Dumped 30, Yes 30 Biscuits!!! *** DON'T Do this at Home!!!


Dumped 30, Yes 30 Biscuits!!! *** DON'T Do this at Home!!!

Cleaning up the 30 biscuits I dumped ALL OVER the oven!

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  1. If you haven't let hot food slide off into the oven, where have you been? It happens. Its called, been there done that syndrome. You think you've done it so often, it can't happen. Hint: cool the oven and vacuum. The chicken isn't worth a burned hand.

  2. Once I was roasting a turkey for Christmas dinner, I cooked it in a glass pyrex pan. In the middle of the cooking, I remembered that my sister in law had told me that beer makes the turkey taste great. So, I opened the refrigerator, got a can of beer, threw it on top of the very hot turkey in the oven and the whole thing exploded. Since it was a holiday, n9 place to buy another turkey for that evening’s Christmas dinner, took the turkey to my bathroom and washed it very very well in my shower. It turned out great, no one knew, of course, and there were no glass pieces anywhere. What a day. … I am sure your biscuits were great…..

  3. Lol 😂 lovely biscuits!! Shocking!!! Lol do as I say not as I do!!! So so funny 😄 Im glad I didn't have to clean that mess!! 😲😢 Don't cry over burnt biscuits lol!😇

  4. Since we're all talking about mistakes we've made I think I'll share one of mine recently. I'm a baker and I don't have to really measure when I make homemade bread. Well I'm doing my thing I'm now where I need to add oil and I can't believe I did this but I poured mr. Clean in it. Why the heck mr. Clean was sitting right there I don't even know. I am an idiot. I cried too

  5. Don’t do what I do but do what I say, lol. I just get in there with a towel once it is cool enough for me to touch and wipe it all on the floor, much easier to clean off of the floor.

  6. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Ain't it a grand gift to make a mess and do it right. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 How annoying. A few years ago I was cooking an oven full of spaghetti squash, one of the pyrex cake dishes exploded. Now that was a mess. 😂😂🙃🤣🙃🙃 All you can do with that kind of talent, is laugh, else wise you'd be mad all the time. Thanks for sharing the "joy". 🙃🙃

  7. I would say your oven liner was worth every penny you paid for it! I had a tray of large baking potatoes in the oven (at least 10 were baking) and when I went to check for doneness they all exploded all over the entirety of the inside oven and over my arms… I never even got to touch them, but they sure did touch me! You make my day more often than you know! Thanks for the show!

  8. Good thing that mat was in the bottom, saved lots of work. Those silicone sheet liners are a little too good at making it slippery! I switched to cookie sheets with rims all the way around about 30 years ago because of disasters like this. You are not alone sister.


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