Fifa 12 Man City vs Barca.wmv


Fifa 12 Man City vs Barca.wmv

This is me trying out Fifa 12 at EA Event on 2/9/2011,Pretty good quality.



  1. @aaronlad01234 Yea I downloaded the demo when this video was put up over 2weeks ago when the demo didnt come out until 13th Idiot,I was at EA event check my other videos with other teams that arnt in the Demo so I think you are the little 8 year old saddo.

  2. mate did you play as manchester united and can confrim if any players on the team have new faces 🙂 like for example hernandez, does he have a good looking face or generic. i know he has no starhead though

  3. @TheMusiicMan Hiya m8 if u use classic button it is B button to put foot in and you need to jocky alot on this there is no pressure or double pressure now and its alot harder to defend.thanks.

  4. @prabshiro Hiya m8,it does look fast on this but believe me you get alot more time on the ball because off the new defending system which will take alot to get used to because people are having to put effort in to defending now and reading the game gives you the times to spray the ball about and make clinical passes.Also reason it looks fast is because im playing in this video and I took to the game well after being able to play it for 2days and i like to pass quick,Ill get 2nd half up later ok.

  5. hi Gazzarfc can you please answer a question of mine

    did you find the defualt game speed to be a bit too fast ? , looking from the video it seems that way.. i love the way it plays , but the flow of the game is just looking too quick. of course you can change it .. but its for online im concerned.

    were their moments you could stop… look for players , steady and pass , and build up play steadily , rather than being pressured as soon as you have possession ?

    thanks sorry for the length.


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