Greatest Moments in the Abyss | Marvel Contest of Champions


Greatest Moments in the Abyss | Marvel Contest of Champions

The Abyss is one cruel mistress. Can’t wait to go back 3 more times…

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  1. I know you will be reluctant to believe me but that was not a mistake made by you when the auto fight kicked in Brian. It happens to me all the time and I’ve sent plenty of footage to Kabam showing them that the game will take control of the fights outcomes in a variety of different circumstances. They have recently implemented another manipulation by the AI permissive within all content where you will block a Medium 1, Light 1, Light 2 dash away from your opponent and you automatically get smacked by Light 3, Light 4, Medium 2.It happens because it essentially has a new protocol where when you land 5 hits, your chance to land more directly after before the AI has a chance too try, your input or it’s attempt are either overridden or ignored completely. Not sure I explained this right but I’m trying to figure it completely still.


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