Everton and Liverpool 2-2 Klopp Angry🤬reaction to VAR robbed reds match analysis


Everton and Liverpool 2-2 Klopp Angry🤬reaction to VAR robbed reds match analysis

Everton and Liverpool draw dramatic Merseyside derby after Jordan Henderson’s late goal ruled out by VAR

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  1. if that was not an act of violent conduct, I am going to go out tonight , have a few drinks, then karate kick someone, and ask it go to VAR…. obviously I will make sure the guy is behind the last man so its offside

  2. You would think that after what happened last season the FA will get hold of themselves and fix it but no, they continue to have people in charge of the system that can't do their job properly and I'm afraid that teams will continue to lose points because the idiots that stay in front of the monitor are incapable of makng the right decisions when it counts the most and Everton vs Liverpool is the last one on this long list for now.

  3. VAR has to scrapped?? If they can’t see how serious that tackle was which could of had a far worse outcome ‘career ending’ then the system clearly has no place in the game

  4. Michael Owen is an absolute turd of a pundit, the man makes zero sense and reverses all his opinions. Says that when the offside was given, everything after doesn't mean anything, gets challenged on this then changes his mind saying it was a red card

  5. It was a bloody disgrace.Pickford assaulted VvD, thigh high scissors. RED CARD Liverpool one up at that stage, with VvD off Everton get two headed goals.The offside decision for the winning goal was abominable. VAR and those who operate it bring the game into disrepute.

  6. At the end of the Day Everton having a fantastic season so far You need abit of luck.. coming from a pool fan We need these minor setbacks I can see we starting to play with desire & 🔥 again

  7. PL will have spectators interest reduced, if they keep on making such laughable decisions.That has to be the most controversial, the worst and the most laughable decision in the history of football ever.Unbelievable that PL is still a product watched globally, if you keep producing such laughable content, PL will be shown only in US and UK.PL show ended today, peace.

  8. Hey I have a suggestion to simplify the offside rule, AS THE GAME IS CALLED FOOTBALL, HAVE A LOOK AT THEIR FEET. Not where their head, nose, armpit, hand, bum, eyelash, elbow, hair happen to be……….FOOTBALL, FEET,FOOTBALL, FEET,FOOTBALL, FEET!GOT THE POINT?And while they're at it, a potential career ending tackle is a RED CARD irrespective of whether there was offside or not Ffs, you get a straight red for any retaliation!The rules have been made too overly and unnecessarily complicated. Time to simplify it again to bring enjoyment back to the game.

  9. Cahill saying for once Everton to the decision. I think they got a few during the course of the game. As h says it will go against them as well, let’s hope it goes against them when someone kicks Jordan Pickford head of his shoulders and they get awarded a penalty for him getting his head in the way.


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