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19K SUBS!! Still shooting for 25k by my birthday Aug 12! AIM HIGH

As always I love y’all. Thank you for watching!!



  1. Yes, Gdragon can act too. You should react to (Infinite Challenge – Muhan Company). Bigbang as a group made a couple Kdrama perodies which are Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers, and Coffee Prince. They are really funny. Thank you for supporting Bigbang. 🙂

  2. Actually GD is the best dancer in bigbang , but he lets Taeyang shines , GD was the winner of dance competition when he was kid .coz he bussy being producer n every member in gruop must has own specialty he lets Taeyang to be a main dancer . tae came to YG to being a rapper and end up being singer ! YG is an expert in term of finding the hidden talent . n gd always dancing effortless , but still cool 😍, please check gd – michigo live Inkigayo ! His dancing amazing , 👍🏼Oh yaa check dance practice of crayon too , he is amazing

  3. Isn't Gd supposed to be a main dancer back then? He's such a good dancer but i guess he just wants to have fun whenever they are performing. SO MUCH SWAG

  4. if you guys watch GD’s trainee videos, he could really dance. They also both took lessons from that famous hip hop dancer and choreographer, tWitch before their debut

  5. Yes!! GD is a one whole package and he can act. You should check out Muhan Company(Infinite Challege) where he was casted to play the role of a psycho CEO in that movie for the Anniversary of the variety show. He didn't know that he will be casted with top actors of Korea.hahaha..
    Here's a link of the clip of the movie:

  6. I don't know if you noticed but sometimes GD is quite lazy on stage when it comes to dancing but not in a bad way, he knows how to dance to look cool without trying, he is actually famous for this in Korea. I love that about him. I can't believe it that you actually saw people saying that GD can't dance, it's obvious that he is good.

  7. He can definitely act, he was a special guest in "Infinite Challenge" on a short film i think, you should check it out, i'm begging you guys,please😂
    But seriously, he was uncomfortable behind the scene, he said he had lots of offers but declined, and only agreed to infinite challenge coz he love the show.But he was totally badass at acting,he was really good😊😊❤️

  8. Jiyong was an SM trainee for 5 years before entering YG and he was recruited by lee soo man himself for his dancing so yeah he is actually a good dancer ever since he was a kid.


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