HUGE UPDATE OUT NOW! Marvel's Avengers Update 1.3.3 & 1.3.4 NEW CONTENT, Zones & Guaranteed Exotics!


HUGE UPDATE OUT NOW! Marvel's Avengers Update 1.3.3 & 1.3.4 NEW CONTENT, Zones & Guaranteed Exotics!

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MASSIVE UPDATES! Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.3.3 & 1.3.4 NEW CONTENT, Zones & Guaranteed Exotics!
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  1. Enjoying the content? Make sure to Subscribe for more!Link to full update patch notes:

  2. This game has lost all of its appeal. What little it has. Tachyon rifts and this empty shield sub station was the end for me. It is just not fun and the devs are being very clear with us that they aren't listening, and do not care. They got your money. This game needs to fail, so we don't have games like this in the future. Let it be an example.

  3. Am sorry but this is not enough to get people to come back I mean 2 Exotics? which doesn't change the overall stats of the game is bad. Destiny Exotics dramatically changed the overall stats of a character from given Hunters Triple jump to making Titans air dodge

  4. I was late finishing my Mega Hive this week. When the update dropped i still hasn't done stages 7 & 8. I can confirm after finishing the Mega Hive with Hulk i did get 2 exotics, 100 upgrade modules, 50 poly, & a purple minor artifact on top of the guaranteed legendary art the end of all 8 stages

  5. Ms marvel iconic suit still locked a month after finishing everything the game had to offer smh why must they only reunlock iconic ironman I thought that s done last patch smh

  6. Anyone getting one shot b4 this change to the cryo adoptoid need more resolve or resilance in your build these adoptoids used to be fierce there teddy bears nowadays 😂appreciate the content man.

  7. still not worth it, got bored quickly after a couple of hours, still doing the same mind numbing thing over and over again. The main story was the best part of the game, not the crap that is the endgame multiplayer missions.

  8. They F;&”,;g nerfed loot again!!!!!! I can’t find named legendary anywhere! I’m getting blues all over the place and maybe epics! I got one shotted on the mega BS hive and then it crashed! My res resolve are high level! But yea you can run fast indoors now soo that’s cool. Two three weeks for this patch? WTF!

  9. I hopped on yesterday. To still find all the broken things still broken. Missing skill point for my level 50 hulk, i still have 49 additional skill points after my lvl 50 thor got reset to lvl 1. And i get notified every start of a level to "spend my skill points" even though I can't spend any of them. All my resources and faction levels got reset. I lost all my upgrade modules, all resource materials, faction levels. I get a notification to Go visit my faction vender for rewards, but I dont get rewards and I can't clear the notification. I don't think i'm coming back until I hear that the devs start caring about bigger issues in the game.


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