Eliminating the Affordable Care Act would impact access to medical care for minorities


Eliminating the Affordable Care Act would impact access to medical care for minorities

As SCOTUS Senate hearings continue for nominee Amy Coney Barrett, questions surrounding the Affordable Care Act are arising. Former American Medical Association President Dr. Patrice Harris joins 2020: A Time for Change to discuss the healthcare discrepancies in the U.S. and the potential fallout if the ACA is repealed.

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  1. I have only been fortunate enough in my life to have one black physician. & she is the best, most forthcoming, honest, and compassionate doctor I've ever encountered.

  2. The title of this video is proof that this is a racist program. Eliminating any free welfare program will hurt minorities, this positive feedback loop leaves minorities needing democrats more and more.

  3. Not all Mexicans are all indigenous people. Mexico has white, brown, black Asian, mestizo most Mexicans are mestizo. We Mexicans are very diverse. Many MexicansAlso look Mediterranean. Their is lots of Italian & Spaniards that immigrated to Mexico many years ago . I was born in Mexico 🇲🇽

  4. Consider the following: The Republican party claims to be the 'pro-life' party, BUT:Democrats: Trying to save American citizen lives in mass, (national health care system).Republicans: Trying to commit 'premeditated murder' on American citizen lives in mass, (trying to do away with the national health care system).Actions speak louder than words.

  5. Medicare Part "E", a VOLUNTARY health care plan.

    Basically a Medicare plan (or even plans with various coverage options), that people could buy into. And if a lot of sick people join, guess what? The premiums would be higher. And if the covered individuals as a whole became healthier, guess what? The premiums could go down. How often does that occur with private health insurance companies?

    A fund or funds could be set up whereby entities, and not just the US Government at it's various levels, could VOLUNTARILY contribute to, to help pay for the premiums for those who wanted coverage but could not afford coverage.

    But basically, just like private health insurance programs, the plan pays for itself. NO TAXES NEEDED.


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