Fresh Headlights for the Lexus IS! From Unique Style Racing + DEPO


Fresh Headlights for the Lexus IS! From Unique Style Racing + DEPO

In this episode of Marty Motoring, we got the revamped version 2 of DEPO’s Lexus IS headlights, exclusively from Unique Style Racing. They have an upgraded OEM look, with halogen projector and LED upgrade options. We install a set on @Poor Man Mods 2008 ISF!

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  1. Great video! Was wondering why I keep having issues with my headlights. Now I know. Definitely going to upgrade to eliminate the moisture problem. Any recommendations on shops in Atlanta that can install, if I order from you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good video!
    I have a question. When replacing the low beam with LED bulb, does the cut-off line come out the same as the OEM HID headlights? In my experience, when I put an LED bulb on a halogen product (DEPO headlight), light leaked over the cut-off line.

  3. what led bulbs did yall replace the halogens with? asking bc i know the heatsinks can get pretty big on the led bulbs, probably gonna buy these and just wanna confirm what will fit before hand. thanks for the video!

  4. YES! The vland headlights are nice, but a little too aftermarket looking for me, and a bit too much money. The biggest reason I didn't get them is because they don't have side marker lamps which are required. But these look great! Cant wait to upgrade!

  5. Just an FYI, taking out the Fuse will indeed stop the AFS light from blinking. However, you will lose auto leveling (up and down) when doing so during start up. Auto-leveling is different from AFS. AFS the projector moves left and right during turns which was removed from factory for 2011-2013 IS models with the new headlight option. If the blinking AFS lights bothers you and you want to keep auto-leveling, I recommend opening up the cluster and using black electrical tape to cover up the light.


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