How to Improve Handwriting | Smart Tips


How to Improve Handwriting | Smart Tips

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Do you want a Beautiful Handwriting?

It’s easy ! You just need detemination.
This video provides easiest tips to Improve Handwriting.

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  1. I’m 19 (almost 20) and my writing is so so sloppy, and would scribble a lot, that 5 year olds write better than me, everyone gives me crap over it on every chance they’d get from, and told me that it’s a sign of carelessness, Untidyness, and that I was good for nothing as it affected my academics In a really bad way, as it labelled me as an unhinged , deranged student not fit for schools and wouldn’t amount to anything and that I was brain dead , I was asked to maintain a handwriting journal for 10 years now, I tried all I could, but It didn’t work for me, I could only get under average to lil sloppy writing that too only if I’d concentrate enough on each and every letter ( and at age 19 smh) and it would take me more than 2 minutes to complete one regular sentence and I’d often fall behind and it began affecting the way I think, until I left everything and I shifted back to my old sloppy writing The only good part was I could write really fast but it was really really sloppy,

    but i kept writing in my old sloppy writing and it helped me be creative and I could pickup drawing , doodles, and do caricatures and adapt to and learn different styles of drawing and sketching with little to no strain, and in a quick time and apart from that I could write my own lyrics to songs and even compose melodies, riffs, and guitar solos with sheer ease and in a fast moving space

    So whoever’s out there feeling bad about their handwriting and thinking that they need to improve their handwriting or they’ll amount to nothing, well , ‘ improve your writing if you can! This video is helpful enough and will help you get the writing you desire , but if it doesn’t help out don’t worry, is your own writing, you need to own.

    I’m posting this to say that I was always shy and awkward and was always left out and shamed for my handwriting but was able to put myself out there infront of everyone or to the 4 people that might end up reading this .

    Also even after all this everyone still shamed me and laughed at all of my efforts for having bad handwriting and told me that whatever I’m doing in drawing and writing songs was a colossal waste of time! So maybe it’s my bad luck, but that won’t be the case for you.
    ( John Lennon did alright)


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