Dragon Panther G Part 5 Clamps and tools with PE


Dragon Panther G Part 5 Clamps and tools with PE

In this video I show you my easy way to cope with adding tiny photo-etch clamps and brackets to your pioneer tools. It does not need to send you insane. With a little planning and the right attitude you can get most of that shiny PE onto your model.

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00:00 Intro
02:11 Folding the rack
11:25 Folding clamps
14:32 Starter handle
18:23 Clamping the Axe
21:52 Bracket and buckles on fire extinguisher
31:24 Summation and advice

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  1. Hi Harry! This was very informative, and I would love to be able to enhance my models with those tiny little PE parts, but the effort and skill required is way beyond my tired old eyes and shaking hands.I have enough trouble with the larger PE for grills, etc., and the smaller plastic parts. However, I love the journey from box to finished model, so I will just keep poking along with my meagre efforts.I love your channel, and I have learnt a lot by watching your builds since I subscribed, so keep up the good work.Cheers from Newcastle NSW!

  2. Are you familiar with A.S.M.R.? Personally I like it when you speak softly and then sream a curse word. Anyway cool video my friend. I've built three tanks on the road in a semi. All across the states. I learned a lot about the hairy stick. I guess I could have plugged an airbrush into the inverter but I love my paint brushes.

  3. In my unprofessional opinion dragon make,or made, whichever, some of,if not the best,crisp-est looking tools on the market, just my opinion, great job Mr Houdini ✌️


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