HAALAND TO LIVERPOOL? Jan Aage Fjortoft Interview


HAALAND TO LIVERPOOL? Jan Aage Fjortoft Interview

Craig is joined by Norwegian football expert Jan Aage Fjortoft to discuss the Haaland to Liverpool links, international football during the pandemic and much more!

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  1. Hey Craig, firstly I sincerely apologise viewing the latest upload this late so the other channel that u sent invitation to, fits a red like me as chocolate cookies do to warm milk🥛…As I sumtimes find it a lil difficult to squeeze in the time from work to view my favourite episode of the day, so the other channel with the summarised content, I am jus gonna lap it all up like a puppy …

    Secondly I am just so proud of u for bringing eminent football personalities like Jan from Espn n Sky n not jus another youtuber since the professional way u commentate upstages above n beyond the amateurish way than say a youtuber fan from another club would broadcast …Ur work, the flow of steady speech n the constant warm home – like positivity deserves it n ur channels will b such a success as they r only a reflection of wat u do n the classy proficient way u deliver them …

    Secondly, …after Jan, the next stop, my all time favourite n one of the most well educated literary sports journalists there exists today: Melissa Reddy 🏆…I say y not in the near future ??? …God Bless u Craig 💯 ..

  2. Apparently Liverpool can pay Upamecano release clause in jan and it would be tough for them to reject it when i was reading an article so do you think they should pay it. Me personally absolutely

  3. Your a great presenter and i your interviews are so interesting not to mention your guests I am not surprised you're show has become so popular I am among one of your first subscribers and we'll be there to see you reach 100000 very soon with all the work that goes on behind the scenes thank you Connor none of us Will ever Walk alone

  4. Quite right jan speaking with a lot of sense and just a other point I would like to make do you think when you are not going the championships you should play the rest of the the games that are scheduled just a thought buddy


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