Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition – Cook A Wonderful Meal With Your Happy Anime Food Friends


Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition – Cook A Wonderful Meal With Your Happy Anime Food Friends

Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition is a game where you team up with some cute veggies to help make dinner for your ANIME friends who are Very hungry. At some point it may be a horror game.

Game Info:

“Alright, I’m bready”

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  1. Here is a list of all the jumpscares for those like me who love horror games and Manlybadasshero but can't handle jumpscares: 21:1926:27 36:4250:1750:3151:0551:1251:4152:1253:45 – 53:53

  2. 43:00 – war gas out of her farts, for people without "fart jokes" sense. (its not that funny, but ok)My own theory? Probably an Partizan, maybe civilians during occupation? There wasnt much of "hunger" situations in Tatras hills… except of calamity deaths, and war(s). Ghost was talking in Russian "я вижу, тебя" – "I see you". Potato is common in Slavic countries, together with cabbage and bread, Onion is famous ingredient and raspberry is kinda in every woods on north. But i can still be totally wrong….

  3. Ok I don't do this a lot but here I feel I have to."Did you have a nightmare?" This is a steam game right? We are not going to get a sudden anime to flash?"It's decayed" a dead rotting rat. Ya ah. I'm not proud of it but I have ate far worse."Stock free scream" the fuck did we go into the 1980s? What's with that face girl? I know I am undead but even I have standards. Looking that much like a joke I'll be laughing my ass off every morning. Is that why the little girl looked like a botched cardboard cutout?

  4. Hm… It really seems like the protagonist comes back every year to torment him- or herself, probably for killing the others, probably after feeding them human flesh. I noticed a weird tidbit: Mariah advocates for leaving animals alone, but never commented on your dishes being meat-based. Does this hint at her having been aware that the meat didn't come from an animal. (Well technically humans are animals but still.)

  5. I wonder if the game's set in some alternate world timeline where… I dunno, shit really hit the fan? Being a cabin situated in the mountains sounds like a normal enough weekend getaway, but Karin mentions that they're out of food in one of the ending lines, so it makes me wonder if there's a reason that they couldn't simply just travel out to purchase something at the nearest town or village, or even go hunt for some small game to eat. The possibility that Mariah was (unfortunately) cannibalized does seem to imply a food shortage there, but…I don't wanna go too hard on the apocalypse angle or anything like that, but I feel like something's could be going on in the world outside the cabin.

  6. Hey Manly, FYI, I got a weird vibe from the name Razael because most names ending with “iel” belong to angels. So I looked it up, and it turns out, the name RAZIEL belongs to the Archangel Raziel, Keeper of Secrets and the “Angel of Mysteries” whose job is to record what God does, to keep his secrets close and to reveal spiritual insight or certain secrets to human beings when given permission to do so. His name literally translates to “secrets of god” and people look to him when they need guidance, clarification on things they don’t understand, and when they wish to pursue the esoteric arts such as divination, alchemy and magic.I’m not sure what this knowledge means for the plot and the characters of this game, but I figured it was significant enough to post this comment.Also…..SECRETS.

  7. spoilers maybe?So from this and the trailer, I think that they are at least one of their friends (possibly Mariah)… I’m thinking maybe they stored her in the basement before they ate her or something, leading to the bad smell, rancid meat and one of the characters saying that they “can’t get the taste out” of their mouth. In the trailer, you can see that potato is the one in the pot at the start and at the end, Mariah is the one in it. Could this mean that she has a link to Potato? Potato also mentioned something about not knowing what happened – meaning maybe the MC didn’t remember the cannibalism for some reason. She does look similar to the ghost, even though I initially thought she could’ve been connected to raspberry too… Maybe it could have something to do with her necklace as well (and it’s not just a part of her design but part of the story). I just find it interesting that she was in the pot in the trailer, but I suppose it could’ve been a sister or something as well. I think the bread is the big guy, onion is the one with glasses, cabbage is Karin and raspberry could be Mariah… The potato is female, right? So that could leave the MC as being female as well, meaning they could be raspberry. It’s really confusing but I do agree that there could be some sort of link to each character and the vegetables/fruit. I think the name “cooking companions” could have a double meaning – it could mean that someone is with you and maybe helps you cook, but it could also mean you’re literally cooking your companions… I’m interested to see how the game develops!Edit: it would make sense to me that potato and the ghost are connected though since their the ones who provide the jumpscares in game.


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