Cutest baby kittens 2 weeks after rescue – Cat's Room Live Stream


Cutest baby kittens 2 weeks after rescue – Cat's Room Live Stream

Cutest baby kittens 2 weeks after rescue – Cat’s Room Live Stream
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  1. Spicy and ruby still looks unhealthy, the fact you ignored their cries and continue viewing and recording shows you don’t care at all. News flash, cats do not meow for nothing and still shows you don’t give a crap. I hope karma pays you back

  2. The 3 new young cats have definitely recovered from FPV! They run & jump around like no other resident cat. Even more than Loki when he was young 😯 Spicy looks quite laid back, always by an adult cat & so quiet. Hope he/she is ok. I miss Lavender on this video! Nice update! 🙏

  3. I've noticed that the adult cats constantly groom themselves.
    I know grooming is normal and cats do groom and clean themselves a lot. But we would start to become concerned when the grooming activity distracts the cat from his/her eating, interacting, sleeping.  Also a sign of concern would be hairloss, skin rashes or abnormal looking skin. This might be caused by food allergies. Just like people, cats can have allergies to food.


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