how i improved my handwriting


how i improved my handwriting

5 tips on how i improved my handwriting.
i hope these are helpful~

・i t e m s u s e d・

muji | grid paper a4
pentel energel 0.5mm needle tip in a zebra sarasa barrel
muji | purple gel liner 0.5mm
muji | mechanical pencil
faber-castell | clickx7 0.7mm
shinhan | touch liner 0.2
sakura | pigma graphic 1
muji | black gel pen 0.5mm
pentel | energel 0.7mm
uni.ball | signo dx 0.38mm
muji | hexagonal gel pen 0.25mm
sticky note from local stationery store

・i n s p i r a t i o n ・

・f r e e p r i n t a b l e ・


・i n s t a g r a m・


・m u s i c・

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  1. Hi everyone,Thank you so much for the love on this video! I’m so happy you enjoy it~ If you want to know what pens I used in the video make sure to check out the DESCRIPTION BOX because everything is listed there in chronological order~Again, thank you so much for watching this video!

  2. I mean we all cant have the exact same neat handwriting it's because we all have different *pens they work differently one is thick and one is thin one explodes and one doesn't one is scratchy and the other is non scratchy all pensorts have different personalities

  3. idk I just improved my handwriting because I was jealous of my mates writing and started copying her style and idk as time pass by I think I made my own style lmao

  4. hey about the "don't copy the handwriting 100%" so umm i try to make my own but if i do it always look similar to my inspo. is that fine? i mean i don't want to copy other handwritings but i always end up having similar styles with the inspo. someone please help me :((

  5. All my notebooks that are like full from notes from different periods all have different handwriting for like each page some are neat others are messy they also vary in sizes it’s like someone different wrote notes on each page


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