DLC CHARACTERS REVEALED In New Leak | Marvel's Avengers Game


DLC CHARACTERS REVEALED In New Leak | Marvel's Avengers Game

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  1. They need to make it easier to get specific gear for ur build I’ve been trying to get a might valor resilience defence gear for hulk for a week… like cmon

    And also farming drop zones (random iso shards) for triple or even double valor artifact for 2 weeks like just give me the shit

  2. Might uninstall and wait a while, game did wow me at all, and I haven’t played it since I finished the story so it’s just taking up space, really needs new everything, almost a total rework and some more characters before it lives up what it should’ve been.

  3. I am most intersted in seeing how Antman and Wasp play since I am curious how they will handle shrinking and growing, Side note do you think Hank will cure himself and be playable or will it be Scott, Same in reguards to the Wasp and if it will be Jan or Hope?

  4. Not interested in quake, she hulk, or wasp. Decent support characters in comic lore but terrible idea if they are going to make them playable characters. There is a large list of heroes they could of chosen rather than these 3 I mentioned

  5. Last week I didn't necessarily lose my progress but my Ironman was reset to level one all of the abilities that were level locked disappeared but everything else that I had already unlocked as far as skills go was still there as long as it wasn't locked behind a level which was weird luckily I had a backup save

  6. I was generally excited about this videos, but these data mind characters have already been leaked in the middle of last month by miller there was no new dlc Quake and Mocking bird were on that list. I can even remember leaving a comment on one of your videos saying those 2 will probably fit in to the nick fury storyline because they're both agents of shield. I dont think there was much information in this video, as for the hulk costume its not really unique its a re colour of the exotic skin that's on hulks section of the game and has beened from day 1. Take this as constructive feedback because i do watch and support your channel. Just when you see title's saying new challenges or dlc thats sort of what you want vs disappointed at no new information


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