Designing More Hallowed Forms of Pokemon! (October Special)


Designing More Hallowed Forms of Pokemon! (October Special)

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  1. The idea of "hollowed" forms are great but I feel like for a video game based on the Masa region you might want to Gange their types. All ghost isn't too realistic to what a Pokémon game would be like. Too many ghost types would break the balance between types in the game. Delibrid could be a dark type for example. Just an idea.

  2. Since ive done hallowed gallade, Heres Hallowed Gardevoir!

    Hallowed Gardevoir

    Dark Poison.

    DE:Hallowed gardevoir are young female kids who we're tricked by hallowed gallade(thats on my other comment) who are now evil witches,These hallowed gardevoir hate males, when they see a normal gallade, they have the urge to battle them, many gallade either ran away or they fall for the gardevoir's tricks,if so they are given a candy that poisons them turning them into grimmsnarl or hallowed gallade.

    Ability:Poison Treat

    When you or your opponent uses attract, hallowed gardevoir will give them a poisonous treat, these one can be treated unless your opponent is a gallade, theyll be poisoned till they faint.

    Signature Move: Trick or Treat.
    DMG — PP 10

    This move will either heal you and your opponent back to full(or only yourself if your lucky) or fire poisonous balls that if all 6 of them hit, will deal 120 dmg.

  3. i suggested this last time, and i'll suggest it again, i really think sableye needs a hallowed form! instead of eating gems, it could eat candy, causing its body to change to be composed of candy, with cotton candy swirls instead of its normal spikes, and candy corn teeth. It could be the "treat" counterpart to delibirds "trick", perhaps going to multiple homes every hallowed moon to collect candy from trainers, but if the trainers refuse, they will be cursed by the sableye, maybe?

  4. Hallowed form ideas:
    Hatterne as a witch
    Togepi inside a pumpkin
    Rapidash as a night-mare
    Lynaroc as a wolf in sheeps clothing or vise versa (wooloo in wolfs clothing)
    Tangela with gummy worms
    toxtricity as frankenstein (or some other electric type)
    You could do something with froslass
    Thats all i can think of haha feel free to add more

  5. if i were american id vote for trump, not because i like him, not because i think he will make good changes but because it doesnt matter that much. Change comes from the people not the president and it feels like there is just this ridiculess divide between people just because of politics! at the end of the day it dont matter what some big shot says but how we treat each other as people, it sad that we tend to forget that sometimes.

  6. For a new Pokémon you could do something about Tepeilhuitl, whatcha is a festival the Aztec’s did between the 12 and 31 of October. The festival celebrates the god of rain Tlaloc, and Xochiquetzal the goddess of the earth, love, artists, pregnant women, and the moon.

  7. I know I put this in the other video but I have improved it so a hallowed form for Xatu is to have its design be based on a raven and references to Edgar Allen Poe and give it the type Psychic/Ghost with the ability called Dreamer which is like an effect spore if hit by a physical move there's a chance the opponent can fall asleep the color scheme can be a complete swap to more blacks and greys and its wings can fold up like normal xatu and look like a trench coat around it.

    its entry can be: Xatu the poet pokemon when a natu evolves under the effects of a witching moon it takes a completely different form now a more aggressive and quiet the only time trainers encounter this pokemon is when they hear its cry at midnight which sounds like its chanting a poem though it doesn't have strong attacks it makes up for that in speed.

  8. These are awesome! I know its not the point at all but I do kind of think that the ghost type was a tad overused. Dark type can be spooky too you know! Delibird would have been an awesome dark type.

  9. Not gonna lie, I just found out about your channel and I can't wait to see what could work for a "Christmas" Pokémon. Got some ideas that might seem weird but make a ton of sense where I'm from.


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