Home Depot has officially hired its cutest employee ever

The dog in this story is named Heaven and she is amazing. When she was first rescued by the Kentucky River Regional Animal shelter she was a frightened little lady. Now, Heaven is the world’s cutest Home Depot employee and we are thrilled to share her story.

Jackie Rackers adopted Heaven and spoke to the Dodo about how the pairs trips to Home Depot turned a scared puppy into a happy lady.

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

“The Home Depot runs started as a way to help her with her fears,” Rakers told The Dodo. “She was nervous about new places and new sounds, so we’d go for five minutes and she’d get all the treats. Then we started going longer and longer and exposing her to more and more things within the store.”

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

Home Depot does have lots of interesting things for dogs to discover and evidently, Heaven found these trips a great way to practice coming out of her shell.

Heaven comes out of her shell at Home Depot.

Heaven was so well-behaved on her trips to Home Dept that she earned her own employee apron.

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

“I keep it in the car so we are always ready,” Rakers said. “As soon as she can tell we enter the parking lot, she just quivers until I put [the apron] on her and then takes off towards ‘work.’”

“She walks around like she owns the place,” Rakers added.

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

Heaven becomes a Home Depot celebrity.

Heaven’s trips to Home Depot have become a hit with the staff at the store as well. Everyone who works there knows her by name and a picture of her is on full display in the employee break room.

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

Heaven plays a role in the store as well.

She makes a point of it to meet new people while there and somehow she always selects the people who need a pick-me-up as the focus of her attention.

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

Heaven likes to make others feel good.

Heaven has a knack for finding people who need a laugh, smile, or a heartwarming moment.

“She walks around minding her own business and then suddenly insists on meeting someone,” Rakers said. “She just sits and stares. They always end up saying how they needed that pick-me-up. It’s like she has a sense of who needs to be shown they are loved that day — and one of her favorite places to do that is Home Depot!”

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

Rakers continued to say that perhaps Heaven wants to make others feel good because she used to feel so sad.

“She was scared of everything, but with a lot of training and patience, she learned to trust, and now it’s like she pays it forward,” Rakers said. “She finds who needs her and gives them that smile and a cuddle.”

Source: Heaven_is_a_Dog/Instagram

The best part of rescuing an animal is seeing them go from scared and depressed to happy and energetic. Their happiness is a direct result of your efforts and that feels good. Jackie Rakers knows exactly how that feels because that’s what happened with her dog Heaven.

“She’s the perfect example of what happens when you meet someone where they are at and love unconditionally,” Rakers said. “She went from so scared and so sad to the happiest dog.”

Everyone loves Heaven.

Heaven’s adventures are documented on a popular Instagram page dedicated to her. The Heaven Is A Dog Instagram account has over 8000 followers.

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