Dota 2 – 6.82 Bloodseeker (Hero Spotlight)


Dota 2 – 6.82 Bloodseeker (Hero Spotlight)

Bloodseeker from Dota 2. A short introduction to the hero voiced by SUNSfan.

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  1. my usual way with bloodseeker : bloodrage on the enemy followed with a quick rupture, bloodrite, most of the time the place under bloodrite will be crowded for the enemy hero to escape from the circle, so they take a shitload of damage from both the bloodrite, rupture and the amplified damage of bloodrage. I'll probably be very fast now and have high damage because of the enemy's low health, when they run away, just chase. they'll die easily. I always chase unless it's terrorblade, then I don't chase. the fucker's ulti fucks me up more times than I can imagine. if I have another fast ally with me, then I chase.

  2. Changes to Bloodseeker have been made since this video was released. This list will contain those changes (not including number changes, since they are very frequent)

    Bloodrage: If an enemy hero dies while he is affected by bloodrage and he is not the killer, Bloodseeker will recieve 50% of the healing he'd get for killing the enemy himself.

    Thirst: Instead of giving extra damage, it now gives a flat amount of attack speed as long as the target is under 75% of his max health. Still gives a ton of movement speed under said condition (target is under 75% max health, lower health = more movement speed). Both of these bonuses linger for 2 seconds when an enemy dies.

    Rupture: Now deals 8% of the targets current health as damage whenever they move 100 units (150 is melee range). Since it deals the targets current health as damage it is not lethal.

    Aghanim's Scepter: Can now be purchased on the hero. Gives rupture 2 charges, basically allowing you to use it twice in quick succession. Please note that if you cast both ruptures on the same unit the damage per unit moved will not increase.

    Remember to like this comment if it helped you, and feel free to ask me any question.

  3.         BS can feel op but you need the right hero's to go against him. I play blood seeker a lot so I know what counters him effectively. To counter rupture or a rupture/blood-rite combo, teleport, you will cause the BS to waste his mana and cooldown on his main abilities. Choosing hero's like Ursa or other hard hitting or durable heros who dont need to run can make BS look silly. Also utilize hard hitting heroes with slows, one thing that counters blood seeker a lot are slows when he is trying to escape.

           A counter to his blood thirst ability is to use it against him, you do this by getting your teammate who has low health in an area where the enemy will presume it to be seemingly empty, and wait along side your friend. It can be almost irresistible bait to the BS player and if they take the bait, you can halt BS progress and get an easy kill.

          Silencing BS early to mid-game in teamfights also can seriously dent his effectiveness, for rupture and bloodrite used in combonation are his strongest teamfight utilities, and also you keep him from indie-500 circuiting on your low health friendlies. The silence will also keep him from using bloodrage, which I use early game to resist harassment mid for I gain health I loose from harrasment when farming, and you prevent BS from gaining an edge in an auto attack fight

          Hope this helps guys, comment questions or remarks below, try to keep them level headed.

    P.s if any of y'all know how to counter a PA effectively or in the best way please respond, because when the contract thing started she's been after me every game, (did get a set once or twice), but I don't have enough knowledge on how to counter her. 

  4. Thank god they nerf the life back when you kill a unit. You can only use that when you buff yourself and is a double edge sword move. Thanks for the balance Valve, you did great. I mean healing yourself and not trading hits is just insane.

  5. he probably could work as a support or something now, for example if he lanes with a caster, say lina. one firewave (dont remember the name of it) could entirely heal her to max health if she hits enough creepsand at the same time damages everything caught in it alot more


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