Ethan Klein On the Harry Styles Dress Controversy


Ethan Klein On the Harry Styles Dress Controversy

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  1. I don’t care about dudes wearing dresses but y’all sound dumb hypocritical when talking about political issues like in saying “they just want everybody to conform and think the same way” when the left does that exact thing. As soon as you get political you just sound stupid.

  2. Its a ritual. He wants to move up in that club. Him blowing up that balloon in that dress…his handlers are communicating that he is ready to be owned by any elite executive that will have him. Stay woke!

  3. Clothes don't define whether or not you're a strong man or a strong woman, it just defines how clothed you are. I mean there are literal battle skirts and kilts. But maybe they're upset that One Direction went their separate directions so now they're lashing out at them

  4. I don't like harry styles, I dont think he looks good in a dress, I don't think it's masculine to wear a dress, however I'm not surprised harry done this, I don't care that he did, I have photos online dressed as a girl or flamboyantly just for fun that effect my masculinity in zero way… I'm more cringing were discussing harry styles than anything, but I don't give a fuck who put what on their body but I also don't think that it's "cool" or "attractive" but I can appreciate the goofy fun of it. This has been another worthless personal opinion on the internet

  5. Don't lie to yourselves just because you want to bash dummies like Shapiro. Anybody can do whatever they want with their styles and I really hope they are happy in the end, but you can't really think Harry looks very masculine in those pictures..

  6. I didn’t even realize it was Harry Styles. Anyhow it’s not an ugly dress so I think a female lady can pull it off better I’m sure but like if he’s cool with wearing a dress and if the person making the dress wants him to model the look then cool.

  7. I read somewhere that there was a time where boy babies are swaddled using pink colours coz it's derivative from red so it represent masculinity and the girl babies swaddled in blue because it represents a more calm and feminine energy. Idk when it changed the other way around but, it kinda make sense that way tho

  8. I’m a conservative, but I don’t agree with Ben on this. Men wearing dresses is something that doesn’t affect anyone, and certainly shouldn’t be the hill to die on. However- that doesn’t justify you attacking things about your opposition that they can’t change- eg height or voice. Name calling is childish and detracts from your point.

  9. For a guys who is all about “facts” he sure ignores that third non masculine but biologically male gender identities are integrated and accepted/celebrated in many non American cultures such as parts of South America and Hawaii. But anyone who really knows Ben can see he only cares about the facts that appeal to his feelings

  10. Hell yeah! Stand up for Harry! Hell yeah! 🙌😎 ANYONE can wear whatever the fuck they want. If you like something buy that shit and wear tf out of it, don’t be afraid or care of anyone’s opinions about you or your style. It’s your body, your style and another way of expressing yourself. Do what the fuck you want. We only get one life to live.


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