gets funded with no one looking. So the poor get 60K flowed through them even if they don't realize it. Now the rich have $60,000 flowing from the government to the rich, way better than paying an employee and selling them stuff. The rich love to have masses of poor as long as the government pays for their services, and the rich always benefit from inflation, as they borrow good dollars and pay it back with worthless ones.

  7. Many folks brought this on to themselves over indebtedness not having at least 3 to 6 months of living expenses, living their lives with the just in time food shopping or always eating at restaurants, the folks that live in big cities will suffer the most no garden no food stored could not imagine living life this way very scary

  8. feel as though this video is critical and am ashamed of my our country for not acknowledging it. I don't use facebook or any other social media. Hopefully it can get shared.


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