Helstrom Marvel Hulu Series Review


Helstrom Marvel Hulu Series Review

This is my REVIEW of the brand new Marvel Hulu series called Helstrom!!
Let me know your thoughts below.. Agree or disagree, all opinions are welcome!!

As the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer, Helstrom follows Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon), and their complicated dynamic, as they track down the worst of humanity — each with their own attitude and skills.
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  1. Watched it and I have similar feelings about this show. It ain't awful, there are some good ideas. I liked the bond between the Ana, Daimon and their mother and its strength, the actors weren't bad, some twists are interesting but despite all that the series is just average.

  2. You’re absolutely right. It’s a pretty bleak show and the family drama felt forced. I’m too desensitized by Supernatural and all its ridiculousness. Helstrom made me feel like it’s 9 episodes too long. I mean Dean and Sam could’ve sorted this ‘Mother’ out in 1 episode or 2 episodes at most. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a second season of Helstrom.

  3. 8/10 for me.. If Daimon Helstrom kill those Bloods and they use more CGI and flaming powers in the season it is 9/10… The 1st season literally made for introducing the Helstrom Siblings/Family. Too bad we never got Ghost Rider and other Horror R-13 MARVEL TV SHOWS.

  4. The show was incredibly unique I have never seen anything like itIt reinvents the idea of an exorcism and the genre in generalSo many exciting twists and turns I was on the edge of my seatI loved Ana’s development from being really cold and icy to getting back in touch with her human side and rediscovering her empathy and compassion

  5. I enjoyed 80% of this series, but the casual kidnappings and confrontation towards the end was repetitive and unnecessary. The leads are great, Ana and Gabby are utilised well, until the end where they were basically shelves. I think it deserves a season two, only if they are self aware of what worked and what fell flat this time around.

  6. The 'comedic' moments were dry and were excessive – mostly annoying to the point that it gets distracting.The origin of the Helstrom siblings is fucked up yes but the sarcasm & humour layer they try to pull falls really flat & forced.

  7. I liked it I think that they could’ve done the story closer to the comics but for a show that seems like a test for this dark side of the marvel universe I was entertained. If they had more support from marvel from it it would have been fantastic

  8. Poor writing, nothing new, nothing exciting, and is a very flat, boring and slow! The brother and sister come off a whining and weak! Not dark enough with their trouble childhood! They all look like perfect models trying to be real character actors, but miserably failing!

  9. I wouldn’t compare Helstrom to superhero type show. For those who love supernatural/horror shows they’re more likely to enjoy & want more seasons. I’m concerned that all these bad critiques will bring about the end of the series.As for daredevil I loved that show too but mate get over it.

  10. I was a big comic book nerd back in the seventies and a marvel fan ,this comic book was one that I used to read. So I was excited to see this tv show. My take on this is apparently Hollywood isn't going to be happy until they complete water down any and all masculine powerful heroes in live action tv shows and replace them with soy boy scrawny weenies, In the comics this dude was bad ass and built like a brick you know what. And the person they put in the character of his sister is some Isabella Rosellini looking broad where she should be super sexy and bad ass ,so yeah this looks like crap to me but will watch the entire series just to see if there is anything remotely resembling the source material here. No offense to the actors but damn it man,they do this every time. Hollywood has ruined every marvel live action show they have put on tv and looks like they intend to continue to do so,i would include DC as well but nobody cares about DC.


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