Disallowed Goal STUNS The Kick Off | EVERTON 2-2 LIVERPOOL


Disallowed Goal STUNS The Kick Off | EVERTON 2-2 LIVERPOOL

Everton 2-2 Liverpool – The Kick Off lads were shocked after a late Jordan Henderson goal was controversially disallowed for offside. All goal reactions and highlights from the game.

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  1. Even if we had officials maximally trained to use VRS (what VAR's use). Its still their subjective opinion whether to do a review on an incident or not. There was a high boot on Gabriel V Man City….. not even a check. Less serious high boot happened in the Merseyside derby and that was given as an infringement. VAR is open to SO MUCH CORRUPTION if you think about it.

  2. Does anyone else find Laurence just unwatchable at this point. It's why I dont tune in anymore, I feel bad for the guy in a way but something about his personality just rubs me up the wrong way, hes so fucking smug in this highlights video it makes me so glad I didn't watch the stream. Edit: I'm a Liverpool fan too.

  3. Listen these VAR decisions will swing in roundabouts and will happen to every club and will NOT deter a season just like a bad referee decision when VAR wasn’t around. Sorry Liverpool COMPUTER SES NO ! You Fans asked for it DEAL WITH IT !

  4. Mate Laurence actually shouts 'PLASTIC THAT' when Henderson knocks it in. That's not what'd be at the front of my mind if I thought my team had scored a late derby winner, but there we go.

  5. "the league needed this the league needed Liverpool to lose a player or two" no Hugh, nobody wants the league to get weaker with shitter teams and less good player playing. How about Liverpool maintain their high level and everybody else pulls their fingers out and tries to match them so England has the best teams in the world?

  6. Everton do not ever get to complain about refereeing decisions again. Absolutely disgusting from the officials, if it turned out that they had bets on the draw I wouldn't be surprised

  7. I am a Villa fan and there is no way that was offside,I believe the powers that be are messing with peoples heads,in line he was,technology is bullshit if some brain dead people are using it in football,that was 2-3 all day long!!!

  8. I love how people Liverpool fans are so pissed off. People don't understand that your arms can't be offside, but also the defensive players arms can't keep a player onsides. Also, Pickford can't be sent off if the ball is dead. Those are the rules. Complain about the rules all you want, but those were the right calls. As little sense as it makes.

  9. When will people understand it’s not VAR, VAR is perfect there aren’t any problems with VAR it’s the officials that are using it. They are hiding behind VAR which gets a bad name. Blame the refs. Best league in the world, by far the worst refs in the world. They really need looking into.

  10. As a Man United fan, Liverpool were actually hard done to in that game. How on Earth did Pickford get away with that appalling tackle and nobody in their right mind would say that the third Liverpool goal was offside?


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