How To Make Basic Clothes Look Good | Style Tips


How To Make Basic Clothes Look Good | Style Tips

There are a few essential pieces of clothing that, for many people, make the foundation of our wardrobe. You probably could not live without your trusted white tee, favorite pair of denim and your go-to oxford shirt. But in 2020, it takes more than just slapping on a couple of basics together to stand out from the masses of well-dressed men. In this week’s video we’re going over how to style your basics in fun and different ways to freshen up your wardrobe.

In partnership with Everlane:

8 basics mentioned:

1. The Cotton Crew Neck Tee:
The Premium Weight Relaxed Crew Neck Tee: (also the t-shirt I’m wearing in the talking head parts)

2. The Straight Fit Jeans:

3. The Oxford Shirt:

4. The French Terry Sweatshirt:

5. The White Sneakers:

6. The Bomber Jacket:

7. The Overcoat:

8. The Performance Chinos:

Other items worn (some items not linked because they’re no longer available or I don’t know the brands):

Silver mesh watch:
Black cropped trousers:
White sneakers with birds embroidery:
Wide trousers: (no longer available in the same color)
Minimal white sneakers:
Red/black turtlenecks:
Denim jacket:
Grey wool trousers:
Black chelsea boots:
Pink hoodie:


Alluring – Guustavv
Sweet Aroma – Guustavv
Before Chill – Yomoti
As Real As It Gets – Matt Large
Verbatim – Guustavv, Jobii, Justnormal
Brunch – jobii
Gogaga – Giant’s Nest

Music downloaded from Epidemic Sound:

Shot with:

– Canon 6D MK II:
– Canon 24-70mm f/4.0 Lens:

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  1. thank u,, can u make a video explaining how to mix different textures in an outfits, not patterns, textures, lets say what goes well with what (cotton with linen, silk with wool, lether with what etc) i like to buy clothing with natural fibres, but im not sure im im mixing them correctly, it would be very helpful 👌👌😁thanxs, I've asked this to many stylers, in youtube, they only abswer its a great idea and thats it🙄🤨

  2. Can I get the same visual result by exchanging white sneakers with the sneakers with the"off white" hue ? Congratulations on the quality of the video content. Greetings from Brazil!

  3. As a young (old soul) woman with standards, it is SO EXCITING to see that the video alone has 159k views!! 😅🙌🏻It’s so awesome that men are rediscovering dressing stylishly and intentionally. Thank you so much for making content that reaches them! 🙏🏻

  4. I love your style so much & really enjoy your videos! – despite being a petite woman I prefer an androgynous look (really drawn to coats & cuffed trousers) & love mixing high/low, dressy/casual pieces. Really informative & great inspo – well done! 🤩👏👌

  5. will be using none of this advice for myself as i am a fem alt clown. i will however be sending this to my normie friends so i don't have to look at them wear the same outfit for the third time this week

  6. Amazing! I love men’s fashion but it just looks very awkward with my female body which makes me very sad… Any recommendation for people with female bodies who would like to wear men’s fashion?

  7. you sir, are a good looking man and very well groomed and styled. I liked basically all your shown outfits and, being straight forward am very envy on your figure and posture. This is something I recognise often first when looking at others. Sadly I myself have slight x-shaped legs and my neck as well as my shoulders are rolled forward. But your posture is very clean and compliments your style very much. I know it sounds a bit weird but thats something I notice very quickly. Greetings and I subscribed just by default after watching this video.

  8. I love your styled outfits but during your narration and intro you wear a shirt that is the exact shade of your wall, it gives your set a bit of a bland look, its far less flattering than your other shots and looks


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